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  1. Winter Jobs in Salt Lake

    Word has it that backcountry.com is looking for gearheads for the holiday season. It could be just the opportunity some dirtbag climber-skiers need to make some decent cash and ski some GREAT snow this year. I heard they were at some jobfairs in Denali Nat'l Pk last week tryin to recruit the seasonal park staff...or some such thing.
  2. Lyme Disease and Tick Info

    from a mailing list I'm on: The Pacific Northwest is an outdoor paradise for those of us who love nature. As a fellow avid nature lover who enjoys hiking, camping, and exploring, I want to take a moment to share some information which may help you to avoid and protect yourself against one of the most feared and dangerous creatures in our State. Is it a Big Bear? Is it a Slithering Snake? Nope! It's a creature the size of a poppy seed, namely the creepy crawly Tick! Why are Ticks so dangerous? Ticks can transmit very serious and fatal infections, such as Lyme Disease (Borrelia), Babesia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and many other pathogens. There is a myriad of misinformation and confusion regarding this threat in the Pacific Northwest. Here are a few common myths about Lyme disease and related infections for you to consider. Myth #1: If you are infected with Lyme Disease (Borrelia Burdorferi), you will have a Bulls Eye Rash. Fact: It is now estimated that less than 40% of people infected with Lyme Disease display a bulls eye rash. Myth #2: The ELISA test (most common test used by family practitioners) is accurate and reliable. Fact: It is now estimated the ELISA test is less than 30% accurate and reliable. Myth #3: There is no Lyme disease in Washington state. Fact: This is simply untrue. The hundreds of members of our organization can testify to this fact. To find out more common myths about Lyme Disease, visit our webpage at www.walyme.com. Why is there so much confusion about Lyme Disease? Because it is a great imitator, and symptoms can range from joint pain, chronic fatigue, and flu-like symptoms to meningitis, MS-like symptoms, fibromyalgia like symptoms, and many others. For a full list of symptoms, visit our website (www.walyme.com). Here are a few general tips to keep you and your organization safe. BE AWARE OF TICKS: Ticks can drop from trees or crawl toward a host when detecting body heat, or carbon dioxide. Ticks live in trees or weedy areas. Tall grass, leaf litter, low shrubs, underbrush, and field and trail edges are favored. In highly infected areas, lawns may have ticks. WEAR LONG SLEEVES AND LONG PANTS: Tuck the legs into your socks. Light-colored clothes make it easier to spot ticks. Wear a hat or cap. USE AN INSECT REPELLENT: Follow manufacturers directions. Look for ones containing 25-35% DEET. INSPECT YOURSELF, YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR: Check for attached ticks after a shower. A shower will not wash off biting ticks. Be sure to check hairy areas, the scalp, and behind the ears. Ticks crawl upward until they are stopped. Check legs, waistline, bra line, and armpits. How To Remove An Attached Tick ASSEMBLE A TICK KIT containing: pointed tweezers or a tick-lifting tool, a magnifying glass, a small vial (a film container is good), and an antiseptic. (Our ILDA sells tick kits, see our Lyme news page for more information.) REMOVE THE TICK. Grasp the tick firmly by the head with the tweezers as close to your skin as possible. Avoid squeezing the tick's abdomen. Pull straight out. Don't twist. DO NOT USE a hot match head, nail polish or Vaseline on the tick. The tick will regurgitate and transmit infection. SAVE THE TICK in a container with a piece of damp tissue or a blade of grass. Refrigerate it , mark the date and where the bite occurred, and watch for any unusual symptoms in the next 30 days. The tick can be sent for testing through your doctor's office if any early Lyme symptoms develop. CHECK WITH A PHYSICIAN as soon as possible. To find out more information about Lyme disease prevention, visit our website (www.walyme.com). I have attached a copy of our informational brochure for you, and encourage you make this information available to your members. Thank you for your time, and I hope that this information can be useful to you and your organization. If you find this information and the information on our website to be valuable, I would like to suggest that you place a link from your page to our own so that together we can help educate those at risk of contracting Lyme or related diseases in the hopes of a healthier future. Sincerely, Megan Anderson meganba@u.washington.edu Outreach Coordinator for WA-Lyme 206-354-7867 **************************************** www.walyme.com Support - Education - Awareness - Advocacy - Community Resource
  3. Headlamps?

    It's time to replace my headlamp and I'm considering the BD Gemini or Petzl Myo3. Any experience with either model?
  4. Headlamps?

    Petzl authorized the return and replacement of the headlamp, thanks in large part to my neighbor who is a gearhead at Backcountry.com. I should have a new one soon. A big thanks for those guys stepping up to the plate and keeping a customer happy. Lesson Learned: The research I did online (highly scientific and accurate source the internet is...) showed that there have been more than a few problems with the wire shorting/breaking where it comes out of the 'lamp' part of the headlamp. It may behoove one to take care when packing the unit so as not to stress this part.
  5. Getting into Canada

    I must be an exception. I always just pass them my passport and the passport of my passengers and they pass me after a couple of dumb questions, even if there ARE Chinese scientists in the vehicle with me...how times have changed.
  6. Fun at Harborview

    I'm glad to hear you've pulled thru this with your usual tenacity. My thoughts will be with you as you strive to make it those last few hard steps. Good work on missing the chipper that day, your hard head would have destroyed that thing...and that would have been expensive!
  7. Ever see a fistfight at a climbing area?

    It came close to fists on the big party ledge 1 or 2 pitches up on Nutcracker one time. Some poor soul was sketched to death above and absolutely wasn't moving. As more parties arrived on the ledge the jostling for position to climb 'next' got quite entertaining. The inflation of the egos and the nature of the posturing was amazing to watch. The moronic bellowing at the frozen climber a pitch above didn't help the atmosphere any, either. I had no intention of finishing the route with all that crap going on but decided to stick around and watch the fireworks. When our water ran out we bailed and headed to the river to cool off and chill for a bit.
  8. K2 Anniversary

    Lino Lacedelli's book is now available in English. It hasn't been officially released yet in the US, but chesslerbooks.com has some UK copies in stock. Looks like Mountaineers Books is the publisher...maybe someone there could pinch a couple of copies...who has an inside person there?
  9. Trail Running in Seattle

    The greenspace described in the 'Sweet Granite in Renton' thread has a fun little system of trails that are fun to run. There's a stream, hills, shade, bums/hurdles, and it's largely isolated from the noise of the city....seriously. And, if you're lucky, you'll find the granite erratic tucked away in the vegetation there.

  11. Yet another hurricane thread...

    My theory is that the control the hurricanes and are trying to erradicate us.
  12. Free Press

    minds want to know, how has this washed out 3.5 years later?
  13. 200 Fish stolen from Leavenworth Hatchery.

    Nobody EVER steals
  14. Peter Puget = Darryl Cramer?

  15. Transportation at Red Rocks

    NEVER ask for fees...
  16. another bolting ethics case

    F'in A, doesn't anyone hunt anymore?
  17. Dangers of soloing

    How about bikini ?
  18. Barcelona Rock

    Ditto! I tried climbing along the coast (Toix) in September and was sweating too much to finish a route...all the while looking longingly at snorkelers right below us in the Med. Take the train to Sitges or Vallencia and enjoy the beach. fwiw, I still have Ade's Montserrat area guidebook "Sun Rock, Klettern Am Mittlemeer" in German and English. Does anyone have his mailing address or email?
  19. Baghdad Burning -- Girl Blog

    For anyone who cares, Riverbend has been published and BBC is considering a documentary. http://www.marionboyars.co.uk/Amy%20individual%20book%20info/Baghdad%20Burning.html I can't imagine how this kind of attention would be good for someone in Baghdad right now. She *has* been kind of quiet lately.
  20. Dangers of soloing

    I hear Snugtop had some impressive conquests...
  21. Climbing girls calendar

    A couple of my favorite past partners:
  22. Headlamps?

    Well, My Petzl Myo 3 died the other day, about one month after the 3-year warranty expired. The little wire that runs into the bulb housing evidently has a break in it as it only works when the wire is positioned just right. So should I do surgery myself?....any other way to make this right?
  23. camping at Squamish

    The last time I eyeballed the spit for camping there was just too much evidence of rowdy hooligans and vandalism for me and my then gf to feel safe camping there. Seemed the further out on the spit one went the worse it got. We did camp one night closer in on the spit. It seemed to get a LOT of traffic til about 3am...kids looking for a party or friends. then, of course, there's this: Squamish Thread