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  1. Broken gear...BD

    Bad glue eh? I just had a new pair of ascensions replaced (glue was balling up and sticking to the ski, not the skin). Got a replacement pair, and the same thing's happening again. The local shop here in PDX replaced my pair with a new set (thanks Mtn Shop!) when they sent the old ones out for warranty, but the new pair is just as bad. BD's turnaround (according the Mtn Shop) takes a long time. I now have to go back with another set of skins to have them replaced. Is this a known issue, so that I can tell Mtn Shop that I'm not screwing up the skins myself? -Iain
  2. Climbing and Advertising...

    quote: Originally posted by Uncle Tricky: "how the fuck am I going to get down with no damn rope???" Ropes? you're ignorant. You call in the cavalry direct with the HH-60 to pluck you out of utah, do a few laps around the midwest to keep the taxpayers busy and enjoy a beer back at gitmo while you're kicking some tailban ass in the steel cages at x-ray (or whatever they call it now...enduring freedom? infinite justice? or is it some other cheesy superlative now?) Smoke 'em out! -Iain
  3. Hood North Face

    What, you didn't go up the 1937 leuthold's c./hogsback variation? How did you come down?
  4. Diamir Freeride

    Has anyone used this binding and is there any reason to have it besides its greater release setting than the diamir 2? It's heavier.
  5. Semi epic on Leuthold

    You mean the rap bolts attached to rbw's pickets of defeat?
  6. protecting exposed easy climbing

    100ft or 1000's of feet, you're still going to die. Learning to scramble with high exposure takes time but is very necessary as you progress to longer routes with big approaches. (Especially, I've discovered, if you are trying to match those estimated times in Putnam's Columbia Mountains books!)
  7. Climbing pants

    quote: Originally posted by Country Jake: I where shorts while climbing..... If it is cold, i where long johns on under them.... But then you will be mistaken for a Mountaineer or Mazama. Polypro under shorts is their official uniform.
  8. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    Don't see 'em this big out here, do they? -- Lyndon B. Johnson, exposing himself to reporters in a public toilet during a tour of the Far East
  9. Dreaming of Denali; A Ski Descent of Mt. McKinley

    Gander Mountain in blaze orange?