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  1. new to WA

    Man, that sucks that there are not any good bouldering spots. I would definately be willing to road trip somewhere, but dammit I do not have a car here. Back home I usually drive atleast an hour and a half to quality stone. Oh well I guess I will call these 3 months off my rest months. I might be interested in doing some alpine stuff. We do not have snow in Texas or much mountains for that matter. I am dayhiking/backpacking into Olympic National Park every day and staring up at those snow covered mountains. Matt
  2. new to WA

    I am a central texas climber(mostly boulderer). I am in Port Angeles, WA for the summer doing research in Olympic National Park. I have not been on stone for 2 weeks now and I am going crazy. I want to climb sometime dammit! I have done a lot of central texas bouldering on limestone as well as lead climbing. I have also been to the wonderful Hueco Tanks many times. I have never done trad or any alpine shit. I would like to find some quality stone close to Port Angeles and hopefully some locals who would be willing to show me around. Matt