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  1. Hardman Checklist

    ? DFA aren't "bolted sport routes" and "hardman" mutually exclusive?
  2. Excellent Winter volcano routes?

    hmmmm... Gib. ledges in winter...interesting idea. Looks like they could actually be considerably safer without all that horrendous loose rock that they feature in the summer. Has anyone here actually done it? If so, how did it go? How cold does it actually get (i've seen the thermometer drop to about 15 below in early September while camping on the summit...no wind though)? What month is generally a better bet in terms of weather and how is the overall avalanche danger?
  3. no post

    quote: Originally posted by Fence Sitter: it is an english school... i just wanted a good base of operations to travel on the weekends and still not get too far behind in school...i have a freind in st. petersburg i am going to be stayin with afterward and i plan ion going to sweden adn norway and czech repub. and anywhere else i can go... i know i am bummin about the mountains, but i think i may knock off elbrus and get one of teh 'disputed' seven summits...might as well...eh? oh yes, if you get a chance to see the Caucasus - do it, it's worth it...Elbrus being far from the most interesting thing out there. Be careful though...stay away from Chechnya, or the Pankisi gorge...
  4. no post

    sorry... [ 11-05-2002, 06:42 PM: Message edited by: russki82 ]
  5. i don't mean to intrude into your personal life,

    shit... post intended in response to the thread below titled "who was it" by fencesitter... sorry
  6. but just out of curiosity, do you do business in Vilnius, or have family there?
  7. NE ice climbing photos

    ? they're showing up just fine on my browser... don't know how to help you...
  8. NE ice climbing photos

    alright...thanks to the folks that enlightened my dumb ass about how to post pics on this site i finally figured out that I have to make them much smaller in order for them to reasonably fit on a webpage...well, here are a few - enjoy
  9. question about the site

    is there a way I can upload a photo into my post without having to place it online first? I have a bunch of pics taken with a digital camera that I'd like to post but I haven't figured out how to do it...anyone know how?
  10. it's true...

    well we took a digital camera up there, i don't know how well these things work in the cold. If anything came out I'll post them here. thanks for the support
  11. it's true...

    quote: Originally posted by freeclimb9: "Chest-beating"? I thought you were gum flapping. For ice-climbing, there's something to climb year-round if you're willing to travel a little. For example, the late-summer, early-spring Sierra classics were reported to be awesome. There's a ice-fest in Bozeman in 2 1/2 weeks, and plenty of climbs already fattened in Hyalite. Up at high altitudes in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah, there are early, early season climbs that are best done now before the avalanche-prone snows pile up. So when you spout about some ice in the NE, it's not that bigga deal. Just more ice. no big deal for you maybe...unfortunately though not all of us are able to fly every time we want to climb some ice...and living in New England you generally don't get a chance to see any until at least mid December...therefore when you can get your tools out on Halloween, it tends to get people excited and happy. Oh and I'm well aware of the existence of ice and snow yearround in the PNW...i've even had the privelege of expereinging it several times.
  12. it's true...

    well, i wasn't just chest-beating all along, there really is ice on the East Coast...got a chance to climb it on Sunday. I'd say not bad for so early in the season either...it's even taking screws if you find the right spots. cheers
  13. Stoopid things done in youth

    walking unroped on glaciers...traversing ACROSS avalanche-prone slopes...leaving for Mt. Rainier summit attempts at 7 AM...attempting to find a summer-only White Mountain trail in winter conditions... wait a sec, all that wasn't so long ago... oh well, i'm still young...
  14. trick or...climb

    [/qb] hmmmm, only two problems with this plan 1) sounds like we probably have about the same amount of ice climbing experience 2) i'm married sorry! maybe you oughtta try icegirl? [/QB] aw dang! and I thought this was a singles dating site... climbing? huh? what's that? boy did I stumble into the wrong place
  15. trick or...climb

    well comrades Northwesterners, looks like the East Coast ice season has begun. The Black Dike on Cannon has already been done; and YES i'm going climbing this weekend...finally! this rocks, we've had the earliest start to the season I can remember. And the funny thing is, there's no warm spell in sight...looks like we just had a month-long head start to the winter and that's it. he're the Dike on the 25th... http://neice.com/2002/Photos/CoverPhotos/dikecoveroct2002.jpg