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  1. you got it wrong sugar butt. Whether or not you can "Spray" has nothing to do with said climbing ability or lack there of. It is related to your ability to hold your own in a verbal smack down on ANY topic. oh and if you need to know what a wanker is... look in the mirror luv.
  2. Pope banned

    *snif* YA!!!
  3. Holly Beck accident - Nose

    aww man HollyClimber is a total rawk star... hope you are healing up quickly and back at it asap. Much love Muffin
  4. Goodbye

    i can't believe i had the foresight to come back to cc.com and post on such an amazing unique post the likes of which i have NEVER EVER EVER seen before... wow what a day
  5. Who is Peter Puget

    something like that
  6. Who is Peter Puget

    I must be psychic or psychotic... ahh the old days miss you buddy
  7. CC.com Turns 8

    a girl can only hope sickie sickie
  8. CC.com Turns 8

    something like that
  9. that was kinda what I was getting at
  10. CC.com Turns 8

    annnhh - mostly assholes, easily replaced by the latest generation of assholes erik's complete inability to master basic concepts of spelling, grammar, and capitalization were absofuckinglutely incomparable though. so not true! (and i say the following with much affection) I think erik's inability is rivaled and comparable to Muffy's I can't believe i missed cc.com's b-day this year... thank you for remembering me on this auspicious day Minx xoxoxoxooxox.
  11. A viewpoint from a 26 year old, currently learning the art of realism, and slowly understanding (but still not quite believing) that I am not, in fact, invincible. An anecdote if you will; I remember, at the lofty age of 18, playing basketball with my friends late on night and drinking a bubba-keg per 2 players. I then decided I was capable of driving from Coquitlam to Point Grey to see a girl (45 minutes through Vancouver). After I couldn't find her house, slalomed some traffic cones down Marine Drive, and found myself behind a car parked in the middle of the road on Front St. under the Patullo bridge, I then decided it was a good idea to engage in conversation with the gentleman who had blocked the road, and not quite polite conversation. Three older, much bigger, and much meaner men chased me with a tire iron, peppered my car with chunks of rock from the train tracks, and I sped off up the road. Ahah! I would get them... I pulled off Columbia, grabbed two handy chunks of ashphalt, and hunkered down behind my VW waiting to smash their windshield when they drove by. And waited. And waited. And cooled off, got back in my Golf, forgot I had turned the wheel one full rotation to the left - an ingenious tactic I had devised to allow for rapid getaway from the horribly severe beating that would no doubt have occured, including possibly death - turned the wheel further to left, slipped my foot off the clutch as I jerked and reacted to the car going much further left than I anticipated, got the Stan Smith Adidas sneaker on my right foot jammed under the plastic console beside the driver's foot-box, and so, at five km per hour, chugging along in 1st, almost stalling, made a full 270 degree turn across 4 lanes of traffic and off a 20 foot embankment to the train tracks below. Clearly, alot of this situation had to do with me being an out of control idiot in my youth, heavy drinking, and hormones. But there were many times following this that situations arose where I still made bone-headed choices, believing I was competent and capable of making those decisions on my own, and things turned out hairy. God loves assholes, however, and so I am still here, and still make bone-headed decisions frquently enough, but less and less of them every year, it must be noted, and none even remotely approaching the level of retardedness of that night. My convoluted ramblings are attempting to get at this, Marc; we all believe we are competent, capable, and aware of all the risks. But we're not. And until the shit does hit the fan, and repeatedly, we can never be aware of how truly unprepared we are. There is a reason the age limit to drive is 16, vote 18, and drink 19 or 21 depending no your neighbourhood - even though you may believe you are competent to assume responsibility, the world of adults, of which I still have only my junior membership, knows otherwise. The ability to write a coherent, persuasive argument does not change that. Believe me, I am currently at work at a psychiatric group home, helping clients leran the skills to allow them to reintegrate into society, but two nights ago I was slamming fireball and shotgunning Luckys at 4:30 am (randomly enough with the same guys who had goaded me into "going to get the girl" that fateful night, after having not seen them in over 4 years), and found myself at Whistler after 1 hour sleep, hucking my carcass off an enormous cliff simply because I heard a friend yell my name from the chair. I wasn't sure where I was, but popped anyway as there was an audience, went way huger than expected, and spent yesterday evening at work hungover, with my legs elevated and bruised, popping pain pills. Today, I again believe I am a competent, capable adult. Choada_Boy, though perhaps not making the best use of presentation skills, has a valid point in that, from a pure science standpoint, your brain is truly not completely developed, and your hormones are unbalanced. The law recognizes that though you may be an excellent climber, an exceptionally mature individual, and a responsible person, you are still not legally responsible for your actions. Now go get wasted, tap some underage ass, get caught trespassing while skinny-dipping in the outdoor pool, sneak into the strip club, shoplift some booze and rolling papers, pop in some old school Offspring into that stolen Civiv and heed there wonderful jewels of wisdom: "If you're under 18 you won't be doing any time, he-e-ey, come out and play!" *sniff* that was beautiful advice. I think I may print it for my children. p.s. it is true god does love ass holes.
  12. that's what i get for not reading the whole thread. I figure anyone posting on cc.com who has managed to get anyone's panties in a bunch was probably mouthing off...
  13. spanish or chinese?

    i have to agree with bill... you don't have to mortgage the homestead to go to mexico. not quite the same as book spanish but close enough... besides once you learn one romance lanaguge it is easier to learn the rest...that opens France Italy and then start working on Latin.
  14. First this: Then this: It may be over the line, but I say marc threw the glove down first. I think Marc's point was that he's every bit as competent as the loud mouf buffoon... Oh, and Choada, you talk like that to one of my kids, its gonna get ugly...Legal ugly...you big bad ass this is a tough one, if my 16 yr old is so mouthy that he causes anyone to kick his ass because he is mouthing off he kind of deserves what he gets... I don't think i would sue over that. Muffins humble oppinion granted thing one is only 13 and although he is a bit of a know it all he isn't that mouthy (yet)
  15. DPS, as a mom, i would say take one of the parental units with you. Push the parent as hard as the kid is able to go. I am too lazy to read this whole thread to see if someone else said that...
  16. a new era for me

    Thats awsome!!!!
  17. Republicans are gay

    HI I am contimplating actualy climbing maybe half a crack on friday so I thought I better check in and get my MoJo back
  18. Republicans are gay

    ya and Bi people too
  19. When A Cougar In The Bedroom Is Bad

    You took the words right out of my mouth
  20. Hiking Boots

    Okay, I went hiking last weekend (just 5 miles) in my little low top light weight Merrell vibrams. I had my special made footbeds in them, and even after acupuncture on monday my feet feel like someone put them in a trash compactor. So here is the question, Will heavier boots with a more stiff sole resolve some of my foot pain issues? guesses and personal experience stories welcome...
  21. Hiking Boots

    dude those are UGLY But they match my OUTFIT! dammit :lmao: you are so right it does. your outfit is called "girl repellant"
  22. Hiking Boots

    dude those are UGLY but if they work i might actualy try them
  23. Hiking Boots

    my feet used to be like that (STRONG not stinky ). (and yes mikey i am still doing my exercises but it just isn't helping as much) but now i hurt if i am on my feet for more than a few minutes... shoes or no shoes.
  24. Hiking Boots

    It is kinda like Planter Fascitis.... but it is arthritis in the bones and soft tissues of both feet. The majority of the pain is in the toes heels and at the arch. I have some pain on the top of my foot. The thing that i am struggeling with is that my feet kill if i wear shoes that have too much support or not enough support... is there any one who makes custom hikers???