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  1. Mixed Routes???

    Any trad mixed routes around the westside of washington that are single pitch and not full blown alpine routes?
  2. Drug and Big Walling

    I have led hard aid so fucked up before I don't remember the pitches. On one pitch, I drank a bunch before leaving the belay. Then after the really dangerous part I hit a rivet. I called for another big OE and he said it was in the haulbag but he'd send vodka. Finished it off probably about a pint. Then... the last moves to the belay a beak almost ripped and that made me feel quite a bit more sober. If the video camera didn't get jacked you could all see the video my partner took and me making not one bit of sense(mumbling and nonsense). If I ever make it to the trangos I will definetly buy and bring lots and lots of hash on the wall. I never used to toke like I do after I started hanging in yosemite. I showed up loving to drink and the others that loved to drink toked huge. After about 2 months of valley time I couldn't stay away. They don't call it Crystal Cyclone(VI A4+) for nothing! Someone... once was so fucked up that they had a good piece placed. Yet when they went to fully commit they missed the aiders and commited anyways. 80+ footer! Getting fucked up and climbing is what made me love it so much more than before. It was so free and so fun and you can be totally wasted, high, stoned and still do it. If I had showed up to a X-C race all fucked up it wouldn't have gone so well is my guess.
  3. BYOB... bring your own bitch??? Oh and improvised a girlfriend... hmm... 8 gentlemens clubs and no gf... jesus was watching...
  4. Fall from 1/2 Dome Cables

    Have you done half dome ashw? Have you even been to yosemite? Take a look around you next time and wonder where the fuck the wilderness is! Halfdome isn't far from the valley proper, which is just non stop buildings, roads, tunnels, and they dump old pavement in the woods(this is pathetic!!!)! The more time I spent there the more I realize it is like a disneyland but only way way better... or is it far worse in terms of wilderness destruction? Take a look at fern spring when you go there next. I pretty much assure you there will be trash all around it. This is super disapointing to me as I treasure fern spring and would hate to see it continue to be trashed. You would probably say the fences around it are not natural looking... well they keep the idiots from trampling the vegitation around it and prevents them from pissing or shitting too close to it. blah blah blah... poor yosemite.
  5. Fall from 1/2 Dome Cables

    Even with a 80 pound haulbag this isn't steep. If there would have been a few less people running out of control down the outside of the cables, I wouldn't have even stayed between them. The rock is way more grippy on the outside. There was enough cute girls saying I was their hero for climbing it that I wasn't in much of a hurry though. It took me about an hour to get down the cables, more crowded than that picture for sure! I will never top halfdome out on a weekend again... knock on wood... edit-wet this thing would suck and I would definetly be far more cautious! Winter ascents of half dome would be gnarl... snow snow and more snow. RIP and I wish friends and family the best in these sad days.
  6. Cochuck Lake?

    Anyone know how much snow is up there? Looking to hike up there in next week as I've never been there.

  8. Woodland Park Zoo and the climber

    I bought a memember shitp to this place. If you want to go and try and climb anything there i may be down... depends on beer intake. How fast do you run is more what i'd like to know? That male orangatang likely could rip my ball sack off faster than i could down my beer.
  9. Abraxas Anchors

    those first 2 go clean with the heads fixed.
  10. FS: Wild Things Andinista Pack

    What does that mean??? Huge chest, small chest, tiny waist, big waist, or pregnet???
  11. Hot Climbing News!

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  12. Jumar rigging

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  13. Jumar rigging

    Post deleted by bigwalling
  14. Climb: MT Kent-North Face... attempt Date of Climb: 11/26/2005 Trip Report: Well, I was desperate to try and climb some ice/alpine stuff before leaving for the big walls in yosemite. I went up to Mount Kent and got to the base, pulled out my tools and put on crampons. One problem... the ice was pure shit! I'd say this thing needs to get some freeze thaw or something. Soloing didn't seem like a great idea in these conditions. Gear Notes: snow shoes will be a good idea once more snow arrives, I don't really think you need much gear for any of the routes. Approach Notes: I went from exit 42 and just hiked up the creek. The better way is to take the road and then hike from the bridge up to the base. It sucked walking in, but walking out I found a path of less bushes and devils club!
  15. Various Items

    Hey I am no longer in need of this stuff. -black/blue hybrid alien... I don't think I have ever placed it or even carried it out of my gear bin. But you need to mess with the little wire part to get it to work again. Quite easy fix for a patient person!!! -2 metolius aiders... tons of walls left in them!!! -2 black diamond daisys -2 metolius adjustable daisys -pair of Boreal Diablos like size 9 or something -pair of simiond crampons Umm... let me think on prices or just PM me. Oh I also have tons of flies for fly fishin. If anyone is interested pm me about it.
  16. ThanksGivin was Fucked

    post deleted by bigwaller
  17. Are WA climbers extra light?

  18. Are WA climbers extra light?

  19. Gymsters

    goddamn finals...
  20. Gymsters

    i prefer to climb and not smack my balls.
  21. Stupid Alpine Training?

    Most sorority girls don't know what to think anyway. That is a good thing too!!!
  22. Stupid Alpine Training?

    HEll YES!!! That change drunk to high and that is a normal day for me. Except it don't last all night... i get sleepy.
  23. Gymsters

    no I live at home... that tally will hit around 150 by the end of the year... cause yosemite for december! I didn't get on a computer for over 2 months this summer. But when I'm around... i go to work... then train or sit on computer... oh and PUFF alot!
  24. Michael Reardon/new R&I

    That is not new... you are light! I already know I'm a jackass!