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  1. Excellent Winter volcano routes?

    Did Hood and South Sister in March last season, Adams twice in June and July as well. Must echo above...Adams is frikkin fantastic. Baker/Shuksan is supposed to have some great tours/climbs, but watch out for avi conditions. South to Shasta is also a good option if you want to make a roadie of it. Lemme know if you guys come down this way...I might be around... c
  2. Same old

    quote: Originally posted by Steamer: It has been a while so I thought I would check the site out and nothing has changed. Same stupid people talking about the same stupid shit. Stanley, is that you?
  3. *** FRESHIES! ***

    quote: Originally posted by iain: so is bachelor still planning a Nov. 1st opening Timm@y? bwhahaha! Snowing here in Bend right now! But no, Bachy opens right before Turkey, I think. Freshieeeeeeeez

    Mwuuuhaaaaahaaaaaaaahaaa!! FRESHIEZ!!! Coming down in Bend. Too bad gapertimmay is in Yo-sem-ite this week, or we could have another descent of the North ridge of the Bunny col on Bachy. Oh wait, this is spray, huh?
  5. Rope Up!!!

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: PLAB, looks like a good time was had by all, as cletus would say. no trouble from larry the tool? Looks like A Good Time Was Had by All, indeed. Sorry to have missed the fun... Next year, I guess.
  6. Rope Up!!!

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: rope up looks kewl and all, but cletus and i were up on hood bangin on some ice with the secret bend PC member, here's our friend britney doin her thang: Dammit timmay, why'd you tell everyone about her? She was supposed to remain SECRET, remember?
  7. Info on a new AT ski set up

    If y'all are truly interested in b/c turns with little emphasis on touring, there is simply no comparison to a lightweight downhill ski with Fritchis on them. Try the Atomic R.EX, the Fischer 75 or 84, the Bandit XX, etc, etc. Go shorter and wider up here in the PacNW - remember, if you're touring for turns, you're likely to be out in soft snow conditions, and in some trees at some point. Ie: you want float + manueverability! -c-
  8. rope up this 8=D

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: ohhh we are all so lame, we are having a discussion about geology whilst we all wish we we're drunk and spraying and moonlight cragging, c'mon folks, how bout we just feel sorry for ouselves. I feel sorry for you. Oh wait, that's not right. I mean, I feel sorry for us. So, ya wanna go smiffytuffing tomorrow? I'll bet beckers still wants to get to the pumkin patch and watch for the Great Pumpkin...
  9. Ha!

  10. Ha!

  11. bored?

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: stupid is as stopid does, i fell for it Check your mail dood, I sent you one that should keep this crowd entertained for a few minutes. I got no where to host it, so you gotta put it up...
  12. Bend Pub Club 11/6 - 11/8

    I won't be around - I'll be sailing the Carribean, woo-hoo! - but I officially volunteer gapertimmy for him. And I kind of think that some of the Eugene crew was going to be SMithing it around then too?
  13. bored?

    I hope you're all kidding. The card thing is obvious. Record all the ones shown in both sets, and it'll become as clear as the water in the fishbowl. [ 10-09-2002, 09:49 AM: Message edited by: Cletus ]
  14. smiffy posse

    Well done, timmay, GREAT TR! But what about the dood who gave us the EXTENSIVE beta and pep talk on the 5.3 finish to Round River? Him: "Blah Blah Blah, not much there at all to place pro in, just a bush, and don't go to far over, the rock gets really sandy blah blah blah and watch out for cougars and snaffles and blah blah blah, don't step on the Donkey Dick hold, it's loose, blah blah blah" Us: "Gee, thanks old guy, and by the way, next time you rap down on top of people's heads instead of walking off the back and you are rapping a multi-pitch route to an anchor 150 feet of the deck, how about you tie the ends of your rope?" Him: "..." Us: "mmmmhmmmm. Yeah, so I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday. Yeeeeeaaaaaah. THat'd be great. Buh-bye now." Him: "boy, he sure is climbing fast..." All true. I swear it.
  15. Colorado

    100% true, ditto.
  16. Colorado

    Lived down the street from where the external shots of the house were taken...
  17. Colorado

    sketch, I grew up in Boulder, my pa lives 5 mins from eldo... send me an email and I'll send ya to whatever you're looking for... addy in my profile...
  18. smiffy posse

    Oh, that was me. Pucker up, buttercup.
  19. smiffy posse

    quote: Originally posted by Muffy The Wanker Sprayer: Alive...tierd...sore... had much fun, climbed many things with many people.. got silly at the campfire...that's all I can say the rest is classiified and I will have to check your clearence So, I take it jk turned up eventually?
  20. smiffy posse

    Weeeel, I dunno about the rest of the crew's adventures on Sunday, but Gapertimmay, b-rock, and I popped up on top of Mt. Chossington..er..Washington, and had a grand ole time hanging out with the party of 10 that was clusterfucking the Hilary Step - I mean, first pitch of the North Ridge. Actually, there was some pretty funny stuff that came out of that, but I'll let Timmay write that up... And Sat at the tuff was bitchin, yar. Met a couple more cool cc'ers, had a good time chillin' in the sun.
  21. Well? Where the hell is our TR? Inquiring minds want to know how the sausagefest was. (Or should that be HC-fest?) Any cougar sightings? Mistaken identity "incidents"? Snafflehound encounters? Or did ya all just and ?

    Trip Report, Sept 30th, 2002, 3:30pm Filed by Cletus, on behalf of Cletus and Gapertimmy Bend, OR First, let me say that the rumors of our deaths have been greatly exaggerated. Although we did certainly have a few close calls, we are now back in the relative safety of our respective workplace environments (read: cubes), both shaken, but victorious. Let me briefly outline what began as two cascadesprayers’ simple goal of getting fresh tracks and turns in the 4-5 inches of new snow that had fallen on mighty Mt.Bachelor in the last 24 hours, but became an epic struggle between man and nature; a story of trials and tribulations, joy and sorrow, tragedy and triumph, riesling and horsecock. It began with a post on cc.com, that strange purgatory for TPS-bound climbers, overactive sprayers, habitual chestbeaters, and northwest wankers alike. Muthu feggin freshies!!, said gapertimmy. Reports of many inches of fresh white pow filtered in, and was greeted first by disbelief by the denizens of this virtual plabfest, then followed slowly by acceptance, and finally, inspiration. I put the word out to Gapertimmy – gather your gear and prepare to climb this beast! “Would it go?” he asked? “Yes, today, the mountain will go.” I raced to grab my equipment, hoping desperately that I would not forgot any essential tool that we might need to overcome the challenges that lay ahead. Expedition weight down parka, harness, 30m 8mm super dry rope, axe, helmet, full avy gear – peep, probe, shovel, etc, crampons, and more, all went flying into my bag. My breath came quickly, in anticipation of the rarefied atmosphere that we would be heading into. Supplemental oxygen? No, this time, we’re doing it the right way. In no time at all, we were standing at the base of the fearsome Northwest route. 5 inches of fresh had fallen in the last 24 hours, making for a varied and questionable snowpack. We knew it had been warm the day before, and with such a thin snowpack, the gradient was off the charts. We put ourselves on high avie alert. Tim, being the staunch traditionalist and hardman of the expedition, went without crampons - relying instead on his natural dexterity and skills honed during many attempts on Black Butte, the Cinder Cone, Pilot Butte, and the other top climbs in the area. Being new to the region, I chose to play it more conservatively, and promptly strapped on my points at the base. Anticipation was high, and even though the wind suddenly picked up to gale force at this point, we were both thrilled to be given the chance to try our strength against this famous testpiece. As the winds began to really howl around us, creating major snow transport and further destabilizing the already overloaded snowpack, we went over the route again, now fully cognizant of the dangers that lay in front of us. After much deliberating and some contentious debate, we decided to mount a full frontal attack on the north facing “Bunny Col” (aptly named as such for the hugely deceptive slope which often lulls climbers into a false sense of security and then hurtles them down mercilessly against the jagged rabbit-tooth shaped rocks at the base of the pitch), before proceeding to our high point on the far side of the “Butter-Knife” traverse, which required delicate 5.2c A0+ moves on an exposed fin of rotten, chossy rock peculiar to the dark side of the cone. We headed up directly on our line, but with the now hurricane-force winds battering us back at every step, it was slow going. The wind blew in all directions, violently exposing us to the infamous weather that this mountain is so…infamous…for. I appear to have stuck myself to…myself. Before we knew it, we were badly disoriented and quite off course. We struggled forward for what seemed like hours more, but were soon brought to a halt by the ever-steeping pitch and fierce downslope winds that sprang up at that increased elevation. Weary and beaten, we huddled together for a moment to regroup. My right leg was now fully numb from the bitter cold, and Tim’s left hand had been the unfortunate recipient of one of my crampon points during his valient, life-saving grab of my outstretched foot as I slid by and nearly plummeted to my death over a cliff-band below. We needed fuel. “Horsecock…” Tim croaked. Right. I reached into my pack, and then realized what had been forgotten in my haste. NO! A more horrible fate than this I could not imagine. Stuck in the death zone, at 6000 feet, slowly freezing, and with no HC to warm our bellies for that long sleep that comes eventually to all climbers. I had meant to bring a nice riesling as well to celebrate our summit, but had forgotten even this last amenity. We sat for an eternity there, just below the summit. And then, just as we were prepared to give it all up, we heard it. Whuck whuck whuck whuck…the unmistakable sound of an A-star heli, flying through hell itself to air drop a package of Horsecock in our hour of need! When we hadn’t checked in from the summit via my cell phone, Tim’s wife must have realized that we had been pinned down, and had sent help. Incredibly, the drop was successful, and having been recharged, we battled our way to the top. If he wasn’t married, I would have kissed Gapertimmy out of pure joy. Oh, who are we kidding? We made out like it was prom night in the back of my VW bug. But the inclement weather necessitated a short stay on the summit, so we clicked in and began our descent. Tim, breaking from his traditional climbing style, straightlined the face, laying down some nasty new school 11s in the fresh pow pow, dood. I followed close behind, finding the pitch and deep snow quite harrowing. I nearly lost it once as I rocketed off a small windlip and over a gaping crevasse. Considering that we were in the no-fall zone, I was lucky to be able to recover in time. In the end, we made it down to our base camp without major injury. We then called in the heli-lift for pickup, since my entire lower body was at this point numb and Tim’s left arm had gangreened to the elbow and would likely have to be amputated. But miraculously, we have both since recovered full use of our extremities. It was a fortunate day indeed. And that’s where I’ll leave it for now. If anyone wants more details, we’ll happy to discuss over a couple of beers here in town. I owe Timmy a lifetime of brews for saving me, so if you’re ever in town, please do let us know so I can begin to repay my debt. Until next time, and humbly yours, Cletus
  23. Death at the Coulee

    Pictures of Goran (crosspost)
  24. Picture of Goran

    quote: Originally posted by fixedPin: This picture was taken an hour or two before the accident. Other is of Air Guitar after the fall. Richard. Thanks Richard. Again, deepest condolences.

    Fortunately, this thread did not fail to entertain. I nearly peed myself, in fact. Whoops, there goes four drops! [ 10-01-2002, 03:20 PM: Message edited by: Cletus ]