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  1. what color? oogly green?
  2. Googlism for: horse cock horse cock is real nice horse cock is skanky horse cock is very badly mainstream horse cock is not obscene horse cock is serious about her dicks horse cock is straight horse cock is exactly the same size as a fat man's arm clutching a grapefruit horse cock is so fat in my tiny little hands horse cock is comparable to chugging your cock dammitt horse cock is better pleasure from a horse lilly fucked by horse beauty in horse horse cock is the army's apt term for a gasoline spout horse cock is not a cuss word horse cock is better dogs horse cock is a real stepping stone horse cock is unwillingly horny horse cock is wearily very well precise horse cock is gonna hit sixteen at least horse cock is well worth the price of several admissions horse cock is erect and i feel it rise a bump my lower belly horse cock is for yourself horse cock is for men horse cock is totally up to your own discretion horse cock is lesbian horse cock is so good horse cock is lovely horse cock is medium horse cock is japanese horse cock is stoned horse cock is much better horse cock is too big for him anyway horse cock is now super horse cock is japanese sex www horse cock is geared extremely towards adults horse cock is always at the ready horse cock is kid fuck sock fetish naked black women sissy slut horse single woman but full bush vagina only horny neighbor cock horse cock is young horse cock is splendid horse cock is here girls stroking animal cocks horse cock is here young licking huge horse cocks sex links horse cock is here woman horse cock is not workable for most of us horse cock is here young horse cock is here teen horse cock is here big monkey cock in pussy and also the big pigs penis in her pussy more big dogs penis in cunts links horse cock is throbbing and training in black leather from the horse cock is a dildo horse cock is smaller than a baby horse cock is too big too do a good blowjob on horse cock is vast horse cock is chris and his lover is danny horse cock is smaller than
  3. I noticed!!! It's also not nice to refer to your climbing partner as a 'fucker' just because he's tall and can reach the good holds. ditto!
  4. One move wonder for a guy that has a wing span of 13 feet! jsut a crimp ladder till the last one... and i think i am not far off of 13 ft. you remember the 'dyno' comp! scotty T lets go clombing soon... i am done with work in a week... elmme know ....
  5. one move wonder... last move was tricky, but the rest was cruiser... fun tho... woulda liked a 200 ft corner of that!
  6. Fence_Sitter


    from the angle it looks liek it was taken on her knees too... while you are down there hunny...
  7. yunless youa re using it as an emergency passive placement in a constriction, but i agree.. if it opens that much... hasta
  8. what bad boy image? whatchootalkinboutwillis? dru's da homeboy talking smack yo! i's just bein me
  9. hmm... mighty srong words for teh ditz who has neve met me...
  10. i may be fat, but you are ugly... and i can lose weight...
  11. i am nominating that as the funniest funnzy muff post yet! here's to ya commie!
  12. this is probably a better way to address ladies in the future...
  13. that would be latvia there cheif...have a nice night!
  14. though i dont appreciate your harsh tone... i do believe you are wrong... though the application is different, i do believe that the phenomenon is applicable in this instance...thoguth the troposphere is independently powered by thermal variations, the drag of the spin also effects this movement. i dont know to what degreem but certainly enough for you to be more than tact-less to jump on my ass... chill brah... and lithuanian women are not fat... quite the contrary... take some zanex and abotu 12 beers and calm down cheif...
  15. If this were true, (it's not) then an altimeter would read 22,000 feet on top of McKinley. (it doesn't) no genius... cause you set it for sea level in alaska not in tibet I believe this is not the case. Even a device set at sea level on the equator would read 20,320 atop Denali. If this were not the case, the rate of increasing altitude expressed on the device as you climbed would be different at varying latitudes to the point that an altimeter would need to be specifically calibrated for, say every 10 degrees. I could be wrong. I'm certainly no atmospheric scientist. nope sorry wouldn't... even if weather was constant, it would be different because of teh rotation of the planet... it forces a higher concentration of air at teh equator at teh expense of air nearer to teh poles.... therefore sea level air would be less dense in AK than equator as would 20,000. Though sea level changes as well, so that is a wholenother fish to fry
  16. and you guys make fun of my spelling!?!?! sheesh!
  17. well without knowing the area well... assuming what i hear about the hiek out and easy rappels nearby... why would you need another rap station??? the gear there was uber bomber... pointless in my opinion, but i guess others disagree...
  18. If this were true, (it's not) then an altimeter would read 22,000 feet on top of McKinley. (it doesn't) no genius... cause you set it for sea level in alaska not in tibet
  19. yeah right... and win a contest for the hardest thign to prove in the world... barometric pressure changes constantly, sooo it would be reather difficult to get any readings at all...
  20. Bugaboos!!!!!!!!!!! yeah guy... i was gonna be there, but getting the teeth yanked i might still try and make it, would it be worth it if i got my teeth pulled on the 26th and had to be back in van (area) on the 5th? i gues i will be out for a couple days mabe 2-3 at the most... puts me at the 29th... 30th be there... leave the 4th... 4 days.... is it worth it? weather likely to kick my ass if i will be there for such a short time? uber bummed... mabe someone has a wrench and wanst to make a quick $50 after work lemme know
  21. yeah strange thing... my friends were making fun of me to go on one of those scales in the mall in russia and it tells you how overweight you are... it said i was 3 kilos overweight! so i am guessing my body mass is on the high side, but i am skinny as hell... so i dunno
  22. yeah those were the only sober days of my last 5 years...
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