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  1. Technically if you accepted $ you are sold off. Your not pure. Sorry Lowell. What the heck.
  2. Sure why not. Ed is simply being smart. Who cares.
  3. Used an old two person raft to paddle across on a calm section. Too deep to wade. This added to the adventure. Could be dangerous if the river is running high.
  4. The Russian Butte is a Middle Fork Classic.Lots of awesome views of this majestic valley from the summit. I used a different approach as opposed to the one you describe. Cross Middle Fork and gain the trail along Pratt River. Head up trail for maybe a couple of miles and then head up steep slopes on the East side of the Butte. Make sure you are on South side of the summit and gain crest and then work your way up to the summit. I did this as a winter climb, hence I not too sure about rock quality. Ascent can easily be done without any need for rope. Do It.
  5. Not that hard, but probably a good idea to have a rope. Make descent easy and fast. Yes, plenty of places for pro. Rock is not that bad. Go for it.
  6. Just drink a 6 pack of Jolt Cola and forget about all the science stuff. :-)
  7. Olympus is a crown jewel of the Olympic mountain range. The hike up the Hoh river is easy and the miles go fast up through the rain forest. Reference the: "Climber's Guide to the Olympic Mountains", published the the Olympic Mountain Rescue Council. You can find it on www.amazon.com or any climbing shop. Go for it.
  8. What is the most remote moutain in the Washington?
  9. Got a problem with folks and helmets?
  10. Just getting out of Seattle is far worse than any climbing approach.
  11. I takes exactly 6 hours, 25 minutes, 4 seconds from car to base. Faster if you don't stop for potty breaks.
  12. Good Eigerwand conditions exist today.
  13. The Alaskan Range has it all.
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