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  1. Was in the area last Saturday. Snow starts at the end of the S. Brother trail. Snowshoes recommended for the avy clearings (I didn't have any, and it was slow going). Further up I could see some seams where slabs had broken away. Should have settled more this week though. Good luck.

  2. There wasn't much snow until the white river entrance, but you could tell the road was plowed up to the white river entrance, but not beyond. Not sure if they plow it all year or not. You may be able to call the MRNP rangers to get details.

  3. Biked in Sunday (per philfort, good suggestion) to the white river entrance where the road turned to snow. Skii'd into frying pan (me on A/T, friend on tele...got my ass handed to me). Skiid up the wonderland trail to the last creek crossing where some bridge excavation was required. But we got lazy and turned around (we just had a day). Little T would be a fun 2 day climb at this time. Didn't see another human, nor sign of one, the entire day.

  4. Planning on hiking in on the White river entrance road until we hit snow, and then skiing up the road to the wonderland trail up frying pan creek to Little T, and climbing it if time/conditions permit. Anyone done this or been in the area recently? Good or bad idea? Thanks. grin.gif

  5. YMCA gym is for little kids yellowsleep.gif. UPS is fun and worthwhile smile.gif, but small. I don't know of a gym in fort lewis. Where is it at? Is it military only? Spire rock is nasty (easy routes, and not many of them, belaying in piss..not even your own). There's also Evergreen in Oly. I concur with the thread topic though, a gym is needed in T-town.

  6. I've used the Canon S110 digital elph for a year now, and am generally happy with it. 2.1 MP is enough for me (you can get 8x10 quality prints and barely see pixels. 5x7's are photo quality). The movie capability is decent, and it works well in cold weather, and its very compact. The only thing I don't like about it is its ability to capture far off stuff (like distant mountains). It seems to blue alot of them out. Not sure if I can mess with the modes a bit to get them back in. Get at least a 64meg card and an extra battery. The batteries last for lots of pics, if you don't use the LCD to review your pics after you take them. 2X zoom kinda sucks, but once you get used to a 400mm zoom on an SLR, nothing's good enough anymore.

  7. Anyone used these for backcountry/approach type stuff? They're stubby 120cm skis that are fairly wide. Do they downhill at all, or suck in general? Reviews on the web are sparse, and I've never seen anyone use them out climbing. But, if they trek better than snowshoes and allow you to ski moderate downhills, they might be better than snowshoes w/o the weight of backcountry skis and boots. Any info on how they perform would be great. Thanks.

  8. Don't know what the road looks like to mildred lakes, but its fine up to Putvin and a little ways beyond. I've gone from Lake of the Angels to Mt. Stone before, but not the upper Lena-st. Peter's gate. I'd like to bag the stone-skokomish traverse sometime, though Mt. Skok looks like a lot of scree up the east side. Cruiser looks like fun though.

  9. Goat Boy: Its pretty bad. Most people park at the washout and hike in. Actually, I'm the only person I've seen drive past it and park at the trailhead. I've got a 4x4 F150 and a 4x4 bronco that make it over with some coaxing. The Putvin trail is roughly 2 miles from the washout. Talked to a ranger up there 2 weeks ago and said they were supposed to start clearing it anytime. As of Friday it was still untouched. Your trail pass dollars at work.