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  1. Did You Lose a Big Cam on Dreamer (G.G.B.)?

    How nice! "If I wanted this cam I would keep it, but since I don't, you could pay me to get it back." Will you deliver?
  2. Why do you go to the mountains?

    theres less people there and I hate people. and its pretty there
  3. My ultimate dream is being unsatisfied...help!!

    If she is a troll this is very well done, and a useful template for those aspiring master trolls out there. It would be hard to contrive a scenario that could bring out the knives more quickly than a ditzy dabbler stumbling into a room full of wannabe hardcores. Sheer elegance or serendipity?
  4. My ultimate dream is being unsatisfied...help!!

    I hate people too. All of you. So fuck off!
  5. Barack

    Does the body count of Clinton/Gore/Kerry come anywhere near one million? And c'mon what're a few of McCain's more heinous PC crimes? I'm getting interested over here.
  6. I just got this from the UW climbing club. Thought it may be of use. I don't know how sticky they are with respect to being a member or a student.
  7. Barack

    Tell us more of this intolerant good-old-boyishness. What's the scoop? I guess it will be blasted 24/7 by liberal media once he's the nominee, but I am impatient.
  8. Barack

    So which candidate benefits from Edwards being out? The radio people were saying this was very unexpected. Something tells me that a deal has already been done.
  9. Kids day @ Vantage / swap meet

    I would think that walls below the Sunshine wall would have even more rockfall danger as they are below the very crowded Sunshine wall.
  10. My ultimate dream is being unsatisfied...help!!

    I like the fact that she doesn't think it's safe to be out in the woods alone, but feels fine advertising to anonymous strangers worldwide to take her out into the mountains. it's nice to be trusted sight unseen. Makes you believe in the world again.
  11. This is a great idea

    How do you know that Selekta doesn't live somewhere where they don't have libraries? (joke here for those willing) Maybe a little library aid would be a good thing. Maybe this is showing you that librarians across borders is a worthy cause. Not a joke.
  12. This is a great idea

    Is it your ultimate dream to be unsatisfied?
  13. SNOW!

    Kids had no school yesterday. Went to Crystal. No troubles getting out of town. Foot or more of super-light dry powder (over something very hard). No lift line of course. Sounds like I missed some excitement in SeaTown though. oh yeah, edited to add mini-review of new Northway chair. Didn't give it much of a chance (just one run) but it sorta sucked. Some busybody old lady warned us away from what might've been a cool run (Paradise) and we did Spook Hill which was OK but then once you were on the Northway run it was totally sucky. Everywhere else on the damn mountain had foot-deep powder but on Northway it was relatively flat (read not steep at all) but totally carved into a ton of sharp moguls. Why are there so many annoying moguls on such a flat run? STupids. I guess those sharp bumps give you something to do, but that's putting a silver lining on it for sure. And no powder. Must be too damn popular. Maybe wait for the hype to die down. Probably other good stuff around to explore, but when there was amazing shit available everywhere else we decided to go with what we knew was gud, instead of instead of exploring and maybe getting lucky and always at some point eventually getting on that sucky Northway run again. And they don't have the bus running anymore, or at least not yesterday anyway.
  14. Tax Rebate

    better than babyeater
  15. Tax Rebate

    If you continually concern yourself with trumpeting evidence that the strawmen conjured up by Bushco are seriously incorrect, you're going to be one busy linkmeister! p.s. The Islamic brotherhood(?), with the goal of furthering momentum towards the creation of an Egypt governed by Sharia law, which would be one step toward Islamic theocracy world domination. Now back at you! What is the largest integer triplet that satisfy the equation a^2 + b^2 = c^2?