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  1. Famous Last Words

    Fugu is safe right, I will not get sick?
  2. Famous Last Words

    So you have been tested right?
  3. Famous Last Words

    wow, that was also a good one.
  4. Famous Last Words

    ok, that was really funny.
  5. Famous Last Words

    So the elctric is off before I change that 220 line?
  6. Famous Last Words

    Fuck you officer, see if you can catch me.
  7. Famous Last Words

    I will have the usual, 4 big macs and 4 super sized fries.
  8. Famous Last Words

    Do I cut the yelow wire or the blue wire?
  9. Famous Last Words

    That is so awesome.
  10. Famous Last Words

    I am so serious; there is actually a head stone in our local cemetery that reads that. I have seen it myself, but it was a woman from around late 1890's. I am trying to find it. Here from funeralwire.com Other often-visited grave sites belong to Edward Austin Kent, the only Buffalo resident who went down with the Titanic, and Amaryllis Jones, who has this humorous inscription on her flat grave marker: "I told you I was sick."
  11. Random Unsolicited Input Thread!

    Grandma loves you but you can't have another drag from her smoke until you get me another martini.
  12. Random Unsolicited Input Thread!

    Half the people love me half the people want me dead I am the angel of death with my rhymes against humanity teeter tottering between brilliance and insanity
  13. Random Unsolicited Input Thread!

    OK, I will bite. I guess you as bored I I right now.
  14. Lordy, lordy, look who's... 60?!?

    caught a show a few years back in Toronto with CSN. Man he can still pack and rock the entire ACC.
  15. What's your demon?

    Yes that is crazy. When I was looking for colleges I read a big book and all of the schools in Utah that I saw said dancing, singing and music of all forms were banned. Yeow
  16. What's your demon?

    Love the avatar!!!
  17. What's your demon?

    I guess I know where Christians stand on mental health. mental illness isanity retardation deaf and dumb Let's just burn them all at the stake while we are at it. I do have to saw that drunk at church is pretty funny.
  18. Joke for E Rock

    Thank you, you just made my day!
  19. My Dog is Cuter than your dog

    These are the coolest dogs, hands down,
  20. Lessons from the Bible

    Werd, glad you liked it.
  21. Lessons from the Bible

  22. This headline makes me giggle

    OK and I have been trying to find the link to the Russian architectural web-site that had a picture of the world's largest man-made hole. Blah I give up.
  23. If I liked beer

  24. My Dog is Cuter than your dog

    yo, that is messed up. This is the little guy I am going to pick up from Florida in a few weeks.