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  1. mature relationships

    one of the books that i like is the five love languages. everyone has a breaking point. we all need to feel loved and that means something different to everyone. if you need time alone and she needs time together you can make that work you just have to talk about how to make it work for everyone. If anyone is asking you to give more than you can, they aren't all that interested in keeping the relationship, they just want to win. everyone in a relationship has to give in a little. If you are having to give so much that you are not you any more, run.
  2. important question

    if i post in Newbies does that make me a born again NOOB?? just asking
  3. IVAN

    happy happy day! hope it was a good one
  4. Goodness

    1. the rock looks interesting and the climb looks like FUN 2. I think i love her sickie
  5. important question

    right back at you Ducknut!!! I went so far as to take my climbing gear down out of the garage, sort it, go through everything to make sure it was in good shape (too bad I'm not) find a harness that FITS me now <--- current body type. and then put all my gear neatly in the coat closet. I MIGHT go top rope this weekend... maybe... i hope...
  6. important question

    no matter how many times you ask i will not post pictures of my boobs. not until you post pics
  7. English Beaver

    oooooohhh that was good
  8. fucking awesome

    thank you... i thought i was losing my mind/// WTF
  9. fucking awesome

    you have been waiting to use HOPA in a sentence all week haven't you? or not... maybe i should put my glasses on and not confuse my face book jokes with my cc.com jokes a) where the fuck is everyone b) it is freaking hard to get anything going here these days
  10. Eat, Pray, Love...

    something tells me that you rode the short bus to school....
  11. important question

    you could share... it is nice to share *nods*
  12. important question

    Helpful, it might make you helpful if you are answering a question. meh, not sure i remember how to climb or that i would be helpful with much except advice on spraying here
  13. important question

    For the general public and the masses of the Great Unwashed, yes. But in your case, Muffster, the answer would be no. Welcome back, it's been over a year since we saw you last. How are you feeling these days, girl? The back doing any better? somedays are good i focus on those. still no climbing for me yet. I keep hoping though cus that would be the BEST!!
  14. important question

    Were you ever not a noob? at one time i was a fairly experienced cc.com spray master, however my attention has been else where for a while *sigh* i feel all giddy again *like a virgin, touched for the very first time*
  15. important question

    HA!!! not likely don't let the name fool ya
  16. offwidths and puking

    i second that... and on video too. WOW
  17. Bug thank you sickie i have the name of a good nutritionist. that is my next step. I have about 10 years of yoga... but i lost my teacher about the time this was all starting and have been adrift. It is time to find someone new. isn't odd where a bit a foot pain can take one? seriously! xoxooxoxoxoxoxo
  18. Rocking guitar.

    that is too many words for the intertubes... ouch
  19. OMG, saga? NO!! I'm so very sorry to hear this...... WTF, is this just one more chink in the Theological brick wall that reinforces that if there is a God someplace, he's either a total slacker or a mean, spiteful vengeful prick intent on doing harm to good people? I'm holding my breath, crossing my fingers for magic, and am going to say a prayer for you tonight Muff!!! Wishing you the best and a positive miracle. Don't forget to reexamine your diet, as this may be your body's reaction to some unknown food you are unknowingly allergic too. thanks Bill :)hopefully next birthday i will have better and happier news
  20. OMG….holier than thou has spoken. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You shit all over all threads just like I do. I am sorry you can not see the distinction but I do. You’re witty preverbal responses look like “lick sack”, or “STFU noob”……Oh…I am sorry, are those response appropriate sometimes? I said who cares in that rapping thread solely because some of you guys were ripping on them (mostly you kkkkk) and it was entirely inappropriate to even have that shit on the web. Seriously, do you really care why someone would want to rappel? I will say it again……WHO FUCKING CARES? KKK you are the definition of hypocrisy. Calling me out in spray coming from you is retarded at best and you know it. In your heart of hearts…..YOU KNOW IT. Don’t you sit at your computer and judge me Mr. 10,000 posts MFucker. I fully admit I am a spray junkie…..shitting on threads that are already shit upon (spray) is what spray is for. Or didn’t you get the memo? I would like you come down to Portland and say some of the shit you say online to me in person. I dare you. I double dog dare you……. That’s what I thought! I know I am a sprayer to the heart……why don’t you wake up and admit your shit too? Kev honey, we all know you are a spray junkie. we have known for quite some time. I am glad you are coming to terms with it. I think KKK knows he is a spray alcoholic as well. if he weren't he would post on some other rock climbing site and not cc.com
  21. you got it wrong sugar butt. Whether or not you can "Spray" has nothing to do with said climbing ability or lack there of. It is related to your ability to hold your own in a verbal smack down on ANY topic. oh and if you need to know what a wanker is... look in the mirror luv. spray is throwing ur back out while doing one armed push ups.... OMG i can't believe you remember me telling you that... although that was my ex body builder boyfriend that broke his back doing one armed push ups. after surgery he is all better now, although not interested in body building any more, understandably. he now has titanium in his back.
  22. I always love you Bill!!! and my spelling is still piss poor when i don't have IE telling me when i have misspelled something. However i do agree with Dru, that sometimes my spelling in it's uniqueness offers a new perspective ;)I do believe it was Mark Twain who said "I never trust a man who can only spell a word one way." thank you for the birthday spray one and all. I miss you guys and climbing more than i can possibly say in words, thoughts pictures or tears. for those of you who are interested in the saga, I seem to be headed for a wheel chair in the next few years. western medicine is not working, I have been through nearly every medication they have. eastern medicine is only offering short stints of respite. over all the bones in my spine are fusing in 2 places and other bones(hands feet and hips) are thinning and degenerating. Magik seems to be my last hope. Here is to Magik. xoxoxooxox Muffin
  23. So, you were wrong. Now you know better. "Spray is incessant broadcasting about your achievements." - Mick Ryan (writes Bishop guides) Like I said, maybe there's some sort of sport climbing vs alpine distinction. Clearly, for the purposes of this forum (and all the blowhards in it), any kind of political commentary/trash talking counts as spray. I was trying to answer the first guy's question about how it pertained to climbing. umm you are going to buy what one climber has to say? Dude climbers all think they are the center of the universe oh and just so you know "broadcasting about your achievements" = chest beating
  24. I never said it had anything to do with climbing ability. If "spray" has been generalized to refer to any kind of BSing, that's fine, but I've always understood it to be climbing-specific, about spouting off on grades and sendage in blowhard fashion. And while I appreciate your charming attempt to "explain" to me what a wanker is, if I'd been unfamiliar with the term, I would have figured it out from that self-portrait you use as an avatar. awww how sweet you think I look Like GIR from Invader Zim, poor thing. Spraying is not climber specific, it is internet specific. I can spray on any BBS. and do. had you slightly more computer experience you may have come across the term before. *nods*