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  1. wanted to buy Stoppers for Aid Climbing

    Somehow I misplaced, or lost, my whole cluster of stoppers. Ugh! Looking to replenish my set with some used nuts (I am still holding out hope that I can find them). Anyone have a set of random stoppers they want to sell or trade for beer? Thanks in advance! I live in Seattle. Tim H
  2. [TR] Bear Mountain - DNB 7/26/2007

    Haha. We did the same thing back in July this year. "Traversed", then climbed over a big dongler type thing...then up a gross red dihedral thing with grass and very little gear to be had. Such fun! The photo I am attempting to attach in on the "Dongler Traverse"...
  3. [TR] Inspiration Peak - South Face 09/02/2018

    Thanks for a great trip and the sweet pictures, Amigo! That route was super fun - Oh!
  4. Hey folks, Looking for information for our friend TJ who left on Sunday to climb Clark, Luahna and Buck, with the intention of being back on Tuesday night. TJ Langley is about 42 years old, 5'-11', grey-ish shoulder length hair, most likely has a blue/grey small-ish backpack, blue patagonia rain shell. He survived a bear attack 10 years ago and has some manly-looking facial scars. He was going to climb these peak via Little Giant Pass and a Napeequa Valley base camp. He moves very fast in the mountains, and is rarely late getting back. Espcially with the good weater we have been having we are surprised he is this late. His car is still at the trailhead. Any info? Please call me, or Deputy Gene Ellis with Chelan County Sheriff. 509-630-7541. Thanks, Tim 206-851-9980 therunningdog@yahoo.com
  5. first ascent [TR] Uncle Wehrly's Toupee, Half Moon

    Looks like a fun day out, Laddy! Thanks for sharing! Must be lots of scrappy lines up in that neck of the woods!
  6. free Free Classic Ice Climbing Stuff

    Hey, I don't know where these came from, but I don't want them any more. Maybe someone out there wants to play with them on glacier ice, or make an art installation? Let me know if you're interested and I will set them out for you in Fremont. Text me 851-9980, local A.C. Cheers, Tim
  7. We climbed Crowder, Swiss and Spectre in that neck of the woods. JasonG will likely put up at TR on the trip...once he edits the 1000's of photos. You should try to get back there...such a great camp! Again, nice work on such a well-executed trip!
  8. Nice work and TR, guys...congrats! Glad you found something rad to do in there...and I am stoked to hear there are still a few gems out there! We were camped at Pickell Pass on the 24th and 25th...perhaps we could see you in our photos in we zoomed waaaaay in!
  9. [TR] Mt Deception & Others - Scrambles 7/23/2017

    Great write up! That's a nice area for sure! So many interesting rock formations in that neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing! Any chance you found a single green CAMP aluminum crampon in Surprise Basin? I lost it last fall on my Clark trip.
  10. [TR] Forbidden - North Ridge 7/9/2017

    Just got back from doing the NR yesterday. There is now fresh purple tat and a locking biner on the summit block for the east ledges rap descent. I believe this was recently added by NCNP rangers. What a great route!
  11. Great work, guys! And congrats to Morgan for finishing that list in styyyyyyle! Hey, if you're gonna do a list, you might as well do it in style, Bro! Sorry I missed out on this one, though I probably couldn't have kept up with you cats! BooM!
  12. WTB - Telemark Boots(Size 26.5/US 10)

    Well, since I was going to retire my tele boots LAST year at this time, and still put another 25 days on them, it's now absolutely time to retire these things... Looking for a pair of tele boots that are maybe picking up dust in your basement... Something solid for at least a few years. I am a size 26.5 or US shoe size 10. Thanks so much! Shoot me an email at therunningdog at yahoo. Tim
  13. WTB - 50+ Liter Backpack

    Hey there, my BD Phantom 45L backpack is on it's last leg. Need a replacement for upcoming awesomeness this summer. Anyone have a decent pack suitable for multi-day trips out there? I am a 5'-8" gentleman. Although some would argue I am neither gentle, nor a man. My job just ended, so just trying to keep costs down... Thanks, Tim 2068519980
  14. Hi there. While descending Mt. Clark above Royal Basin last fall, I took a spill and along the way one of my crampons fell off my backpack. The snow is likely melting fast up there, and maybe, just maybe, someone will find it. It is up there in Surprise Basin, just below some really cool rock features that a all freaky-looking! I know its a long shot, but if anyone happens to come across the beauty, a green CAMP aluminum crampon, I will happily buy you a 12-pack of your choice for its safe return. BTW - the Corkscrew Route on Mt. Clark is a super fun way to spend a day! Thanks! Tim H therunningdog @ yahooooooooo
  15. [TR] Coleman Pinnancle - SW ridge 2/12/2017

    Nice shots! Looks like a beautiful day!
  16. [TR] Mount Ann - The Path of Powder 1/2/2017

    Handsome Men = Handsome Photos!
  17. Mount Clark (Olympics) Route?

    I climbed the "Corkscrew Route" on Mount Clark on Monday, it was a really nice day in the mountains, and a fun scramble! If anyone happens to find a single green CAMP aluminum crampon in Surprise Basin, I will happily buy you a 12-pack of your choice. I think someone will find it once the snow melts in early summer 2017. Really fun place to explore! Crazy looking rocks around there!
  18. Well done, Gents! Way to slay such a morbidly-named gem! Looks like an sweet adventure in a lonely place, a true Cascades adventure! I am greener with envy that the moss in that approach photo! Stoked you found such great quality rock in there, even though frankly the approach looks more appealing to me than the rock climbing, but that's just me! Way to bookend the summer success!
  19. Does anyone know if there is a statistical compilation out there of first ascents in the Cascades and who has done them? I am doing a "book report" and am curious who is #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, and #9 behind Mr. Beckey. Thanks for any info you might have! Tim
  20. First Ascents in The Cascades - Most Prolific??

    Thanks for your input folks! Super stoked to learn about good ol' Lage Wernstedt. And, really sorry to ruin your day, Wayne! Anyways, of course there are many different categories, and categories of categories. I was curious about all types of first ascents, which is why I was vague about it. After asking a ton of people, a few of whom have started lists or thought of starting a list...alas, I have found nothing remotely comprehensive for any "category"... Always fun to dig in a do a little research, though. Through my efforts I discovered a bunch of new places to explore in this beautiful place we live! Happy Holiday, All!
  21. That looks like so so so much fun! Nice work guys and thanks for the new line and stoke! I will definitely give this one a try in the near future! Such a cool mountain, too, that Triumph! Can imagine the feeling of seeing that old rope...wow! Five exclamation points so far but it aint enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :[]
  22. Eric, we rapped the gully system climbers-left from the wild hair crack. From summit, single rap, scramble, single rap, double rap, scramble traverse, single rap gets you to the O-H col. At least that's what we did. There may be people down-climbing O-H col below you, so beware as you knock down the inevitable rock. This rap route is the original Firey climbing line, I believe
  23. "The rock was compact and steep. I had a cruxy traverse with poor feet but good protection down low and then the protection vanished. I aimed for a salvation crack 40 feet above my last possible piece of protection. The climbing was exhilarating. Pushing my fears aside, I moved past the runout difficulties to steep and joyous cracks and a belay 2/3 of the way to the top of the tower" It should be duly noted that this pitch described above was an awesome, bold lead. The holds were all there, but there gear was not. It was exhilarating just to follow this pitch, and huge hats off to Jason for completing the lead in style! It was an amazing trip with a great partner and one of my best friends...doesn't get much better than that. I was truly honored to be the guy to heads back to the Pickets with Jason after all these years. The mountains. The friends. Life is good!
  24. This was the inspiration for the title of the route...this was in our heads for a good part of our days in the Pickets... Spinal Tap - still hilarious after all these years!
  25. Well done mates! And, nice write-up, Joe! I got schweatty palms just reading about the Pitch of Terror. Pitch of Terror. Jeezus. Now that really makes this route enticing for me!