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  1. Anyone have 2 tix they would part with? Thanks.
  2. Super Feet, hip or hipe?

    You can get the Sole ones on their website for 20bucks a pair: www.itsyoursole.com Figured I'd try em out for that much.
  3. pershing north peak

    decided to do some recon sunday. The NE couloir route looked pretty cool, but after 3-4 hours of nasty schwacking and snowshoe-eating snow resulting in pathetic elevation gain, I ended up turning round. Anyone have any more info on the approach/difficulty of this route (more than oly mtn guide, anyway)? I made it to the first cliff bands when I turned around, but it wasn't obvious to me from the road about how to access the base of the couloir. Great day to be out tho.
  4. pershing north peak

    Haven't climbed the south peak yet. There was quite a bit of snow once I left the trail, and I definetly needed snowshoes. Even those didn't give me enough floatation in some spots. Hopefully with this warm weather its a bit more consolidated. Have fun.
  5. Tacoma?? besides the obvious?

    Alpine experience plans to open their gym in oly sometime in July. From what I've heard, its sounds like it will be pretty sweet.
  6. I got one (lightouse) for my bday at backpackers supply in T-town. The wife is making me wait to open it tho.
  7. Tacoma?? besides the obvious?

    UPS has converted a raquetball court into a bouldering room. Pretty good routes there, and its only a few blocks from my house. Alpine Experience in Oly is planning to open a large gym in a few months. VW has no plans to build a gym in T-town, to my knowledge. I think they're too busy trying to fill the bremerton gym.
  8. new BD stuff

    Anyone seen any of BD's new toys this year? Specifically their new Shadow pack and the new tents made with Epic fabric? The weight savings alone is tantalizing, not to mention the cost being quite a bit less than a bibler. I've only seen a couple reviews on the pack and tents, and my birthday's coming up.......Anyone know of a store that has BD's new gear yet?
  9. energy bars

    They sell nutella in little individual packets too. I always take those climbing.
  10. Potential Goldmine?

    Resurrecting this thread....Rumor has it that Alpine Experience is looking for investors to start a climbing gym in Oly. Investment chunks in the 10-50K$ range. Looks like a gym in the south sound may be a possibility.
  11. glucosamine?

    CBS: I paroused your article, and found a passage (about 1/2 way through the article) that likely explains why my ankle injury wasn't being helped by the glucosamine: "This fibrous covering (referring to fibrocartilage) of the articular surfaces of the most complex joint in the human body has the ability to undergo repair, which is not the case with hyaline cartilage." The cartilage that coats the mating surfaces of most joints in the body(including the knee and ankle) is hyaline cartilage, which is much smoother and (apparently) doesn't heal well when damaged, hence the rationalization for surgery when the hyaline cartilage has extensive damage, as mine was from my fall. Interesting stuff.
  12. glucosamine?

    I had a nasty bouldering fall and screwed up my ankle pretty bad about 1.5 years ago. Had 1 surgery to remove a bone spur that had formed, and remove some loose material that had broken away. However, I was still in pain and getting worse about 1 year after the surgery. I took glucosamine and chondroitin everyday for about 6 months during my recovery (based on my dr. friends recommendation that it had shown noticeable difference in older people with back problems), but I didn't notice any difference. Only ibuprofen really helped the pain/swelling. Currently recovering from surgery #2 where bone was grafted from knee to ankle to fill in a cyst on my talus that was developing becase my cartilage was blown away from the fall and was not healing. My 2 cents: glucosamine may help if you're condition isn't too severe, if your condition is a result of slowly decaying cartilage, or as a placebo. If there is something run amok in there, you should probably do the orthopede thing. Just make sure you go to a sports orthopede, not an everyday one. Makes a BIG difference. Hope you get well. Joint problems suck.
  13. Timmy O'Neill at UW, Mon Dec 8

    what time and where in Oly? Danka.
  14. http://www.mountain.ru/eng/climb/2003/Pobeda_H/index.shtml Some great engrish quotes in here.. "The bastion was subjugated." "The weather was established ideal." Some good pics and route description, to boot.
  15. good routes after washington and ellinor

    Thanks Matt. I'll be sure to take your description on my next attempt. The oly guide's charcoal renderings resulted in me thinking I had the route figured out, and then cliffing out atop a seldom traveled couloir. So it goes.
  16. good routes after washington and ellinor

    I like Mt. Stone. I've done it a bunch for training, and its always a great outing. Jupiter is a good hike, but really just a hike (no routefinding or scrambling, really). Tromping around in the Constance area is also pretty cool. Some amazing scenery and lots of goats (if you're into that sorta thing ). Snow up there now is way better than scree running. Washington's routefinding has thus far eluded my 2 early season attempts, though the short drive makes it more attractive. Good luck.
  17. Any GoLite Trek users?

    I used mine for a 5 day backpacking/climbing trip in the enchantments a month or so ago. Pack was super-full and loaded with about 50-60 lbs worth of crap (ropes, rack, etc) and it actually carried very well, considering that it was overloaded by 10-20lbs. I didn't use stuff sacks for anything, and it filled up quick enough to support the top pouch. Best frameless pack I've used so far (osprey pack was the other). Better load carrying than many framed packs I've owned, when packed correctly. Happy with it so far.
  18. South - North Enchantment Traverse

    heading up there this weekend. Are the bloodsucking bugs dead yet?
  19. Mt. Const...West Ridge..TR

    Cool pictures! I think I ran into that same goat the week after you guys were up there. Except I bumped into him below the Lake on the main trail while descending. Got some extremely closeup pics.
  20. Mount Constance TR 6/22

    muchas gracias.
  21. Mt. Const...West Ridge..TR

    Nice work. I'll have to add it to my to do list.
  22. Mount Constance TR 6/22

    Nice work David! Were you solo? Did you need crampons? Rope for the finger?
  23. Some climbing gear I've outgrown: Marmot Climbing jacket, dark blue, XL: Goretex XCR, 1 year old, used 2 times. Perfect condition. Its a bit too much jacket for me. 150$ Black Diamond Black Prophet straight shaft ice tools with Charlet Moser leashes, one hammer, one adze. Not sure which picks. Recently upgraded to some bent shafts BP's so I'm getting rid of these. Used several times, but they are in great shape. 150$ for the pair. Suunto X-lander watch/alti/compass/barometer: 3 years old. Lots of use. Couple of small scratches on the face and bezel. Well worn leather band. Recently replaced battery and seals. All functions work great. 100$ PM me if interested in any items. I'm located in Tacoma.
  24. FS: ice tools, jacket, altimeter

    Alti and tools are gone. Jacket is still around. Anyone, Anyone....Bueller....
  25. FS: ice tools, jacket, altimeter

    Pics of above items at: http://www.photoaccess.com/share/guest.jsp?ID=A753E1372CB&cb=PA The closeup pic of the BP is the more worn of the 2, showing some small scratches, but its still in great shape.