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  1. Climbers Training Manual

    Mikey, I have only read the first few pages so far. I think this is a great piece and i am as always impressed with your eloquence and your concern for how people use and misuse their bodies. I will finish reading this over the weekend. so far my first question is... is this training something that someone could keep up for the long term? or is it just meant for the 22 weeks? xoxoox muffin
  2. Has anybody wished...

    Happy birthday Kurt!!!!!
  3. Anthrax scare

    incase anyone sees the news and is concerned.... hasmat is 99% sure we do not have the anthrax. man was it a long day
  4. Anthrax scare

    He's not scary
  5. More Global Warming Bullshit

  6. More Global Warming Bullshit

    that is so distracting
  7. Anthrax scare

  8. Anthrax scare

    in an office building
  9. Classes for men

    it's not cool to like ass holes any more
  10. Anthrax scare

    I wonder if that kind of scare tactic constitutes a crime in this day and age. I imagine it would have to come with some sort of written (or phoned in) threat of the "danger" to actually qualify as a felony. I am not sure. I think it should be a crime. just becuase it fucked up my day if for no other reason. <----- thats for the jack ass and his sugar.
  11. Anthrax scare

    no but i should be
  12. Anthrax scare

    eugene. we were the top news story at 5 today
  13. Anthrax scare

    not sure. i didn't think to ask before i left. made my day 14 hours long though. got to the office at 6ish and left after 8 pm. hopefully the idiot who sent sugar in a complaint letter put his return address on the envelope.
  14. Anthrax scare

    we were trapped in the office for more than 5 hours. I am left feeling a bit vulnerable, mortal....
  15. Slovenly Hag needs Workout Partner

    Man thats just what i need. I am trying to work with a trainer but he just isn't that much fun and doesn't like to talk about climbing.
  16. Finals

    should be interesting. My boyfriend is a HUGE Pens fan and i love the Redwings.... gotta find a sports bar in Bend on Saturday!!! (dear god i am being demented....)
  17. Your Climbing Heroes

    this made my whole day my climbing heroes tend to be local and personal well most of them... Jim Anglin Bill Sules(how ever you spell it) Peter and Chris Fralick Cody Peterson Mike South Karsten Duncen Reuben Bedingfield Moneky Boy---I can't remeber his real name Mikey Layton Terminal Gravity Minx Archy Sherri Lynn Hill John Long Steph Davis Katey and Ben Bill Co See I forgot Collin--- He is such an awsome kid!!! I am sure I have missed a bunch but those are the folks that came to the top of my brain.
  18. Favorite climbing songs?

    1975 by Stevie Nicks I took my love and I took it down I climbed a mountain and I turned around And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills The Landslide brought it down Oh mirror in the sky, what is love? Can the child within my heart rise above? Can I sail through the changing ocean tides Can I handle the seasons of my life? Mmm mmm I don’t know Mmm mmm Well I’ve been ‘fraid of changing ‘cause I Built my life around you But time makes you bolder Children get older, I’m getting older too Soo (Interlude) I’ve been ‘fraid of changing ‘cause I I built my life around you But time makes you bolder, children get older I’m getting older too I’m getting older too Soo take this love, take it down Ohh if you climb a mountain and you turn around If you see my reflection in the snow covered hills Well the landslide will bring it down, down And if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills, Well maybe, the landslide will bring it down Well well the landslide with bring it down thats my favorite song that mentions a mountain... when i climb i like to sing "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger
  19. What are you doing this weekend?

    Don't forget yer goggles. i so want that dog!!!!!! last night my 9 year old had a sleep over. they kept me up til 2. today my parents are coming to town. we are putting french doors between the entry way and the den. we are also painting what will be my 12 year olds room. tomorrow we have brunch reservations.
  20. 'Cops don't kill kids--toy guns kill kids.'

    i have 2 boys and i totaly agree with this. I am NOT a fan of toy guns. I think if someone wants to learn to shoot they should learn to shoot a real gun. Toy guns should be sticks. God knows my boys have had hours upon hours of entertainment plaing swords and guns with sticks they find in the back yard.
  21. Feminists!

    there is some one for everyone. I have proof
  22. Feminists!

  23. Feminists!

    Dude, you are so wrong here. Different strokes for different folks. The fact that guys have their own idea of what is attractive is cool--whether that is curvy women, skinny girls, clean cut boys, or a variation. Whatever--it's all good. And I don't know about anyone else, but I know that I find my tastes changing as I get older. It's a great experience to go through and keeps life interesting. my tastes have totaly changed over the past 15 years. I used to be attracted to very thin men. not so much any more. Now i like men that are more bulkey. it's like the difference between likeing grey hounds and matifs. there is something out there for everyone.
  24. I'm fucked

    Yeah fun stuff, but I decided it would be a good activity when I am old my body can't take the climbing, freeriding and snowboarding. thats where i am right now. i need to find ways to have fun that will not cuase me horrible pain.
  25. climbing near Eugene, OR?

    Chris, I am an Oregon native. All Tex said is true. There is climbing here it just isn't Yos. the things i would add are Washington is close and there is a great deal of climbing there. 5 - 7 hours of driving takes you to some of the most beautiful cragging and mountain climbing in the world. if you do end up coming to Eugene... send me a PM and I will be more than happy to show you around and give a belay at the collums. on a personal note, if my boy friend told me the thing you told your girl friend about if the climbing was bad you wouldn't go, i would have kicked his ass to the curb.