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  1. Shout Out to you all!

  2. Haul Bag, Metolius El Cap

    sent you a pm
  3. Bad Climbing movies

    Ha, I've freaked some tourists out in Yosemite. "No you can't climb up there unless you are drunk!"... they always are looking at me and asking "is that safe". I just reply, "No, but who wants to live forever". They always seem to move towards their car at that point. I like most climbing movies as long as it is hard climbing. Best shit was with Danno!
  4. Portaledge Comparison

    Shit Happens!
  5. Portaledge Comparison

    Here is the only problem with haveing a double and soloing. I have been picked up and slammed into the wall with 2 people in a double. What would happen had there been one of us in that double? If you are on lsd you are even more fucked!
  6. WTB: Free Weights - Dumbbells

    sir you ae higher than i am!
  7. Grivel light wing?

    oh I could not play basketball if my life depended on it!
  8. Grivel light wing?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the hardest boulder problem I ever did was in a pair of Aces that I hate more than myself(that is tellin!). No it wasn't some easy problem either, it was even in that beyond gravity movie. Mind power and drugs solve gear issues. Or OE800 solves even more. But if you ever wonder why you are falling off the hardest moves... look down at shoes and make sure they are on the right feet! That said I have tons of climbing gear... but I still know how to climb with shitty stuff and make due. AARON YOU BASTARD!!!
  9. Grivel light wing?

    If you want less beefy pick for your Light Wings get the evolution pick. It has a thinner tip. I don't know how well the mixte pick will work on a Light Wing or if it is even possible without fucking with it.
  10. Favorite Big Wall Beverage

    HA, two of my good buddies! Ivo doesn't drink too much... ammon drinks a lot of beer! Ivo is probably the funniest person I know.
  11. Favorite Big Wall Beverage

    Hmmm... we had about 1/2 oz up there too. We had all these other drugs... but we left them in car by accident. My partner was leading a pitch in the middle of the night and I had fallen asleep. himg: Send up my camera bag! me: What... ok do you want just the bag or what? him: just send it up I need it! me: you need a fucking camera bag on lead? WHAT THE FUCK IS IT FOR. him: dude my stuff is in it hurry! me: ok, its on the tag line bro!
  12. Favorite Big Wall Beverage

    What is funny is OE800 is not the yosemite standard anymore. King Cobra has replaced it. Stupid fucks like the light shit! You drink enough OE800s and you will not need sleep. My last wall there we brought 44 24oz cans... this lasted like 5 days and all the hard liquor was gone too(like 3 liters worth). If you don't want the OE800, I'd say get some tequilla and have lemon lime gatoraid on board. Dark rum is also really nice. A good bottle of wine... a night per person. Scotch would be number one choice if you have some extra cash. Or here is really good option. Just do a push! You will feel so fucked up after a while. It is better than drugs or damn close. Speaking of trippin out there is the most fucked up movie on TV... jesus some little fucking dweebs made some chick. Who the fuck would make a movie like this... the rock looks like ninja turtles... hahahahah!
  13. Bob Stirs It Up!

    So is everyone else. It edits fuck, shit, bitch! What is wrong with this world?!?! Libral fucks in cali can't take swearing?
  14. Free bolt crap

    Hurricane is the way to go wankers. SDS bits are pretty sucky for hand drilling.
  15. Bob Stirs It Up!

    That site is way gayer than this one!
  16. Winter boot for the Cascades

    My leather boots have froze in the summer. That is when you are fucked!
  17. Portaledge Comparison

    The hammock is really more for hanging under a ledge.
  18. Portaledge Comparison

    Buy a Cliff Cabana! They are way fucking nice and big. I have spent like 30 something nights in one and it is way comfy. The fish double is nice too and much cheaper. It is also pretty small tho when compared to cabana. You will regret buying shitty ledge if you get serious about walls.
  19. Hey Ladies

  20. Lost: Charlet Moser Dart Crampons

    You use darts in the alpine? Do you mean to tell me you are using your heel spurs up there?
  21. Rap Wall Topo?

    There is a bunch of photos on line of the routes. Search "roger strong" or "rap wall" on google. Looks like Sean Issac has even been there.
  22. let's hear it...

    I think hard training will pay off to for alpine this year. But will have to see about that. But putting in 20-25 hours a week is getting me back in shape and stronger so far.
  23. ultimate sickness

    Ha I don't even have to open that and I already know what you are talkin about. That guy must be so fucking strong in both the body and mind!
  24. Lost: Charlet Moser Dart Crampons

    that's some funny shit don!
  25. Enchantment Area / Stuart Range Conditions

    I was up at Ingalls Peak, lots of snow comin down. The road was fully open.