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  1. Sorry Dan, I had to dig a little before I found ya.
  2. Delete me please

    Sorry all entered this post in error and can't delete it. [ 05-10-2002, 12:12 PM: Message edited by: PCams ]
  3. gumby topic...

    Thanks Matt, I wouldnt even consider going up without someone that has experience. And I consider training a necessity prior to my going. Ill see what I can find out. It was suggested I contact Dan.
  4. gumby topic...

    Im in the same boat man, Im an alpine greenhorn who would also like to go up the big hill. I doubt it would be a waste of time if I complete it but I would prefer not to break myself financially doing it(dont mind breaking myself physicall). I am only about a 5.8 climber but I have load of backpacking experience and a USMC background. Although I doubt DONT CLIMB IT was the answer you were looking for, I would also appreciate any tips. I was orginally intending to do the RMI trip and just byte the cost but have since cancelled that idea, I will be heading out to Seattle on the 11th of May and will be there until the 19th. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks all, I just found one. Ill hit him up. Greenhorn
  6. I cant find any posts by Dan, any suggestions? Im new to the site.
  7. Greetings all: I am looking to climb Rainier next week and am looking for any expeditions that are going up. I would prefer not chunking out the money for RMI but i dont have any glacier experience so that might be my only route unless someone is willing to train??? I know its a long shot, I do have regular climbing experience and backpacking, Im used to halling a pack and have alot of discipline. In other words the only thing I am lacking for Rainer is the Ice skills and a party willing to take me. If you're able to help me please shoot me an email pcamden@hotmail.com.