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  1. index

    thanks- just wonderin what the belay stations are like (gear or bolted) doesn't matter much just trying to get a feel for the area before i head down.
  2. index

    at least HE can admit it!
  3. cams

    i always have liked wild country. i just have a set of tech friends....and i few of the popular sized in the foged friends.....cause they are cheap and durable and light....only ones i haven'tliked were trango's.... my two cents
  4. index

    great! thanks for the info. mabe me and my boy will check it out this weekend. erik i may take you up on that offer sometime. thanks all!
  5. Collest PNW town.............

    just wonderin winthrop twisp was my kida town.... but what are the climbing stats there? how far to alpine and rock.....and what kidns...thanks in advance
  6. "Bolivia, July, 2002"

    sounds great....but what is the cost projection? student thing but yeah....any info would be great. gotta get out of here that's for sure
  7. trad/ sport hook ups

    i am curently in B.C. so....i anyone wants to head to squamish in the next 3 weeks, i'm game. I will also be comming back to everett my home for the summer....so if you wanna hook up for the summer lemme know