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  1. Saving Weight

    Well that clinches it: I never think clearly. How simple. Thanks. Now I remember, saving weight. I got a lobotomy. We only use 15% of the stuff anyway, right? And if you don't have any brains to damage, you save even more by leaving the helmet home.
  2. Saving Weight

    We're everywhere. Now if I can just figure out how to change my display name - wasn't thinking clearly when I created this profile. Don't know why . . .
  3. Saving Weight

    Exactly. I got the impression that pleasant threads weren't allowed on this site. Where are the auto-ballistic spraymongers when we really need them?
  4. Hood North Face

    Pete, Long time no speak. Very cool recount. What else you got planned this year in our neighborhood? Michael.
  5. mt. hood

    Expounding on a previous post: If the new snow is deep enough to necessitate snowshoes, you're probably a day or two of consolidation from "safe" conditions - by my subjective threshold at least. Yes, it's Hood and avalanche accidents are infrequent, but the last death by a slide wasn't that long ago.