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  1. substance abuse? anger management? of course! what did you expect this is climbing not figure skating.... [big Drink]


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  2. you guys dont know how lucky you are.... i want nothing more right now than to join you folks for some drinking and great times. i am only 20 and i nearly cry every time i see a Pub Club TR. am i an alchoholic? mabe....but hey aren't we all... [big Grin] cheers and remember how lucky you truly are. [big Drink]

  3. scottp-

    i did that on deirdre in squamish...the funny thing is it worked! [big Grin][Eek!] we told them we were joking....we souldn't have....it took them 30 minutes to get of the 5.0 slab start.... [Mad] we'll not even go into what happened after that.... [Mad]

  4. "If people start ripping out bolts it's going to get noticed by the officials who run the public lands."

    -beef cider


    well, dont you think the land managers and officials are going to notice when there are stainless steel hangers littered all over the cliff face? I would be willing to bet that land managers would prefer less bolts rather than more bolts (or none at all). It seems that most of us are in agreement though (the rational ones anyways) that there are some routes that can and should be restored. obviously there are some routes that must have bolts to be safely led, but i think the question that must be asked before placing a bolt is, "is this bolt necessary and does it protect the integrity of the route and its moves?" if that question is used as a prerequisite to bolting, i think that bolting would steadily decline. $.02


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  5. retro-

    i dont have any experience in bolt remonal.... but i would love to learn from someone experienced... let me know when you guys are going... that is if you want someone to tag along.... cheers [big Drink]

  6. ps fuck you half pint. if you cant climb a protectable route without bolting it up, top rope it, or climb it when your balls have grown larger than raisins. there is no excuse for bolting a crack....if you cant protect it, someone can, and will....

  7. max-

    i agree i think tht your proposals are fair for both sides. Very diplomatic. I agree that as a community we ought to agree to some baisic principals regarding bolting and the "first ascentionists' nod" is a great idea.... lets get that poll going....

  8. head space-

    just because you are so pussy you have to clip bolts all day, you dont have to get all jealous. i dont mind the odd sport route here or there...but there is no erason to just bolt up every difficult to protect crack or make a bolt ladder on really easy slab.... no hard feelins man.... [Moon]