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  1. 3 Lost on Mount Hood

    He was placing a picket for a directional to cut back on to the n. face, where the first cave was. The second, larger cave was found later in the day from a set of much harder to see tracks discovered only by someone on the ground. park7 - maybe you should ask the pjs what they thought of the people they were working with up there.
  2. Another Mt Hood Stupid Comment

    the skiing in the trees @newton should be off the chain this w-e. if you are not there and are flailing around the south side circus, I question your status as a telemarketing-fore-aft-stability-bitching wilco-listening soul climber. plus they'll be cutting loose all the windslab for you with xgk's on full bore and neutrinos jangling. I'm not your mom (sloooww pitch....) but it would prob. be nice to have some control of who's prancing around w.c.r/queens/cooper/dkhw/nf etc. plus it's just silly to be up there right now, who in their right minds would try such a thing? have fun...
  3. "Vacation Alpinism" and Epics

    I wager Dougherty's book has caused more epics than it has prevented.
  4. I have a pair of brand-new wide brakes for the 2nd edition (white). They will not work with the original (grey) Freerides. Unfortunately I am in Portland.
  5. Early December conditions on the Leuthold Coulior?

    Hood can produce outstanding alpine ice conditions in late fall/early winter. Unfortunately it is also fairly unpredictable when this window shows up, if at all. Frequently by December the mountain is getting buried in snowfall, though there have been years when we've waited until January to really start skiing, and the couloirs have been bombarded by rock all season. The days are very short, so it is easy to be finishing in the dark, and it can be very cold. This is not a time for beginning climbers to be on the mountain, but if conditions are right and you have the skills, confidence, and speed, it can be a blast! Protection can be limited, to the point that a roped team would be dangerous on Leutholds, but there can be good sticks in ice and frozen dirt in there and it's not too steep. You can expect some rockfall, and if it's been snowing, some _serious_ spindrift. If this is one of your first alpine climbs I would not recommend it, but if you are comfortable on stuff like canadian wi3 climbs or so it should not feel too out there. It's the only time I've placed a screw downclimbing the south side, if that's any indication on how bulletproof it can be. Or, you could be wallowing in powder for hours, you never know.
  6. WTB: BD Carbon Fibre Prophet OR Cobra

    I have a pair of bent shaft standard prophets w/androids if you're interested. But maybe not.
  7. Is there any other way to play? I thought this was sanctioned equipment. I'm a little out of form being off the tour for awhile.
  8. What's the purpose of the random-word spams?

    If you aren't interested in preserving objections to shackling you could at least forward the mail on to someone who does. I recommend forwarding it to cbs.
  9. Where is it?

  10. Where is it?

    anyone want to make a guess who's van this is
  11. Where is it?

    This one had a short stint of popularity as well
  12. Where is it?

    I took it from this website: http://www.skibrokeback.com/
  13. advise on AT skis

    arc how's your season pass working for you here: http://www.skibrokeback.com/
  14. advise on AT skis

    didn't you just read above that fritschis outperform dynafits any day?
  15. Unfortunately I would crush pretty much all of you at air hockey. Nice job on the festival and thank you to PRG for removing that shitty 10- off the wall. I'm surprised people below weren't wearing body armor and full face helmets to avoid being gaffed by falling hardware.
  16. The Official Smiffy Rox Tuft Luv......

    oh I've climbed with Ivan before haha. But it's looking like I couldn't get there until the afternoon at the earliest if I make it out there Friday. I'll keep my ears open if I do, thanks
  17. The Official Smiffy Rox Tuft Luv......

    is there anyone climbing on friday out there...not even sure if I have tomorrow off at all but maybe. my back is messed up and etc etc but I'd like to climb. das gorge or the mudbolt area is fine by me.
  18. eh HEM!

    Thursday night: Showers north and showers likely south. Snow level lowering to 4000 feet north and 5000 feet south. Pass winds southwest 10 to 20 mph. Friday: Showers. Snow level 4500 feet north and 5000 feet south. Friday night: Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. Snow level 5500 feet. Saturday: Mostly cloudy with a slight chance of showers. Snow level 6500 feet. freshiez.
  19. FS: Patagonia Down Vest

    Like-new Patagonia Down Vest, Black, size large, $80. Worn maybe twice.
  20. FS: Patagonia Down Vest

    sorry for the late response, here's a photo of it:
  21. Here's the nordwand as of Saturday...
  22. the dude can't even spell iain right!