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  1. Consequences

    apparently you are not familiar with 'pluralis majestatis.'
  2. Consequences

    you are a dumb prudish bitch? never would have guessed. I'm a pinko America hater; you don't speak for me, mmmk? Yes I do.
  3. Consequences

    what is this we you speak with? The Victorian one
  4. Consequences

    elloquently stated
  5. Consequences

    well then I guess we won then didn't we Hugh?
  6. I am back on land...

    Great job Erden! Glad to hear you back(-ish) safe. You gotta set and a half man...
  7. McCain speech

    true... and I think the reason is that you HAVE to interact with the people in a small town. You can avoid people in a big city without people noticing; you can't do that in a town of 600. tell that to the Unabomber he lived in a shack of one.
  8. McCain speech

    true... and I think the reason is that you HAVE to interact with the people in a small town. You can avoid people in a big city without people noticing; you can't do that in a town of 600.
  9. Gas prices possibly heading soon to $6-$7 a gallon

    good perspective there.
  10. Iraq

    what? do they gain 30 IQ points before they are killed? be more carefull what you say. You're misinterpreting. Prole isn't implying that soldiers are morons in special ed, but rather that one isn't to say anything critical, pointed, or in any way less than respectful about them anymore than, say, the participants in the special olympics. His rant is about the fetishization of the military, the notion that one's job choice somehow puts one into a special category that is beyond reproach. The myth that joining the military is ennobling is really just a swell recruitment tool. If you take care to not take any of his jibes personally, the gist of his argument is valid and worth considering, especially since you're willing to take the time to consider anyone's points if they're arguing sincerely and with thought behind it. How do you figure I am beyond reproach? I probably have one of the most scrutinized jobs in the World. The decisions I make can only ruin me. If I make the correct snap decision, I am doing my job. If I make the wrong one, I am a murderer, and a blood lusting villian. It is clear (especially after fear and greed's last post) that I am not in fact somehow protected or glorified. Rather, I am called an idiot, moron, robot, fascist ect.
  11. Iraq

    I am sick of our people dieing for the profits of a few stock holders. I wish you good health and long life. I respect that man. You were fun to climb with way back when. Oh, and thanks for the winston!
  12. Iraq

    what? do they gain 30 IQ points before they are killed? be more carefull what you say.
  13. Iraq

    Prole, you've got some serious issues, man. You've demonstrated why civil engagement with your type is utterly pointless. Scott H has opened up and presented you with opportunities to engage and learn --to participate in that whole open mind principle you lefties are always chest-beating about. You've passed up this opportunity to, basically, spit on a vet. You're just as smug, arrogant, and intellectually dishonest as FearandGreed. Whoop-Whoop! It's the Ironically Politically Correct Thought Police! I'm surprised it took so long for you guys to show. What exactly is open minded dialogue about somebody spewing the tiredest "stay the course all the way to Tehran" type bullshit and using vet-status as cover? Just as Scott is "tired of trying to win hearts and minds", I'm tired of kow-towing to some absurd notion that some military personnel's dumbassed opinions are off-limits because they've joined the Army. Use your fucking brain. Personally, I've always thought joining the military was the easiest thing one could do: what could be easier than not having to think for yourself, having someone tell you when to take a shit, eat, shoot, sleep. No wonder people join right out of high-school! Anyway, Scott's right, all this "support the troops" stuff is just a bunch of hypocritical bullshit. I support the individuals, not the "troops", not soldiering as a cultural institution. It's an anachronism. Soldiers these days are just a state sanctioned subculture of gun and violence fetishizing homo-repressed whack-jobs. They could just as easily be Juggalos or Trekkies, they just happen to fit a personality type that the State can use to do its dirty work. What really is seriously sad though is that they've been deluded into thinking they're doing what they're told to do for everyone else's benefit ("Fighting the Nazis since 1945!"). Liberals and conservatives alike have been guilt-tripped into joining this circle-jerk. Liberals only play into it cause I think they really do care about the person underneath and the "support the troops" crap is just a necessary evil. I mean, who would support a military purely out of principle? Besides Fairweather I mean. It's a joke. Conservatives only "support the troops" purely in the abstract. They don't give a fuck about the individuals, only nonsensical abstractions like "honor", "glory", etc. and of course to fulfill their idiotic fantasies of world-domination, national purity and the like. Creepy. So both sides are caught when an actual "troop" speaks up: liberals when a soldier makes a case for keeping himself employed and conservatives when a soldier frags an officer or joins a book-tour. Spare me your sanctimonious pious outrage about spitting on vets. Please! Ugh, and all of this garbage about "oh, well I respect him because he's acting on his principles". What a load of horseshit. Nobody would say that about a suicide bomber, a child molester, or a Scientologist, or even a soldier in a government's military whose policies you disagreed with. No, you'd actually examine their principles and then make a judgment! Not here. No, here the principles no matter how dumb or misguided are taken for granted. It's like the "troops" are in the Special Olympics or something. Jesus. Dude. How many times have you watched full metal jacket? It is clear that your entire worldview is through HBO. Read a book. Or better yet, sign up for yourself so at least you know what the fuck you are talking about. I enlisted after already having a BA, got a BS while I was in already had a good job before I joined up. I really don't like violence; I just see it is sometimes necessary. Do you know any soldiers .... uh what's your name? I can tell you don't. If you want to see and hear what has happened to me, you are welcome anytime. If you just want to keep running your dick sheath, try to be more respectfull. Calling 4,000 people who died for their country special ed is ignorant and uncalled for. I think even you know that.
  14. Iraq

    My dad is a great man. One that would beat your ass for using him against me and one that is worth kicking your ass over. Say what you want about me, but leave my father out of it. Got it?
  15. Iraq

    cheaper this way. Is it? Link Yes.
  16. Iraq

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You need to quit watching the Deer Hunter reruns brother. holy shit! so fucking true!!!!!!!
  17. Iraq

    cheaper this way.
  18. Iraq

    Fah...Q you condescending fuck. If you want to help out the soldiers, start sending care packages. Start sending phone cards. Dont' give me this tired fucking drivle that you want to help us. You see us as blue collar assholes that couldn't get a job anywhere else. You think you have all the right answers and that if we just had the chance to understand, we would see how futile our lives are. Spare me bitch, I do this because I want to. I love it; because I love my country. So fuck off.
  19. McCain speech

    ....well it would be a morale victory.
  20. McCain speech

    Killing OBL wouldn't do shit.
  21. Iraq

    scott doesn't even know what that means clearly not hugh.
  22. Iraq

  23. Iraq

    uh huh. you caught my lazy ass. Why don't you check when the last time I posted to this website. It was likely the last time that I had a day off. I see you are hard at work there as well.
  24. Iraq

    I don't need the memo; I read the book cum dumpster. This is reality for me; not some fucking political diatribe.
  25. Iraq

    This sums it up nicely. It is an example of a very common military opinion; one that I happen to agree with for the most part.