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  1. Rainier Summits the last few days?

    Thanks for the info. Zee. Can someone get up to muir without skies or snowshoes right now?
  2. Twin Sisters

    Trask: Do you know if you can get a car to Barlow pass yet? You made it to Lake 22, which is a ways in on the mountain loop highway. We want to climb Monte Cristo Peak, but may have to wait a while for this snow to melt to get to Barlow pass parking lot.
  3. Twin Sisters

    Thanks Trask, I will try later this month.
  4. Has anyone reached the summit of Rainier in last few days? Or does anyone have any reports? The weather was so great! I bet the Ingraham Direct route was excellent. Also, can people get up to Muir without snow shoes? I tried calling Mt. Rainier services, but they just have an answering service right now. I am going the next time the weather is excellent like we just had. I did see the report by glennm about the ledges. Excellent report. [ 04-05-2002: Message edited by: Eric taylor ]