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  1. Mt Logan TR

    Sounds like you had some fun at least. By the way, I was in that Wy'East group yesterday. I think you may have radioed at one point. That route has seen better days.
  2. GU vs the competition.

    A peanut butter-sized jar costs about 4 bucks, so it works out pretty well. I have not tried adding anything else. I might consider some caffeine concentrates, etc.
  3. GU vs the competition.

    I've used it quite a bit (brown rice syrup). It tastes awful. I flavor it w/ chocolate syrup and put it in a squeeze tube. It's very sticky
  4. tiblocs???

    quote: Originally posted by IceIceBaby: is that for hauling or rescue? Certainly for rescue. Rigging a tiblock that way makes it an ideal rescue-creation device.
  5. GU vs the competition.

    quote: Originally posted by Jedi: Pants pocket are usually gooey after a trip with all the emtpy packets. Jedi You'll run into the same problems with h.c. 'n cheese.
  6. tiblocs???

    They are if you rig them upside down.
  7. tiblocs???

    Why the hell do they cost $20? I know some cavers have filed the teeth a bit to make it easier on their ropes.
  8. Mt Logan TR

    Sounds like you had some fun at least. By the way, I was in that Wy'East group yesterday. I think you may have radioed at one point. That route has seen better days.
  9. Wy'East, Mt. Hood

    Oh yeah and if R. Pumpington is still listening, I came down the S. Side and may have caught a glimpse of Leuthold on the way home so I can spray liberally about conditions on those routes too.
  10. yet another rescue

    You guys are such hardcores. Letting the spray fly at 7:00 am! Do you do this over breakfast or what.
  11. Denali - Climbing Report

    quote: Originally posted by Dru: The backcountry horsecock maker Really? Looks pretty lightweight and versatile to me : genuine H.C. maker
  12. Classic cc.com rope team

    This guy: +----+RURP+----+chubnook the chub gobbler+----+horsecock 9000™
  13. OK - Who said this.......

    Sorry, the idiots at Earthlink messed w/ my connection. I'll make them pay by suing for emotional damages for the disappearance of FRESHIEZ.
  14. OK - Who said this.......

    When an exaggerated emphasis is placed upon delegation, responsibility, like sediment, sinks to the bottom.
  15. Denali - Climbing Report

    My apologies, I am a shameless hack. I tried to push the backcountry Scot'cock model rather than the genuine article.
  16. Iceguy = nice guy

    Can I make a peace offering? [ 06-21-2002, 02:00 PM: Message edited by: iain ]
  17. Classic cc.com rope team

    quote: Originally posted by Dave Schuldt: I want cavies gut as the anchor The human bollard!
  18. 2 things

    for $225, I'd expect the jacket to be made of horsecock-tex. Sadly, it is not.
  19. 2 things

    eggcellent, snoop's back, but not in monetary format.
  20. improvisation of gear

    Also, if climbing with any of us, a gaper barrier liner for the bivy sack.
  21. Trask's Brain

    quote: Originally posted by Dru: Isnt waylon some sort of artificial fabric? PS Did anybody find Daisy's virginity yet? I understood she lost it up on Library Ledge and was offering a reward for its return.... in usable condition... Yes indeed, just ask Buster Hi-man at the reference desk.
  22. improvisation of gear

    quote: Originally posted by chossinator: Horse cock is very versatile. Indeed, but the aforementioned peanut shell and rubber band would be rendered useless. In addition I highly recommend a speedo, leather vest, and derby hat to complete the ensemble. Can you tell that your question is quite simply unanswerable yet? Take a rope and tie knots in for pro, place as chocks as you see fit.
  23. improvisation of gear

    Sorry, with that last thread on "wading through crap" to get to the information, I wanted to keep up cc.com appearances.
  24. improvisation of gear

    I would start with a pair of pants. Or as a substitute, a peanut shell and a rubber band.
  25. A tribute to Peter Puget

    quote: Originally posted by Dru: quote:Originally posted by iain: What we need is for Scott'hrs'c'ck to weigh in with his opinion, boost this thread up to at least 1x10^52 posts. Wouldn't the ultimate CC.com thread be if scott'teryx complained about someone retrobolting a pub club at Muir Hut? Only if there were liberal horsecock references, bad grammar, at least one photo of snoop dogg (could be substituted for strickland's olde english medal) and the obligatory D L sucks comments.