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  1. Best practical jokes????

    I will throw my hat in. What are the best practical jokes you have thrown someone’s way?
  2. Favorite movie lines

    Fucking nihilists. The Big Lebowski
  3. Punk Snaffles

  4. Got this from Gunks.com http://www.theonion.com/news/index.php?issue=4041
  5. Punk Snaffles

    OMFG that was great
  6. Welcome Home?

    WOW, looks like someone forgot to take their meds.
  7. Best practical jokes????

    OK, my last on the high school bit. I had already been kicked out of the high school that I previously mentioned. The senior prank that was play was done by a bunch of the geeks. They bought something like 20,000 crickets from various pet local pet stores. Some how they figured out how to anesthetize the lot. They placed them in various places around the school library early in the morning. When a group of kids where getting ready for SATs and were under way the crickets started making noise. Another group of kids that had a real hard time graduating. Wish I had a hand in that. The lesson learned is geeks are cool!!!!
  8. Best practical jokes????

    Nicely done
  9. Best practical jokes????

    When I was in high school we had a day where every senior class would pull pranks. The year before my graduating class rigged and sound system to the bell tower that would ring in first period. At the first bell the whole campus was ringing with the song of Hell’s bells by ACDC . The class before that took all of the silverware from the dining hall and stuck them into the soccer field. Unfortunately the maintenance workers mowed the lawn with the big tractor and the silver ware was sent flying through the air. Luckily nobody was injured but the kids that were responsible were shall we say in deep non-graduating shit.
  10. Favorite movie lines

    This is not a line but a prop in a movie. It was from the movie Switchback, the Caddie with the naked women plastered all over the inside. There were even pictures of women on the seatbelts. Talk about pimping your hoopty
  11. Favorite movie lines

    Farking icehole I'm gonna put yer balls in a neat grinder johnny dangerously and I shit bigger than you city slickers
  12. Best practical jokes????

    OK, this is some of my best work. My husband and I were on a trip that required many ferry runs in very thick fog. We had never been to the area so were not to sure how long each would be. You could hardly see your hand in front of you face. The Tide was way down so we had to drive a steep ramp down to get on this 10 car ferry. We were on the left side, not knowing that was the side we were going to dock on. My husband was in the driver’s seat with the engine off. Out of the corner of my eye I see the docking ramp coming through the fog. I yelled at him turn and pointed at the fast approaching wall. He totally freaked and grabbed the wheel and cranked on it to the right. He realized what was happening and was sooooo pissed. He later laughed, after he stopped shaking and said that was awesome and he would have done it to me.
  13. Favorite movie lines

    Bring out the gimp.
  14. Best practical jokes????

    OK I will start. It is not climbing related but here goes. My little brother (23) was using the garbage disposal and he dropped a spoon down while loading it. I was standing next to him and had just loaded up a blender on the counter with cocktail fixins. As he stuck his hand into it to retrieve the spoon I fired up the blender, never saw that boy move so fast in my life.
  15. Favorite movie lines

    Big sharp pointy teeth cheers Braumeister
  16. Favorite movie lines

    Specticles, testicles, wallet and watch. Nuns on the Run
  17. Favorite movie lines

    "You people are the biggest bunch of fuck ups in the history of drug dealing; now that's a huge fucking statement". HomeGrown
  18. Favorite movie lines

    You can wish into one hand and crap into the other. See which one gets filled faster. Grumpy Old Men or the second one, I forget.
  19. Giant Squid Take Over The Planets' Oceans

    That shit is really funny!
  20. hey, that's me!

    Thank you, I however are neither. My parents are very cruel and twisted people. It is a funny contrast to my raging cynicism.
  21. hey, that's me!

    Holy shit Trask, you found me out. I am Sally Fields.
  22. hey, that's me!

    Wow, look at that. I am a lurker. That is kinda creepy, no?
  23. hey, that's me!

    That last post was fan-fucking-tastic. I remember reading something like that about 3 years ago but this version was by far superior. Hey Forrest, sweet picture.
  24. First time out west,Things to bring?

    Hey Randy, I sent you as PM this little guy is great!