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  1. Feet problems

    I agree it sounds like plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. I had plantar fasciitis a couple years ago and don't envy you! If that's what it is, the dr will likely recommend NSAIDS and rest, possibly a different kind of shoe and orthodics. The podiatrist that I went to said that cushioning wasn't the biggest issue - stability was what to look for in running shoes. (I pronate a fair amount.) I didn't need prescription orthodics either - I got Superfeet instead (avail at most running stores/outdoor gear shops). Super Jock and Jill also have a great insert - forget what it's called - but it's made of compressed foam and not as hard as Superfeet. Not running on concrete if at all possible is important, and, if you are on your feet most of the day at work, really good, supportive shoes/inserts are a must. Most of the shoes out there are pretty crappy. I did have to stay off my feet for about 3 months for them to heal - mine hurt not just in the morning but all day. Since then, tho, I've followed the dr's advice and haven't had a reoccurance at all. If you're dealing with heel spurs, some of the same tips might help, but surgery might be needed. www.heelspurs.com has some additional info on stretching, exercises, etc, and the staff at Super Jock and Jill have been great help too. Good Luck!!
  2. what to do about intense thigh cramping?

    quote: Drink 8 glasses of water a day - no. It's In Style type pop culture bullshit. on the same order as the incorrect 'fact' that humans only use 10% of their brains That's right - the correct fact is that the average human uses about 2% of their brain. If that.
  3. Attention: Girls of CC.com!

    I'd donate all of mine but I'm afraid a thong would be more visible than my bras...
  4. Olympia Housing?

    I can vouch that Trillium makes a great roommate! PM for references!
  5. chalk alternative?

    yeah, just call me wimp on a rope.
  6. chalk alternative?

    Yeah, looks like I'll have to give up my hand modelling gig! I do wash and lotion my hands religiously after climbing, but this is almost like a chemical burn, it peels that deeply. I'll try the bag balm though, thanks for the idea.
  7. chalk alternative?

    Does anything besides chalk work? The reason I ask is that since I started climbing, my fingers have been peeling like crazy, making my little digits very sensitive, and not in a good way. I've been on injured reserve for almost 5 weeks now, haven't touched a chalk bag, and they are still peeling. Any suggestions for substitutes?
  8. Passport?

    Go through the Lynden/Aldergrove crossing - at least my experience, nine times out of ten they don't even ask for ID, even after 9/11. My fiancee crosses the border daily, and it was news to him that they were going to require passports. If they are, when? (Dru?)
  9. Passport?

    The crossing guards (both sides) at Sumas aren't the most laid back. That's why I usually go through Aldergrove - I hardly bring my truck to a stop before they wave me through. They can require proof citizenship if they feel like it, in which case a driver's license and birth cert will do. If you get caught they theaten you with a herring until you promise to bring them a shrub.
  10. wunderland trail

    I hiked the Wonderland 4 years ago and it ranks as my #1 vacation ever, and that says a lot! I went in early August, but the flowers should be even better during the time you're planning on going. Getting a permit wasn't a problem - we got them the day before we began hiking. The camp spots on the trail are on a first-come,first-serve basis, but those were nowhere near full either. I don't know how much things have changed in the last 4 years. We started at Paradise and the very nice rangers at Sunrise let us stash some food there so we didn't have to schlep the whole wad. Have fun!
  11. Look Out Boulderers

    That's not ice climbing, it's ice bouldering!
  12. More good quotes?

    Something unknown is doing we don't know what. ~Sir Arthur Eddington on the Uncertainty Principle
  13. Canada questions

    Thanks for the tips - I'll check those mini-guides out. I knew there had to be a ton o' shit out there, but it's not like they're listed in the yellow pages. And yes, I can spot. The question is "Am I worthy?" The other question is - is an American allowed to visit XXXXXXXXX? Or would I pose a threat to national security?
  14. Canada questions

    So I've seen posts about great places to climb in BC, but as I'm new to climbing and haven't achieved the superhero status that the rest of you have, I was hoping that some of you might stoop and give me some remedial advice! I'm moving to Abbotsford in a couple of months and don't as yet know anyone who climbs up there. I was wondering if there were some outdoor climbing walls in the area or, better yet, just some fun real rock to climb on that's not too far away. Just something I can practice on before getting in everyone's way at Squamish... Any other climbing-resource tips for that area would be greatly appreciated too! Thanks!