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  1. A tribute to Peter Puget

    What we need is for Scott'hrs'c'ck to weigh in with his opinion, boost this thread up to at least 1x10^52 posts.
  2. A tribute to Peter Puget

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: construktive criticism is always a good thing Don't you mean konstruktiv criticism? check out some konstruktiv kittycism here
  3. Realistic Portland Area info request

    So are you saying Mountaineering, Freedom of the Hills should be renamed?
  4. Ushba Basic Ascender

    Bonus: The thing is recycled from spare MIR parts, Sputnik booster rockets, and copies of Tetris on floppy disk.
  5. Realistic Portland Area info request

    quote: Originally posted by Off White: I just went to the Crystal Ballroom for the first time to see a show, The Crystal sucks. I hate that floor. Ringlers downstairs is great for wasting a Sunday playing free pool w/ a few pitchers on the side. I hate mountaineering. Anyone for Yocum? Hilarious. There is climbing to be had around PDX.
  6. Yellow Aliens

    quote: Originally posted by dbb: Metolious all the... Not to be confused with Metoliliouous, makers of the Horsecock 9000™.
  7. Yellow Aliens

    works well as a screamer too.
  8. bugs

    quote: Originally posted by Jens: Since we are talking about critters..... Any bug or arachnid experts out there? Coming out from skiing Little Tahoma Saturday, I got bit by what I think was a spider. I've now got a red circular lump the size of a golf ball on my bicep. The school nurse where I teach thought it was a spider. it looks like I've got two fang marks. What could it be? Has it necrotized at all? or is it just a big bruise-like thing? If it starts blistering it could be a hobo spider bite, which is relatively common in the Pac NW. Usually this appears as a bad mosquito bite, then eventually blisters within about 24-36 hours. Did you feel nausea or any other symptoms? The hobo spider is generally an indoor guy, but who knows. link to more information
  9. adams ski next weekend?

    Sorry, have to head down to Cornvallis tmr. Maybe later on. Thanks for the offer.
  10. Performance Rock Shoes?

    invernos and s12s edge on a dime, the ultimate bouldering combo. Take 'em to PDX Rock Gym. They love that. 2 black prophets will round out the ensemble. Lets you mono off the smallest jib. Spotters beware.
  11. bugs

    quote: Originally posted by Dru: Have either of you developed a Spider Sense or the ability to shoot webs yet? Or do you look like this guy?
  12. Dru standing guard over Daisy's tent.

    Trask caught on film at the mall
  13. rape versus seduction of women/mountains

    Did anyone here get a chance to ski Helens before it blew? That would be one to remember. I seduced Helens and she blew her top!
  14. xTreme Hiking

    I usually use that dirt road now since it is generally not checked for trail park passes (and you can just park right in front of the sign and walk to the TH) It is longer than the Big Lake one though (but obviously not if the road's still closed). I get more interested in Washington in the early fall (when it is a classic OR climb!) I noticed someone recently put a summit register tube up there a year or two ago. I'll be sure to spray liberally next time I'm up there.
  15. adams ski next weekend?

    I'd be interested. I need to see if I can get Friday off though. I don't think I can swing it Sat. I'll let you know. Also, if anyone wants to climb at Rocky Butte weekday evenings occasionally, I'd be game. I'm gape-central when it comes to sport crag climbing (5.8's/9's, spend most of my time on snow/ice/volcanic slag) but am a superstar as b'layb'tch! -Iain
  16. The figure-9 is a figure 8 on a bight with an extra half-twist, making it easier to untie after loading (see "On-Rope" for an example). I've never heard of it tied as a follow-through knot. I use it fairly regularly for clipping in at the harness when I know I will be hanging out. As for the EDK, I have also heard the warnings about the fig-8 var. from several sources. The overhand w/ good tails is the way to go as far as I know. If you do use a double-fisherman, just throw in a double sheet bend or square between the barrels to untie easily. Even under a rescue load, this knot unties easily. JayB, thanks for the objective data and analysis. That is a good response to an accident rather than the usual second-guessing from monday-morning qb's.
  17. shell pants

    quote: Originally posted by Dru: quote:Originally posted by mtngrrrl: Just curious, but do most of you glissade on your butts? I've only done it on my feet, kinda like skating down the snow field. Ony when I ve run out of toilet paper, Good thinking Dru , then you can Hansel and Gretel your way back in a whiteout by following the "crumbs" and you can save the weight of some wands, ghetto GPS style. Twight would approve!
  18. xTreme Hiking

    I assumed he was referring to Big Lake. Would a ski-in be worth it still?
  19. Yes we hate the fee demo

    quote: Originally posted by gapertimmy: Thats pretty dope you got a trail map! It really is an incredible service they provide. The map was provided courtesy of the Sweet Home Ranger District. It'll only cost me $50 and a court appearance. Charming!

    that was the worst penalty shoot-out display I've ever seen.
  21. Yes we hate the fee demo

    I didn't make it to a protest in town, but I was duly ticketed at one of the trailheads into the Menagerie Wilderness yesterday. They were even kind enough to leave me a trail map! I was on a training mission, not recreation! The funny thing was our rescue truck was not ticketed, because it has a big fat "Sheriff" sticker on the back
  22. A joke, for the hell of it...

    One night a girl had an affair With a fellow all covered with hair. Then she picked up his hat And realized that She'd been had by Smokey the Bear.
  23. A joke, for the hell of it...

    One night a girl had an affair With a fellow all covered with hair. Then she picked up his hat And realized that She'd been had by Smokey the Bear.