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  1. [TR] Mt Hood - North Face Left Gully 12/9/2011

    Just had to come out of the woodwork and say That was quite a feat! I was thinking about you the other day when I was looking at Hood and thinking the route was preobably in. Way to get out and grab it. And solo no less! Sickness! :brew: :crosseye: :crosseye: :crosseye: :crosseye: :crosseye: :crosseye:
  2. [TR] Mt. Hood - Wy'East Face 3/21/2007

    I think we might have run into you by the vista lift. I was the guy who fell on my ass going backwards right as you were going by. Awesome day! Glad you found the goods!
  3. [TR] Mt Hood - Castle Crags 12/19/2006

    Nice job! Looks like an awesome day. Great pics too!
  4. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    I think it's a digital thing Gaper. I had pretty good service on the North Side of Hood with my old analog ATT cell. Switched to a fancy digital phone with verizon and now I don't get jack up on the mountain. Here's wishin the best of luck to all of those involved.
  5. If you're going CLIMBING: HWY 35 pics

    Well I THINK it should be moved to the access forum so there!
  6. If you're going CLIMBING: HWY 35 pics

    Put it this way Ivan, if you are planning on a car shuttle on the south side to come down off the NF, then you will be driving a looooooooooong long way!
  7. [TR] Mt Hood- Der Kindermord-Wand 5/13/2006

    Yo dude! I think I saw your tracks on the taint when I was up skiing the Snowdome on Sunday. I looked up and saw this freaky line up the NF and said damm....I bet that was that crazy f%#ker Ivan! Good thing you stayed away from the dualing a$$holes next door cause they were spewing some $hit! Nice Job!
  8. CORN

    Yo Timm@y good to see you gettin some down south. HUGE snowpack this year. Got some great corn down at Theilsen last Weds. Should be even better now! Diamond and Bailey were bakin' nice too. How soon before Pole Creek is open???
  9. Alpiners Anonymous: PDX dry tool night

    Ivan there was sick ice 10 minutes from Camas WTF??? Too bad it's all gone.
  10. Gorge Ice

    Nice job Wayne! I think think we may have seen you guys at the start of that thing. Looked SICK!
  11. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    Climbing MntHigh Negotiates the Shrund on the NF of Hood
  12. Avi conditions on N.Face hood

    I would think that today it would fairly consolidated but after we get more snow Friday and Friday night that will change. I guess it depends on how much new snow we get. Either way expect copious spindrift after today.
  13. Mt Hood Meadows 11/6

    I was pretty amazed at the # of people tooling around Meadows. White River was pretty nice yesterday as long as you stayed above the crust. Heather looks sweet. I may have to head up there next weekend!
  14. meadow's bc expansion

    One of my most heartbreaking moments in backcountry skiing was back in my early years, when a friend and I were skiing from the bottom of White River Canyon to the nice untracked bowl in W.R. just to the west of then "Texas". As we neared the top, after several hours of slogging and admiring this wonderful blank slate on which to carve our turns, 4 Meadows ski schoolers crested the ridge and poached line we had set our sights on. I know it is probably selfish, but I think I'm opposed to any Meadows expansion in White River.
  15. PDX pub club Sun. 11/6

    Sounds good! That place is just a few blocks from my house. I haven't checked it out yet...but if they have TG then it's got to be good! What time you thinking???