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  1. Ingalls in late July

    well, thanks for the replies. any beta/info helps. no harm, my etiquette isn't the greatest either, and I know how things can be taken out of context.. at the end of the day, its all in good fun... cheers!
  2. Ingalls in late July

    cool. sounds like a blast. i'm a consistant 5.11 climber, but this will be my longest lead. central texas only has a few spots for multipitching (and not longer than 2 pitch).. any good book on this climb and nearby climbs?
  3. Ingalls in late July

    newbie to forum needing beta on Ingalls North Peak, South Ridge Cracks... whats a good read? if someone has been before are there any suggestions for rack or what i should expect. Would appreciate replies... thanks a bunch. (if you need beta for Austin, TX (boulder, crack, sport)..I'm happy to provide)