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  1. Nice work Jan, My wife and I made an attempt some 20 years ago, going up by your descent route. We didn't bring anything but an ice axe in the way of gear and we also backed off the main peak not far from the top, mostly cause we wanted to live. Rambler Pk. and Golden Hinde Elkhorn Mtn. and Landslide Lake Also, the lake below the east face is known as Landslide Lake from an event that occurred in 1946 the scars of which are still quite visable today. Landslide Lake And Mt. Colonel Foster
  2. Trigger Extensions on Camming Devices

    Why doncha just not place yer cams so deep?
  3. Someone upthread talked about these pictures are smokin, here's one thats burning. Stoking the fires of hell about 30 years ago.
  4. Elwha Wall(Olympic Peninsula) Beta

    Here's a picture of the first free ascent of the route V at the Elwha
  5. Elwha Wall(Olympic Peninsula) Beta

    Sherri, The Elwha is usually pretty slow to dry out (lots of seeps). If this weather continues you may find a few pitches dry enough to climb (Earth and Sky, One shot Deal, and possibly The Trench)would be the most likely subjects. Also, there is other climbing available in the Port Angeles area that is less known, quicker to dry, and has some climbs more in the 5.8 range If interested pm or e-mail me, and I'd be happy to go out and climb with you and show you around.
  6. Mellow winter climbs?

    If the road to Hurricane ridge is open Mount Angeles is a easy day objective.
  7. [TR] The Sentinel- Steck-Salathe V 5.10b 10/19/2006

    Another route to do if ya don't mind 5.8 to 10- chimney and offwidth climbing is Geek Tower center route. Very obscure, do it when the falls are running strong for a perspective on the falls that all the tourists on the trail can only dream about.
  8. Name that route

    Looks like we are still at Smith, but I don't recognize it. Is it up on Staender Ridge? By the way fgw Doctor Doom it was.
  9. Name that route

    Looks like there's alot to get excited about in your picture Blake. Where is that? Mine is not near Crack of Infinity, nor popular 5.6/7 skyline ridge route, nor is it Brain Salad Surgery or Last Gasp. It may be Smith's finest offwidth though thats not saying much.
  10. Name that route

    Narrowarrow, Right area, wrong cliff.
  11. [TR] The Sentinel- Steck-Salathe V 5.10b 10/19/2006

    Isaac, If I remember correctly I went right from the top of the squeeze. I don't remember much about loose rock in that area, but compared to where I come from all of Yosemite seems incredibly bomber. Seems that we made the top of the flying buttress in 5 pitches.
  12. Name that route

    Frosty, Not Blue Autumn, further south.
  13. Glaciers

    White Glacier about 1925, maybe someone has a recent photo from same view point on Hoh trail to post up for comparision?
  14. [TR] The Sentinel- Steck-Salathe V 5.10b 10/19/2006

    Nice job guys ,sounds like you bypassed what I thought was the crux that 5.9 squeeze above the wilson overhang. Awesome climb. The view from the stance below the narrows