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  1. hearing a climber who just topped out on an 11b call down that her harness was undone. good thing she looked before she leaned back!


    yesterday, i led a crack climb at skaha and my belayer was saying i needed to put in more pieces (i really hate that) and as he was following, he said slack! slack! slack!... WTF so i gave him slack... when he got to the top he explained that he had only tied a loose overhand knot and it came undone. he had to clip into one of my only 2 pieces that i placed and tie in. apparently, while he was putting on his shoes, he tied a loose knot so i wouldn't pull the rope too far. skeeeettttchhhhyyyy! hellno3d.gif

  2. bunglehead said:

    So I have a one inch gash in my head. And my blood pressure is high.


    it usually is after getting hit in the head. yellaf.gif can you drink alcohol or do you have a concussion? cause if you can, do so. believe me! hellno3d.gif

  3. Ursa_Eagle said:

    They must not have called him at home yellaf.gif


    uh huh... like there is anyone who hasn't seen that movie. wow! you are so elite and prestigious! you saw office space! shocked.gif what a cultured individual! great! more movie quoting cubicle infesting whiners. greeeat. rolleyes.gif

  4. Alex said:

    babnik said:

    erik said:

    two more words:


    uma & katana



    that soudns realistic rolleyes.gif a waif 93 lb. daddy's girl wavign around a katana... lemme guess taking out 35+ ninjas at the same time too? raaaaght yellaf.gif


    you should go see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Michelle Yeoh and Zang Ziyi prob dont weigh that much more, but ...um ...<whisper>they could take you out!!!! </whisper>


    seen it. and taking people out is soo... 503 A.D. rolleyes.gif we have these things called laws now. they are intense! rockband.gif

  5. wow!

    two posts pulled and two avatars banned without saying a swear word, anything derogatory or saying a personal attack. what a day! all this on a muuunday! what a great day! i suspect though that someone else is not having quite so nice a day. let's all rais a glass on his behalf! mine's a heineken. what's yours? bigdrink.gifwave.gif

  6. went up cadaver gap this weekend and it was perfect. snow had good consolidation and the weather was great though we made our own tracks. there were hoards going up to muir though (why would anyone want to go to muir?) i am sick do death of people telling me it is too dangerous to go up there this time of the year....geesh... [Eek!] if you are going up to muir....mind your fucking business! [Mad]

  7. has anyone done this recently.... i want to do it to get in shape and it is close to me....any seasonal or recent beta would be much appreciated... i'm going solo, so do you think that would be sketchy? i'm going tomorrow too....hopefully so let me know or mabe suggest another alternative in the verlot area....overnight is not out of the question....


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