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  1. Chouinard attacks Bush

  2. Yet another hurricane thread...

    I found this article in the October 2004 National Geo this morning. first 5 or so paragraphs kind of interesting. LINK
  3. Cool Position of the Sun photos...Analemma

    you said pearl necklace, teeheehee
  4. Cool Position of the Sun photos...Analemma

    No, it is "THEM"
  5. HEY!!!

    Oh my
  6. The Bunny

    OK, now I have seen everything.
  7. The Bunny

    What the hell is that thing?
  8. Wanna take a test?

    yippy, 100
  9. fwd: "Dear Red States"

  10. A modest proposal

    That is the fucking shit!
  11. Enumclaw and Farm Animals

    too sad to talk about.
  12. Enumclaw and Farm Animals

    more update link
  13. Pics of boobies for Minx

    Saw this in a store today, very classy.
  14. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok, these must be the new space crafts for tourism, great free ad.
  15. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

    that is just wrong
  16. WTF

    Can we please go back to the days when pumping 25 bucks worth of gas into your tank took more than 45 seconds?
  17. fucking birds!

    ahhh, I know that bird well. The dual middlious fingerous, I have had numerous sightings on the freeway.
  18. fucking birds!

    are those albies or boobies?
  19. fucking birds!

    Ok, OLC, you have way too much bird porn.
  20. fucking birds!

    Golden Eagles, that's hot!
  21. fucking birds!

    Sorry no pics babe but the title is great. One hundred years of sexing your birds
  22. fucking birds!

    I always know it is spring when I see sparrow gangbangs on my lawn.
  23. fucking birds!

    Are you hitting avian porn now?
  24. impromptu beginner minesweeper tournament, 5,4,3

    I did beginner level of minesweeper in 6 seconds back in college and have never been able to get under 10 since then. oh well