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  1. Static Point conditions

    WOW that sounds lame if you ask me...if I proove I am us citizen and not a polish terrorist will they allow me to go??? My hat is red/white/blue even...
  2. Easter Tower/April Fools

    easter tower fun as hell...dirty and great cracks...champagne awesome....spring fever thin gear if you climb wrong first pitch (lots to choose from)....still rad...traverse of upper pinnacles to top of outerspace (acually above country club ramp end), fun in boulder tennies and short rope with rack; stellar views.....april fools (5.9 route) to the summit killer...not sure on first two pitches as I climbed up some 5.8-9 dihedral that starts near main wall in a gully...(two pitches to the top of one of the most neatest towers in the valley)...APPROACH gully to all the routes right of Arch area on Snow Creek wall 5.8, loose as hell, good place to get in a fight with your buddy because you almost killed em with a shifting boulder (luckily managed to hold it in place)...ALTERNATIVE approach to towers needed and reccomended....any suggestions...BTW the sunshine at Larabee this morning and the sunset last nite was amazing...VIKTOR any questions PM me and I will call you
  3. Nagging Question

    [/QB] dont you think you should just say ill show you mine if you show me yours....
  4. is the capt R.I.P

    what up with the ultimate beyotch with lots of nothin to say and spray...please tell me it was not him who got hurt this weekend, now who do you drink with till THEY pass the fuck out BEFORE 11pm oh where oh where is the great Capt....
  5. is the capt R.I.P

    Way to go ray maybe now you can climb and get drunk this weekend at larabee saturday &sunday....hope to see ya there... [ 03-02-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  6. Leavenworth

    Leavenworth is still buried by the large spin drift avalanches, I swear!
  7. jpegs

    quote: Originally posted by red: any body know how to change a .psd (adobe 5.5) to a jpeg. and i know this has been Discussed but how do i post a picture on the bordz I think you should be able to click save a copy as in photoshop program and select jpeg that way when you save the file on whatever
  8. Baker Icefall

    My bro climbed it last weekend and said it was in and thick enough to lead, go climb it and spray about it... My partner baled out on our planned excursion this weekend...sad but seriously I need to get shit done for school.....almost done
  9. alpine bouldering-good or bad?

    quote: Originally posted by dyno merchant: are you scared to pull with the big boys? is that why you have to try to diss them? fuck it! stay home and drink Beyotch, Im not saying bouldering is bad for what its worth...all I am saying is bouldering is overrated bullsheit....who cares how hard you can crank...I love to crimp don't get me wrong...I guess what I should have said is why give all the publicity to those crimpy one, two, ten move wonders when people also climb "REAL LARGE GIGANTIC ROCKs" all the time..need I really say more BTW...i am going bouldering at larabee tomorrow b/c its convient, warm, next to the salt water, girls flaunt there large breasts in the warm sun, sandstone rock over starfish and barnicles are rad...and I cant go REAL ROCK CLIMBING [ 02-28-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  10. alpine bouldering-good or bad?

    I agree with cappellini...BOULDERING IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU CANT GO "REAL CLIMBIN" and why in the world would you want to spend all that money driving to some boulderin destination just to climb some little rocks FOOLS Stay home and Drink
  11. bellingham

    yeah bham is fun in the sun... really doesn't rain as much as people like to think...afterall it partially in the rainshadow of the Olympics. bouldering at Larabee is rad, just donot forget your mota and your crash pad. Perferably many crash pads as the landings are rarely good enough....before you bounce into Bellingham Bay Baker I hear is awesome...I myself have not been there skiing but, the ice is nice till march maybe even april. I agree with trask on the closeness to Canada being a bonus....less than an hour and your on forgein soil lots and lots of girls during school year and yes they have gone wild About the only thing that sucks about Bellingham is the high rent prices during the school year and the fact that it's not Leavenworth... However, like I hinted before its fun in sun with a great view into the cascades, olympics and all that saltwater....btw there is lots of bars
  12. dividendz?

    i bought lots of chalk for my crack habit
  13. If you are going to Marble......

    Marble canyon Yesterday....how was it??? TR would be nice...Thanks
  14. TR: NE Buttress Couloir, Colchuck

    Approach to Dragontail...park at the end of plowed icicle road...bridge accross creek is closed due to snow being at least five feet deep there...about 3mile(?) walk up road to trailhead...good luck if you go but, that route is notorious for avalanche...check weather conditions...my two cents says you'd probably be killed up there this weekend.
  15. Olympics version of Chumstick Snag

    yeah yeah mr page...just wanted to clear up any mispronounciations of my family name...beyotch btw check your pms
  16. icicle canyon ice

    WOW Cappellini solos it twice a week???WHAT A DUDE!no wonder he only wanted to do the left line on sunday....of course the scary vomit led to lots of [ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  17. Olympics version of Chumstick Snag

    its pronounced she-A-KOW-ski...not OWSKI [ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]

    yes walk or bike from bridge...one hour on foot (give or take 15minutes) to where you can see the west ridge...make sure you read Beckey approach and take copies enroute...otherwise you might take wrong fork in the road from bridge and end up in northwest face drainage instead of where beckey describes (? meadows- cant remember name) West ridge is sweet in winter
  19. I finally met the infamous Dru...

    yeah isnt that Osama bill robins...wait a minute those kinda of look like hangers in the background...IT MUST BE HIM...how do I get in contact with the freak I wanna buy all those hangers he swiped for summer projects in the mountains
  20. Hanger Replacement at Vantage

    yeah lets go man...call chumstick joe and cappewhimpy...its on fooooooor sure, of course after this weekend north to canada for lots of iceclimbing and beer drinking...
  21. TR: NE Buttress Couloir, Colchuck

    quote: Originally posted by Jens: Since we are on this topic, Has anybody ever skiied the Northeast Couloir on Dragontail? That one has been on my hit list for a long time. what are you nuts???!!!???? maybe just really insane go for it man
  22. Olympics version of Chumstick Snag

    do tell more please mr page...is there more to do and where to go????
  23. Hanger Replacement at Vantage

    BLAMmmmO = one dead pigeon today a fc
  24. REPLY more: READ less

    they should remove all hangars at sunshine wall...actaully from ride em saddleside to bocshido...I propose no bolts near cracks except for resonable rap stations...just like all other real climbing areas. remember if it weren't for cracks we'd all be sport climbers...
  25. Chuckanut bouldering

    but spokane sucks...no visibile mountatins to gaze at...bham bouldering is fun...especially in the spring when the holds at larabee are still covered with winter sands and new barnicles. as for the best school...I say the university of Wenatchee; which is located in good ole north central Wa...centrally located to all of washingtons crags...