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  1. Michael Reardon/new R&I

    a jackass is your hero??? Yoda teaches to use the force against jackasses. We should seriously get some more crazy icons! Do it admin!
  2. 2nd Annual CC.com Photo Contestizzle

    Humor The Pirate showing who's boss on the 2nd pitch(A4+) of Plastic Surgery Disaster. Climbing Last pitch of Plastic Surgery Disaster.
  3. Gymsters

    I have sat on this site so much but still have spend 130+ nights outside in the 2005. So how do we explain this??? Do you know what Kevin Thaw does???
  4. Alpine climbing in Chile?

    Corvallisclimb knows the area pretty well!
  5. Gymsters

    on this site... FUCK is not edited! no need to treat it as a bad word gymster.
  6. Aid Climbing

    no, nothing I've ever climbed is more than A3(even if rated more). Some stuff is A4 but it's not. I haven't done all them tho.
  7. A note about true alpine training

    Well those french sure are fast these days! but Jim Bridwell... lots of cigs!
  8. A note about true alpine training

    Jim Bridwell!
  9. Your Seattle Seahawks

    SEATTLE WINS!!!!!!!!!
  10. Are WA climbers extra light?

    Hey, I only got out of High school last year! Don't diss the youngins! That said I didn't go to school that much.
  11. Best CD(S)

    God Hates us All- Slayer Reign in Blood- Slayer South of Heaven- Slayer Lights Camera Action- Suicidal Tendencies How will I Laugh Tomorrow?- Suicidal Tendencies Past, Present, and Future- Rob Zombie Pink Floyd-any album! ANY GOOD TECHNO!!! Infected Mushroom, Lab 4, tons of others just flat out rule!
  12. Are WA climbers extra light?

    this is like when that guy on RC.com said if City Park was in Indian Creek it would get climbed daily!
  13. Stopping Junk Mail

    Oh and here I thought this was email... I get a bunch of junk mail in the real mail too. What a bloody waste of paper
  14. Photo Contest!

    HA, I've never heard that one. HAHAHA
  15. Photo Contest!

    Yes, cause I need a doll! I'm that ugly!
  16. Are WA climbers extra light?

    Funny I've never climbed more than 5.12 but aid I've climbed hard. This summer in the valley it seems that I was climbing as hard of aid as anyone around. My buddy who was climbing a bunch learned to climb at Index also but now lives down there. Now please tell us that you climb .13, v10, modern A4. Otherwise you are light too! Oh and Mike climbs pretty fuckin hard!
  17. Stopping Junk Mail

    My email I have posted on here gets so much junk! Someone even signed me up for some dating site. Who the hell has this much time?
  18. Photo Contest!

    Yes, small balls... what death pitches have you led Oly??? I was a Star Wars nut when I was younger! I have so many of those toys and other things.
  19. ThanksGivin was Fucked

    I already know you are twisted. I should have known someone would say something like this... it is cc.com. You people are goin to make me puke!
  20. Photo Contest!

    Yup tom those are the new rules. I nominate to kill yoda master. Burn him at the stake!
  21. Washington Crack Workshop

    I always thought Plum Pudding seemed hard for the grade. In fact it made Godzilla look like 5.8 or so. Maybe it is because I didn't touch the tree in it? Never done the upper Model Worker, but the lower part is no crack climbin really. At least not near 11. Really good climb and probably way better when doing the whole thing. What is Free Range Chock??
  22. Photo Contest!

    no fuck that jon. I just want to beat yoda to death!
  23. Photo Contest!

    Ya, what the fuck. I thought I posted in this about how fuckin gay it was not to post up! Keep posting, I have some cool slides but my scanner is fucked. Will have to see if I can get them up.
  24. Dark Crystal

    I don't think many people ever do that. At least not anymore, I've been over there a couple times and it always is wet in spots anyways.