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  1. Everest Clothing

    TreeToad, hopefully you'll be able to generate a bit more discussion from this than I was able. Evidently the hardmen here think it would challenge their maleness to wear silk undies instead of polypro and are thus reticent on the topic.
  2. Picking the Wine for the Climb

    It all tastes the same after it's been in my Nalgene bottle for a few hours....
  3. Identity Theft

    my Wells Fargo checking account was nailed for $700+ dollars using my debit card number about 2 years ago while I was unemployed. transaction was done on WesternUnion.com and the money was transferred overseas somewhere. A simple affidavit and a few phone calls got me my money back. WF has been great with a few things like this. I keep a very close watch on my charges now and shred EVERYTHING religiously. I do alot of shopping online, but only with reputable companies and more often using PayPal when it's an option.
  4. Idaho/Wyoming roadtrip recommendations

    If you find yourself passing thru Idaho Falls consider eating Mexican food at Morenita's and sipping on a beer (or glass of wine) at Marcellars. Fyi, Salt Lake is just a few hours out of your way and there's more granite here than you could climb in a decade. I'd even consider lending you my guidebooks.
  5. 4 wheelers and the Chimney approach

    This is rich. I never thought I'd see Marty expressing his concern about the destruction of nature after the whole Dishman Fiasco .
  6. I saw some discussion about this here a few months ago when preparations were being made. Here's the result: (note that the photo captions from the article were inserted into the article text when it was cut and pasted and I didin't take the time to fix it.) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/5076634.stm The results of a unique experiment on Mount Everest confirm that the clothing of the 1924 climbers George Mallory and Sandy Irvine would not have prevented them from reaching the summit, as many had believed. The findings are a step closer to proving the men could have reached the top, 29 years before Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary. Over the past few weeks, climber Graham Hoyland has been putting the old-style clothing worn on the fateful Mallory expedition to the ultimate field test on the world's highest mountain. Wearing replica gear made from gabardine, wool, cotton and silk, he wanted to disprove the common myth that the 1920s climbers were ill-equipped to reach the summit. "This is just another brick in my wall of evidence," Hoyland said. Following the discovery of Mallory's body on the north face of Everest in 1999, a team of forensic textile experts from Lancaster, Leeds, Southampton and Derby universities embarked on an experiment to recreate the outfit from samples of Mallory's clothing which had been preserved in ice. Side by side The three-year project, lead by Professor Mary Rose and Mike Parsons, revealed that Mallory's clothing was highly effective at providing protection at high altitude. The layered natural materials used to construct the garments were found to be excellent at trapping air next to the skin. Mallory and Irvine's expedition The mystery of Mallory and Irvine's expedition has endured The outer layer of gabardine was hardwearing and water-resistant yet breathable. But the clothing was also lighter than modern gear - the lightest ever to be used on Everest. Parsons said: "The results stand out as a challenge for future outdoor innovators because Mallory's clothing and footwear was 20% and 40% lighter respectively." The results of Hoyland's in-the-field experiment have now confirmed the experts' investigations. Wearing the replica clothing for two days on Everest, Hoyland tested the suit alongside the expedition leader who was wearing a typical modern down suit. A good feel "I immediately found the underclothes warm to put on, whereas the modern polypropylene underwear feels cold and clammy," said Hoyland. "When exposed to a cutting wind blowing off the main Rongbuk glacier, I found the true value of the Gabardine outer layers. These resisted the wind and allowed the eight layers beneath to trap warmed air between them and my skin. Socks (MHT Mallory Replica Project) It has been a three-year project to create the replicas "We both got too hot working on the glacier so we felt that Mallory's clothing would have been more than adequate to climb to the top in, although it would be hard to survive a bivouac near the summit." Hoyland also discovered that the clothes were more comfortable to wear than modern day gear. "Like most mountaineers, I am used to synthetic outdoor clothing: polypropylene underclothes and outer fleeces which are bought pre-sized, off the shelf and never quite fit properly. "They are unforgiving in stretch, and begin to smell unpleasant if worn for more than a couple of days. There is a harsh synthetic sensation next to your skin. By contrast, the Mallory clothing was made to fit me. "This meant that the shirts didn't ride up, exposing my kidneys when I stretched, and the whole ensemble felt of a piece when walking. Instead of feeling bulky, the layers fitted very well." Freedom of Movement But the main difference for Hoyland was the level of movement the clothing allowed - which can mean the difference between life and death when at high altitude. "The patented Pivot sleeve of the jacket enabled me to lift my arm to full extent when cutting steps with an ice axe without displacing the warm layers of air. If you can reach above your head and climb faster, you could get to the summit before nightfall." Mallory's clothing did have one major drawback, as Hoyland discovered. Jacket (MHT Mallory Replica Project) Mallory and Irvine probably wore their clothes for the duration "The immediate problem was fastening buttons with cold fingers. I suspect Mallory and Irvine would have put the clothes on at Advanced Base Camp and left them on for the duration. Fly buttons may have been left undone as there are enough layers to interleave." But Hoyland says: "All the other climbers thought the jacket was stylish and wanted to know where they could buy their own versions of the clothes!" The summit attempt and subsequent deaths of Mallory and Irvine sparked the biggest mountaineering mystery, which continues to puzzle the climbing world today. Norgay and Hillary are credited with the first successful summit, in 1953. But a few, like Hoyland, still believe Mallory could have reached the top and are gradually piecing together the evidence to prove it. Hoyland is a great nephew of Howard Somervell, one of Mallory's climbing companions who lent Mallory his camera and was one of the last to see him heading for the summit. Hoyland believes the Kodak camera, which is still to be found, could also hold vital clues about Mallory's ill-fated climb.
  7. REALLY?!?!? "The results stand out as a challenge for future outdoor innovators because Mallory's clothing and footwear was 20% and 40% lighter respectively." That's a dangerous way of thinking...where's that unchallenged devotion to spending big bucks on high tech gear? *************** :...I suspect Mallory and Irvine would have put the clothes on at Advanced Base Camp and left them on for the duration. Fly buttons may have been left undone...." Sounds like they would have fit in just fine here at cc.com.
  8. Why isn't this reported in 'our' news? " It is reported Zarqawi was wounded but still alive when the Americans found him. The US military said they handed him over to the Iraqis and he later died of his injuries." EuroNews.net Granted, I don't know if the source was accurate, but this paints a slightly different picture than the US and UK news outlets are showing. Did he commit suicide after his capture? Did the Iraqi's execute him?...or did he really die of his wounds. Seems to me that if he were wounded and alive that he'd have been given the best possible medical care so he could be tortured later for 'information'. Maybe the fact that Bush and the new Bush-Iraqi government needed a shot in the arm dictated the need for Zarqawi to be dead. Spray on..........
  9. IT Calls

    The view out my office window this morning. Looking forward to dryer weather in a few days...
  10. IT Calls

    OK, this is a little more representative of what I usually daydream about at work...
  11. IT Calls

    you're probably right...nothing but choss up there in Little Cottonwood Canyon.
  12. IT Calls

  13. Mile high club

    so which peak would put one in the mile high + 420 club?
  14. Snaffle Alert

    People looked at me a little strangely when I laughed outloud at this address I saw written on a note the other day....
  15. Was Zarqawi Really Alive After those 500-lb Bombs?

    OK, a full day later the major news sources are reporting this. I guess they had to check with the Illuminati for permission....
  16. Was Zarqawi Really Alive After those 500-lb Bombs?

    Wow, I realize this is the spray section, but I had hoped for a lively discussion of media integrity, conspiracy theories, Pro-Bush camps, Anti-Bush majority, and US-EU politics in general. What happened to the vibrant and quirky Spray section I knew and loved? edit: Thanks Harry! THAT'S what I'm talkin' bout!
  17. Bitten at Tieton

    It gives a whole new meaning to 'watching out for coils' on your favorite climbs. Plenty of those little buggers over here in the Wasatch, too.
  18. Carpooling to the Crags....

    Sounds like you'll fit *right* in here: carpooling And don't forget *these* resources: web page web page web page
  19. Mountaineers in Leavenworth - April 22 & 23

    That reminds me of the good ole' days of Dwayner and the Red Headed Interceptor.... The Red Headed Interceptor
  20. Utah road trip help

    Al, why are you dragging a dog along on a trip to the desert? Talk about a buzz kill............ and maybe even buzzard bait...... You'd have access to 10x the scenery and privacy without the dog in tow. And the dog would probably be happier at Tails End Pet Resort than it would be in the sweltering Utah heat. fwiw, D
  21. What do you do when the love is gone?

    Squid, take it from an old fart....climbing is like womanizing. When you're tired of the same old chicks/routes and the same old places to find them then it's time for a little change of pace. Why don't you wander over to SLC for a long weekend and do some craggin here? You're welcome to our guest room; our place is 20 minutes or less from more climbing than you could do in the next 5 years. Bring your skis, too. Alta and Snowbird are still open.
  22. CatBirdSeat Poll

    So did you end up in bed with your climbing partners then? ....Isn't democracy GREAT!
  23. CatBirdSeat Poll

    nothing a few beers won't fix, I assume.
  24. Not venting here.....just checking my calibration. My light hiking boots were coming apart at the rand/welt in the same spot on each boot, plus the back loop/tab used to pull the boot on over my heel had started to rip out. Armed with the receipt dated Aug 25th, the 1-year warranty statement,and the store's return policy I ventured back to the store last evening. They wanted to send the boots to the mfr for a 'warranty assessment' before they would offer me any kind of decision on whether they would offer me a refund or exchange, something that would take 3 to 4 weeks. I kindly explained that was unacceptable. I also noted that I moved to SLC shortly before buying the boots and preferred to support the small local retailers over the K-Mart of Kamping....but what could possibly make me ever want to make another purchase there if they insisted on leaving me without my favorite boots for a month? The supervisor finally saw it my way and got a pair of boots off the rack for an exchange. After chatting with a couple of people here in SLC the question has arisen, is it industry standard for a retailer to send a potentially defective product back to the manufacturer for a warranty assessment before offering any kind of exchange or credit? If so, is 3 to 4 weeks a reasonable amount of time?
  25. Strange but True...

    Exerpts from a news article I just read: "A performing lion is already being rubbed all over in brandy to cure a case of pneumonia" "some of the monkey will be given wine three times a day for protection" http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/4631666.stm