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  1. Bibler i-tent alternatives?

    Hi Stebbi, The BD Firstlight is not factory seam-sealed (at least, it wasn't when I bought mine last spring). You are right, it is important to thoroughly seam-seal it. Cheers, Steve
  2. W00t!

    A single twenty-eight pound pack for climbing that route, over four days? Amazing.
  3. Perserverance is Captivating ....

    There is a great picture of Aron Ralston in Outside Magazine, where he has an ice tool attached to his prosthetic arm. It looks like something customized for alpine climbing. I've also seen a picture of him climbing a 5.10 rock climb with a hook attached to his arm. Probably no one gives him grief about whether the climb was free or aid... That guy is amazing.
  4. enchantment rescue

    deleted (not worth getting into a debate)
  5. enchantment rescue

    deleted by steve
  6. Ankle sprain

    That is the truth!
  7. [TR] Mt. Baker- North Ridge 7/31/2004

    Alex, Thanks for the info. I'm pretty sure that the spot of your second belay was, um, my "high point". Once again, great climb! Cheers, Steve
  8. [TR] Mt. Baker- North Ridge 7/31/2004

    Hi Alex, Just curious, after the second belay, did you traverse to the right or to the left, to bypass that overhanging lip? Cheers, Steve
  9. [TR] Ingalls- East Ridge 8/8/2004

    Anyone know if the East Ridge has seen a winter ascent? Alex, you're right, the rock on the East Peak is kind of nasty.
  10. Mt Adams in November

    Hey Emilio... GO TERPS!
  11. [TR] Mt. Baker- North Ridge 7/31/2004

    Nice pics!
  12. enchantment rescue

    deleted by SR
  13. Accident on N. Ridge of Forbidden

    Oh man, that's terrible. I hope the guy makes a speedy recovery. I can't imagine spending the night on the mountain, with two open fractures.
  14. Easy Hikes for Mom

    Spray Park in Mount Rainier National Park is pretty nice. But getting an overnight permit for a weekend has got to be tough.
  15. Bibler vs BD tents

    Hi Gearhead, I responded by PM. Cheers, Steve Ramsey
  16. [TR] Mt. Hood- Coe Glacier Icefall 8/4/2004

    Excellent pic.
  17. [TR] Mt. Baker- North Ridge 7/31/2004

    Nice trip report, thanks for posting. Congrats on your climb! Cheers, Steve Ramsey
  18. Hi all, Does anyone know of a good orthopaedic / sports medicine doctor in the Seattle area, who specializes in lower leg /ankle injuries? My surgeon is leaving the country, so I want to find a new doctor for follow-up care and rehabilitation. Doesn't need to be a surgeon, because I'm hopefully beyond that phase at this point. If you have any ideas, or need more information about the injury to make a recommendation, please PM me. Thanks. Steve Ramsey
  19. good ankle / lower leg surgeon?

    Yes, the other name is a plafond fracture of the tibia. Also, thanks everyone, for the suggestions.
  20. Numb big toes

    Take heart. I had numb big toes, from a 32-mile walk in brand-new boots (a half-size too small). It took 8-10 months to regain full feeling. Nerves take FOREVER to heal.
  21. Desparately Seeking New Stove

    For what it's worth, I carry the Simmerlite on about 80% of the trips I take. The other 20%, I carry the Pocket Rocket. I have an XGK but it's only something I would carry on a long winter trip or (hypothetically) on an expedition.
  22. Leg Cramps

    Is anyone really guzzling Gatorade thinking it is going to supply them with their RDA of potasssium? Gatorade is supposed to replenish the amount of potassium that you lose through perspiration (and urination I guess) during extended exercise, above and beyond the RDA of potassium that you're supposed to get from a normal healthy diet. For this purpose, Gatorade's potassium concentration is designed to be similar to the amount of potassium lost per liter of fluid loss during exercise. As for whether it has too much sodium in it, I'm not sure. It very well might. But judging Gatorade against the nutritional content of spinach or canteloupe is kind of silly. To my mind, they serve different purposes.
  23. Recommendations on Bivy Sacks?

    I'm guessing those tents were made from heavy canvas, and the poles were stout wood poles. I don't think this is so much a validation of the design, as it is of the strength of the materials that they used. The fact that they didn't complain much is likely because they were British.
  24. Recommendations on Bivy Sacks?

    You sound sarcastic. My Betalight and my 20 degree down bag will take me ANYWHERE!! Nice Photoshop, Paul!
  25. Recommendations on Bivy Sacks?

    Yes, and that must be why you see so many Betamids pitched at the South Col on Everest. Any tent is wind stable, if you put enough work into building the campsite: