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  1. you sir... have been trolled.
  2. Suppose you have a humanoid robot. It has many joints, and it has motors on each of the joints. The robot has sensors to detect all sorts of things. How do you make the robot walk? You have to figure out how to control each motor for each joint, based on the current joint positions and all the sensory input that you have. Model reduction focuses on simplifying the state information so that the inputs get mapped as best as possible to the outputs (controls to observations). Control reduction focuses on simplifying the control parameters (knobs/dials for the motors) so that control problems (which tend to be nonlinear and nasty) can be solved in a lower-dimensional (easier) space. Ideally a reduced controller should retain as much flexibility from the full controller and behave robustly. The tricky part about control reduction is that the reduced controllers have to operate on a reduced model. One option is to do model reduction and then design a controller on the simplified model. The problem with this method is that the approximation happens at the beginning, and errors tend to compound. Ideally one would want to simultaneously simplify the model and the controller at the same time (i.e. with a closed loop between model and controller). There are esoteric mathematical methods to do this for linear systems, but extending to nonlinear systems and performing robustly is still largely open. The other way to simplify control is to make control not necessary, that is, make the system inherently robust. A simple example would be a slinky. It tends to walk down stairs no matter what width/height the stairs are. More complicated examples have been studied in biomechanical literature. We've explored both directions, and we've tried working with toy problems (multi-link pendulums) and with real problems (humans walking). No killer results yet. damn
  3. nick drake- fruit tree... would have gotten better, but...
  4. iain, have you seen tobin live? i have achance to interview when he was at the comodore ballroom... i love all his albums, from when he was cujo till now with out fom out where... have you heard that one? some good tunes...
  5. Yeah, I got Deltron 3030. That is pretty damn good. "Upgrade you grey matter cuz one day it may matter" that was sooo 2000
  6. yeah isn't it 5.9 up high? or is that mandala? n e who... lots of people crag every day for a couple hours a day... big deal... when people go on trips that they plan a couple days in advance (enchantments etc) or months or years (denali, himilayas) it is much more of a dela for them and they get much more out of it. there isno denying that you get more out of alpine clibing... if you have an amazing experience cragging... write about it, but 99.999% of my great experiences are alpine... my 2 cents
  7. your first statment is negatedby your last... if you can find one verse where this is stated by Christ i will give you a nice shiny carabiner...
  8. that is dificult to believe if you live in this country. true it may mean nothing to you spiritually, but it should in terms of the history of this country... it gives context to the history of this country. how can you know about the cultures in middles east without knowledge of koran? if nothing more, it should be a key to the past of your ancestors and your country...
  9. i too am amazed at the stunning lack of a grasp of the bible that is displayed here... i know more about the koran than most of you know about the bible! yet you still mock it. What does that say about you. I can tell you. One word: fear. poka commrades!
  10. jesus was the first hippy... when one of the apostles cut off the ear of the people arresting jesus... he said "hey man! everyone chill!" and he took the ear and gave it back and said "here brother, peace" pascifist, partying uber cool hippie... too bad 99.9999 % of his followers he would be disguisted with!
  11. that is because the mormon church used to believe that the blacks were amoung those that "were not for god and not against god" because of this they were turned black as punishment... little known fact about the LDSers... jesus was a descendant of david... he was 100% jew... jew jew jew jew jew...
  12. jesus did not have blond hair and blue eyes... hsi parents were running away form herod who heard the propehsy that a child was going to be the new king of the jews. he then tried to kill every child at that age and jesus' parents fled to egypt to avoid their son being killed. you boviously know very little about this 'fictional book' i dotn know where you get your aryan thing tho... reading mein kampf laterly?
  13. jesus was a jew who was in exile... he was born in egypt, but was not a native of the area... and i am sure you are aware that wasn't the aryan posterchild your fuhrer told you about kiss kiss luv and enjoy the beautiful day...
  14. mabe that a "conservative" candidate is involved with shit like this... it is kinda stretching the ideals that the moral right embrace...
  15. Fence_Sitter


    green is not your color...
  16. Bill, you know you are off, we know you are off, so don't play naive with the sprayhounds not naive... smart!
  17. I found that shoulder shrugs helped reduce back issues while in a weight lifting program. also dont neglect the front... if your muscles are imbalanced, you will have troubles... when i was in track, my abs were too strong and i have to do back extensions to even it out... i suppose it is possible you have the reverse affliction...
  18. Fence_Sitter


    thanks to my current malady, i am now in the top 10 posters! yeah for me! anyone wanna go climbing tomorrow cause i am sick of computers! i dont care if i still hurt, lets do it!
  19. r u for real? damn that's funny! its was U.S. slammer right? cause that would suck to be hooped in a mexican jail!
  20. what is up with oregon... it seems like its bolting problems are exponentially greater than in washington, but mabe people in WA jsut know how to keep their mouths shut then they place/rip a bolt... are the disparities in bolting or merely in the atalking amoung bolters/yankers?
  21. i dont think you have met either...
  22. nope... leaving sat night... good luck chica!
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