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  1. Falling On Slabs

    to minimize the potential skin graffing...the one ultimate reason to remember is friends do not let friends climb slabs...at least without cracks)... two do not fall...three if you fall...relax and curse allah because you scraped a body part or don't fall ever as you may remember gravity is on your side on a slab
  2. Collest PNW town.............

    gustavs sucks a dead donkies asswhole and so does ltown these days for bars...sounds like a voice of experience if you ask me.
  3. Collest PNW town.............

    DAYTON,warshington for sure...you should move there as its close to everything my friends and I dont go to actually, Bham is nice and so is Goverment camp, ORegon [ 02-12-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  4. going to the cody ice festival?

    post some shots of killer cody ice you lucky bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Lillooet

    actually I prefer my nickname of JAMN you BITCH happy pfat tuesday ladies
  6. Boys Downhill/Girls Downhill

    ahhhh yeah.all race gear is made for real man skiers you are right....duh, do all females buy only female rock shoes? Actually Picabo is a wimpass that is why the girls veered off on the DHcourse and went down easier terrane. No just kidding and no offense Picabo...reasons for easier courses is like all other sports in this great world that require and apply challenges of that caliber in physical abilities...look at sport climbing competitions and other none repetitios ball sports...why is the Ladies tour de France shorter and less gruelling....because gawdamn people in the high seats made it that way....and only you the female has anything to change about that. wow, I am actually rambling about nonsense right now and need to get back on task...putting off homework on PHat tuesday.... [ 02-12-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  7. Aliens?

    I will know by this weekend...as they shouldn't be hot anymore. seriously, I will know how much I want for them this weekend...I am at school and really busy the rest of this week and cannot waste braincells for this matter right now. But, I am sure I want to sell one set maybe two. Happy PFAT tuesday all you mardias Grasers
  8. ice at Pan Dome Falls... info needed

    Baker is cold and has lots of snow...check the damn website...pandome falls is frozen and bluelike in the color it reflect to your fierce ragin eyes as you eriknusanet go and send the rad flow this weekend...go for it man...the world is funner that way.... too much school will make you crazy I am told.....
  9. Aliens?

    I have an extra set of the first four sizes (purple-sling color to yellow-sling color)...do you want??? PM me and I will think of the price... btw the aliens are in supermint condition....rarely used as, I actually have four sets of this size range....what for....ask a pro-form user near you....
  10. C.C. Rocks... Whiners Suck !!!

    yeah....all climbers are lying, devious asswholes with only one intention to get as high as possible over mean sea level
  11. Lillooet

    quote: Originally posted by Cpt.Caveman: Hehehe wassup creature How was rock climbing? Or did you go to that secret creek with Dan? what with the creature name...no ice as I was recovering from a freak sprained/locked up ankle...fortunately all better now....heres one for the all-purpose sport of rock climbing...heals all wounds Frenchmanns was great...sunny...t-shirt weather but, the down jacket was nice for the passing clouds...lots of bitchen and rambling about this damn site and many many many safety meetings about the bolt placements and existance of bolts on some routes....As for lillooet....is there any ice left... and beer FYI makes people crazy (look at dan) <--me trying to get crazy............
  12. bolt placement

    fuck...can someone kindly pm me to how to insert pictures from a disk...ty [ 02-12-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  13. Liloeet - Spray Crek Falls

    hey shouldnt this topic be in the "spray" forum???
  14. Lillooet

    so did the skinnie lurch and the jap die on night an gale or did they float down on some receding outwash melt in their waders??? cavie...just how many beers did you drink and what the fuk about spoiling the lush indoor eastside private club..shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  15. Best indoor gym

    all indoor gyms suck my
  16. Asgaard Pass

    depends on how much snow is leftover in June after springmelts some away so who knows really... but for a time frame to plan with heavy pack... 4-6hours to top of Asgaard...I like to consider myself a tortise with afterburners that never runout of nitro... ....i heard the record for entire enchanment loop (Colchuck thead to snow ck thead) is sub 6hours, of course running shoes were used and no backpack or snow to contend with... ill to that
  17. Plans, fantasy;Waassuuup?

    does p=pita? if so
  18. Golden, Field

    paul do you have route beta on Banks lake rock climbing/????or any other great informative cascade climber out there for that matter...thanks in advance whoops, I guess i posted this in the wrong forum, hope I dont piss anyone off that has to download at slow speeds....... [ 02-10-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  19. This winter is wetter than average

    vegebelay- where do you get those funny greamlins..they are so great, I must know if possible to send them pasted on other email servers.
  20. Synchronicity

    very interested to hear how the trip north went for the poor japaneese boy,the skiiny lurch, the bald guy and the fat ass drunk named Capt Caveman...I heard friday afternoon the temps forecasted for lillooet are Five degrees celcius...hmmm... that equals 41 imperial-degrees...and I thought ice melted at 33...no really, I hope the trip was a success and you manage to keep the skinnie lurch with no arse and the alkoholic neanderthal outa of the bars long enough to crank some cool sheit. BTW- I hear their callin for very warm weather in the coulees---should be nice to work on ole tan and then the ole gut [ 02-08-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  21. To everyone: keep it real

    brodyosprody get alife man...before this site was online, what did you do to go climbing....grabbed a book maybe...checked the weather maybe...just went for it...i guess not. when are you gonna figure it out...all climbers are selfish and have mouth that will run off bullsheit so frequently that no one can blame these guys for posting all the great oneliners...slander and overall funny experiences climbing related or not. This site is perfect just the way it is...and if you think by crying to these homees your gonna get them to change...wow... you should probably think of wasting your time in more productive ways.. My hats off to all slander and spray as thats what make climbers climbers and babies go whaaaaa!!!Whaaa!!!! OBRODYOYyoYUppie, I repeat get a life
  22. I AM AVATAR!!

    Ray is gay... gayray

    hey Capt. Scrawny lurch===valente? nice description...
  24. Vegetablebelay identity revealed!

    ah fukit[ 02-07-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  25. Hubba Hubba Frubba Jubba

    Fromunda cheese is a rock climb at secret dome...or should I say a separate bolted contrivance of some other 10a(to the right of the 10c stolen moments)...if you like crimpers on steep slab...check it out... as for ice..try canada..aeh! [ 02-06-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]