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  1. Kautz Glacier - Ice Pitches

    My apologies for using slang -- and I'm guessing I missed you attempt. Fr anyone else, the pickets and screws were indeed both useful. And we did use the fixed line. It was in good condition and very well anchored.
  2. Even more kautz info needed!

    We dug out this trickle (marked by a cairn), but when we came back from the summit push, we found the water had disappeared into the rocks.
  3. Kautz Glacier - Ice Pitches

    We passed through and back down July 20th. Leader used one tool, one axe. Axe was sufficient for the rest of us. Screws and pickets were truck! On the return trip, we rapped the upper ice pitch and downclimbed the rest. There's a fixed line that avoids a lot of the shuffling from Camp Hazard (beneath the ice cliff) to the chute. As soon as you hit the upper edge of the Turtle, go left and up. There's faint trail past some camp sites to a notch where you'll find the static line. The line is well secured on the upper end and not attached on the lower end.
  4. Bugs at the Bell

    Sadly we didn't get to Liberty Bell area. Prusik via the West Ridge is a great route on fantastic rock. Thanks to anyone who posted about the area recently!
  5. Bugs at the Bell

    Does anyone know how bad the bugs are in the Liberty Bell/Early Winter Spires area? The select guides say that they are particularly bad in July. Thanks!