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  1. my post says it all. fuck off pasty white fucks
  2. greghinemeyer

    The Future

    you are absolutley correct boner, and i hate the smell of the smell of polo.
  3. greghinemeyer


    what happened to that douche bag trask? i haven't been on in a long time so i thought i would give hime some shit.
  4. hey trashk not much action in the trailer park?
  5. quote: Originally posted by Dru: high school antigravity science project strange goings on in Utah those fucking teenagers, don't they have something better to do with their time.
  6. quote: Originally posted by klar404: Yo man! your harshing my fleece shield!
  7. greghinemeyer


    i just was finishing off a nice vacation when i rolled into seattle for a few days. good beer, some good music. but my god i have never seen so many coffee drinking,cigarette smoking,fleece wearing pasty faced slugs in my life.
  8. what good would gum do at a time like this?
  9. quote: Originally posted by Muir on Saturday: there's a little voice inside me saying this shit wouldn't happen if people just smoked more pot. and spent more time in the ocean.
  10. hey sorry about the mother crack that was bad. later boys
  11. quote: Originally posted by trask: Who says it's not. Why I've had three beers already and I still think you're an idiot. But if you wanna go home now, that's cool, just leave the Tonkas. See ya tomorrow. yea i got to get of the computer just like i got off your mother. bye bye
  12. hey this is not getting us anywhere.
  13. you did not. you are just stupid
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