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  1. ...if (at least in OR) you've pondered why snow tires are required to be removed by April 1st, yet snow park permits are enforced through April 30th... ...if you've seen more than two VW busses in one parking lot.
  2. ...if you've eaten it skiing into a refrozen snowmobile track. ...if your side-view mirror has been ruined by an elk rubbing its butt on it at a trailhead. ...if you're a self-proclaimed avy expert after spending a few years in a maritime snowpack.
  3. quote: Originally posted by Cpt.Caveman: I think we should build some huts back there and then you can stay for trips and move across the mountains as in Canada. Less impact in the long run and less need for helicopters or snowmobiles. A good idea, but I believe the hut-going clientele are quite different than the typical heli-skier. I must say heliskiing seems like such overkill in the lower 48. The vast expanses of mountain ranges such as the B.C. Selkirks just are not available in the states. It works in Canada because everyone knows where they fly and it's easy to go to ranges where they don't. Even then, they can still be heard buzzing in a neighboring valley from time to time, but it's a minimal intrusion.
  4. quote: Originally posted by Stefan: A friend of mine was helicoptered out of the Okanagon due to a knee injury. He had to pay for the helicopter. I know of somebody else (a friend of a friend) who was helicoptered from a recreational boating accident by the Coast Guard. No charge for the helicopter rescue even though it appeared it was a more substantial rescue. You will rarely, if ever be charged for a military operation like that. Perhaps your Okanagon friend was picked up by federal contract helicopters? In that case a bill is more likely. N'tl Guard or C.G. are paid through taxes and written off as a training expense.
  5. Avalanche Forecast Use Survey

    Well conditions were particularly hazardous the other weekend when the freezing level skyrocketed up to 10 grand for the first time, and I witnessed an excessive amount of slide activity. Obviously, it's not too difficult to know when the hazards exist in spring, but there was no report given. They have an enormous budget compared to other forecast centers, so I would think an extension into the climbing season would be a good decision. The Mazamas would have appreciated it, for instance. This was the exact time of the last OR climbing fatality (though they probably would have ignored ANY warning).
  6. Avalanche Forecast Use Survey

    I don't see how anyone can say the NWAC is adequate in spring. They don't even put out a forecast!
  7. the scandal

    quote: Originally posted by michael_layton: ...he's really screwed up. He forces me to do horrible things in the mountains! One of those embarrassing bivies again, eh? I don't need to hear about your late-night antics.
  8. Lynn Hill at UW

    When I come back to a 3 comment topic and there's about 15 new comments it's got to be good. To be clear, my "I like" was not a certificate of support for swearing, just pointing out typical behavior of the individual. Carry on.
  9. Klez Virus and Friends

    They all should have been put under quarantine long ago. Particularly steamer, based on his photo album a few threads back.
  10. Serpentine Arete

    You outsource horsecock? where do I sign up.
  11. Klez Virus and Friends

    Just use a Mac for chrissake. I like how tim apologizes for the non-climbing related (but useful) information, but makes no apologies for the puppy porn. [ 05-22-2002, 11:45 AM: Message edited by: iain ]
  12. Lynn Hill at UW

    I liked it when Twight came to talk at that church in Portland and was swearing up a storm from the altar! Then he finally askes, does anyone mind if I swear? Some lady raises her hand and Twight responds "TO F'ING BAD!" The lady gets up in a huff, much to the chagrin of her husband who wanted to stay for the rest of it.
  13. unroped on a glacier?

    Don't knock the aid climber, the emmons g. route on rainier goes at A2. I'm going to try to free it this weekend with Scott'marmot. Could be an epic.
  14. if you understand RMI "guiding service" is neither.
  15. Kick Ass Lenticular on Hood

    I was driving back from a training at Smith Rock on 26 N.B. and watched the lenticulars slowly descend over the sisters, Jefferson, and Hood, and thought: "I'm glad I'm not in the mountains right now." Sorry you were stormed off the Sandy HW. Hope you get a chance while it's still in good shape. I assumed you bivied low on Yocum, or did you make it onto the glacier first?
  16. Lynn Hill at UW

    will there be milk and cookies??? I like a snack during storytime.
  17. Bad Belay

    I don't always use an autoblock, as someone mentioned. On a two-rope rappel it can be a pain in the ass. The rope weight prevents a smooth, fast rappel.
  18. Bike To Work Day

    If you think it looks cool to have a brown stain on your ass, sure, fenders are gay. Hell, the stain's a conversation-starter at least. Maybe you commute along the w. greenway. That used to be my route but it doesn't go through to L. Oswego. And I was sick of the dog owner/dog combo that would somehow take up the entire path with the leash in between.
  19. FYI: Cooper Spur Expansion - MHM

    quote: Originally posted by Fairweather: ...terrorism. I DID attach that word to "Bug's" single word reply, "monkeywrenching". But "monkey wrench" by definition is "something that disrupts." There is no violent connotation. I would say tree-sitting disrupts, so it is a monkey wrench. But it would also be terrorism by your above statement. I think you'd agree that tree spiking would be terrorism, but tree-sitting is not. Just wanted to keep things clear (and tedious).
  20. Gym Climbing Ethics

    what happened to "most vendor logos on yakima spacecase"? most foul-mouthed teenage mutant boulderer who kicks ass... but never higher than 15 feet. most aggressive crashpad mover. most obvious pretend onsight on a dialed route in front of babes (hmm, let me see if I can figure this one out for you...ah yes, piece of cake).
  21. Bike To Work Day

    43 is a death trap. I used to cut up through the cemetary or onto Macadam by OPB, then up to Terwilliger. Now I just cut through downtown and take Terwilliger. Less chance of getting mowed down.
  22. Bike To Work Day

    24 miles, round-trip.
  23. Gym Climbing Ethics

    Do you lower people w/ the hip belay when they reach the chains? I would think that would be annoying to do repeatedly. I use the hip belay all the time to reel in climbers to group up in alpine situations, never really considered it for cragging.
  24. FYI: Cooper Spur Expansion - MHM

    I would say the Eagle Creek timber sale was suspended largely due to the down-and-dirty tree sitting tactics that put the sale on the public mind. Kooks? Perhaps, but they definitely swayed public opinion. I think the Hayduke comments were partly in jest. After all, there aren't even gas tanks to sugar yet.