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  1. ding ding ding! we have just stumbled onto how to know when the diet you are using is a fad diet... is anyone says tis a yuppie fad diet...
  2. dad'ts some chronic shit yo!
  3. damn boy... we need to get you to index!
  4. shit dawgs... 45 is totally in control as long as you dont have to stop... i had to stop... i was in a quasi controlled skid leaning back really hard and was feelin a'iight until i sat back a lil harder to keep from enoing and my CF seatpost snapped... i have been riding for a long time and know my limitations... sometimes there is just nothing you can do... i think if i was driving a car, i would have been dead... there was not much margin ffor error... in fact none... i just know osmeone is looking out for me cause afterward i was searching for broken body parts before i got up and was surprised to find no serious injuries... needless to say i will be riding more cautiously in white trash land, but i feel very confident that i did the absolute best possible thing and did everything right and that a crash was inevitable... oh well... i lived, learned, and will ride again in 3 days when my new seat post comes...
  5. Fence_Sitter

    f' 'u

    You mean you got totaly wasted and free soloed some hand cracks nekid?? oh god... that is the sickest thing ever... <fucking up my intestines gremlinhere>
  6. it was more like the 6th time, but yeah still a shitty deal all around...
  7. there are hills everywhere here... i was just cruisin down, not taking it hard or nothin totally in control... the bike is surprisingly ok... minus the CBF seatpost 1/2 of which was lodged in my back... but no worries... getting a new one ordered... i was pissed fo sho tho... and bronco... this is the second time that i have beet wrecked andthe fuckers took off!
  8. he newest one i didn't think was so great, but there are a few things in some of the songs that are soo amazingly beautifully crafted that i jsut cant help but go nuts... but i really do like kid-A on the best... though nostalgia sometimes rules out for the bends and ok...
  9. i like the new stuff too... but if you like bends, ok computer will kick your ass!
  10. damned red-necks... i got a concussion and a carbon fiber enema today!
  11. totally agree with you, but i think both are dangerous to the ecology of the area... damn need to go, but i am not so shure that thsoe in charge give a shit... mabe its time for some subterfuge action!!!! disclaimer: i am just joking... kinda
  12. more... and they dye the flesh... can you still tell the difference? i have seen teh color of un-dyed meat and it is freaking grey! disgusting... the reason for the color differnce is that natural salmon get somekinda plankton pigment or something when they eat shrimp... obviously when you feed them ground up cow they dotn get this...
  13. dare ya to guess what percentage of salmon are farmed...even here... take a guess and double it...
  14. Sure, Dr. Flash Amazing will knock off the dictionarial discourse, no problem! How about as soon as you cease and desist with your shamelessly masturbatory pseudo-Balkan interjections, malchik? As for accusations of rubbing it out in the reference materials ... ya find the pages stuck together last time you had to machete through DFA's choice of verbiage? do you even know what malchik means? and i knw all the words you use, i just think it is pathetic to try and use the most obscure and archaic ones you know in each and every sentene you create
  15. indeed... your right to swing your fists ends at my face... Curious, given your vociferous endorsement of others' "right" to swing their fists with no such boundary constraints when it comes to others' grilles. Oh, wait, forget it; if you have the gall to question violent people, you deserve to get hit. Duh. chivo? whatever Doc. i have never condoned beatin ass... like that. why dont you knock off the pseudo-intellectual jargon... do you jerk off to websters? who talks like this on a B.B.S? loser
  16. have a more exciting thing happen at work erik? didn't think so
  17. indeed... your right to swing your fists ends at my face...
  18. thanks a lot for not going with me fuckas... blastin down-hill at 45 and some good ol' boy came up the wrong side of the road... swerved into the soft shoulder and endoed... landed 150 ft from the point i went airborne and i have carbon fiber in my back motherfuckers didn't even stop beeeatches... got concussion neck brace and carbon fiber in my back... fuck iiiiit! but it was fun a hell to fly with a bike strapped to your feet... until you graze a tree and spin around like a top... oh well i lived... peace!
  19. Anyone else concerned about this? If they can reach Seattle, what hope do we have? none!
  20. Fence_Sitter


    no shit foo... i am 21!
  21. Fence_Sitter


    damnit dave! that pic was just uncalled for!
  22. k i just got a day off! monday... tomorrow... anyone in for a chill longish ride? if not i will just hit-up whidbey alone... chill my workin brutha's
  23. i have had to work the last 10 days in a row... dont know when this'll let up i have been biking after work everyday if anyone is in the north end mid-afternoon... I WANNA DIE!!!! but i gots da bizzles and a new bike... but alas no consolation... did i mention that i WANNA DIE!!!??!?!? really my last day is next sunday... les doo it padnas
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