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  1. Outsourcing our Rain to California

    The defect in that one is bleach.
  2. Favourite cocktail

    OK running off the depth charge thread, what is everyone's favourite potent potable?
  3. Favourite cocktail

  4. Favourite cocktail

  5. Favourite cocktail

    How about served up in a climbing shoe or a mountaineering boot, chilled or unchilled your choice? Or is that only after you lose a bet?
  6. Favourite cocktail

  7. North Face Jackets can get you Mugged

    Where is the nodder? I miss the nodder
  8. Favourite cocktail

    This guy loves his shakes! Forgot, tis me favourite
  9. Brush with tabloid greatness

    More like sister wrachet. No even kidding
  10. Favourite cocktail

    Don't really dig the glue business, nor the cock business.
  11. Favourite cocktail

    Sure I do, but I am in the horse business. What is your excuse?
  12. Favourite cocktail

    I used to look at people ordering them and ask, "are you serious?"
  13. Favourite cocktail

    Hey D Harry, do you often hasve horse cock on hand?
  14. Favourite cocktail

    by the way, not my favourites. I am not a huge mixed drink person.
  15. Favourite cocktail

    Pink 1 oz. Creme de Noyaux 1 oz. White Creme de Cacao 1 oz. Cream Ice Mix ingredients with ice in a shaker or blender. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  16. Favourite cocktail

    Two words, pink squirrel. That and sex on the beach were favourites when I was bartending.
  17. Crampon Lube

    You are better than I.
  18. Favourite cocktail

    when I used to bartend if I felt a cold coming on I would drink Vodka and O.J., Jaegermeister for cough meds.
  19. Brush with tabloid greatness

  20. Brush with tabloid greatness

    What count sheets were they? I bet the kid can't even count that high.
  21. Crampon Lube

    Wayne's world, cum of some young guide.
  22. Favourite cocktail

    Tequila is crazy stuff, I love how it tastes but it makes me trip after a few drinks. Maybe tat is not a bad thing.
  23. Depth Charges

    YES, th at is what it is. I knew there was a name for that. I had an Italian co-worker who used to drag me out to bars and make me do those. He could not beleive that me being Irish had never heard of them before.
  24. Depth Charges

    A boiler maker is a shot of whiskey dropped into a regular ale I found this for a depth charge depth charge
  25. Depth Charges

    I thought a red eye was vodka with a raw egg yoke and some hot sauce.