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  1. Cold in BC

    quote: Originally posted by spiderman: Good to know that i'm not the only wwu dude who doesn't like to study! i am not a dude i am a man [ 03-07-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  2. Newest Member!!!

    quote: Originally posted by payaso: welcome member "tttttttttttt" What a name!no joke..i wonder if you actually counts out all those t's or just does a little trial and error
  3. REPLY more: READ less

    [DEJA VU!!!!! DEJA VU!!!!! DEJA VU!!!!!
  4. Crossing borders

    quote: Originally posted by Retrosaurus: I rely on friends that are far more addicted than I, (like Slezyjakofski )and make sure that they drive. [ 03-07-2002: Message edited by: Retrosaurus ] i don't even smoke pot you asshole. and if you morons have a hard time spelling the name here some qkwik key hints highlight this word: Szyjakowskikey stroke=>Ctrl+C(this allows you to copy the correct spelling BEYOTCH.)Key Stroke=>Ctrl+V(this allows you to paste the word in your Original document(;&gt =:-<|
  5. best of cc.com Sweet granite in Renton!

    quote: Originally posted by projecthex: There’s a sweet 5.9 granite handcrack in Renton. I saw some exposed rock near an elementary school and that tipped me off to the multi pitch crag beyond the fence. The best climb is a two pitch handcrack kind of like Classic Crack in Leavenworth. Someone had already established this and about three other similar climbs in the area. I’ve done it everyday that it’s been dry, since I live nearby, and I want to be the first to solo it. I can’t believe there’s such good granite on the Westside! i soloed it last year
  6. Tieton River \Royal Columns

    quote: Originally posted by Charlie: I was there last week- royal columns and the bend were closed due to golden eagle nesting hey don't blame the eagles man...they nested there before any rock jock suffed their fat fingers in any splitters...let them rapt in peace.
  7. Canary on Castle Rock

    quote: Originally posted by kevin page: Hey Spelzoffski, don't you mean boudoir? ANd aint ya bout ta grodyate frum kalluge? Have a great time down south! Oh yeah, what's with that belay station above the roof and between Devil's Delight and Fright. New route, not in the guide I already told you dumbarss its She-a-KOWski beyotch...and after I go to redrocks and jtree Im goonna rest my fingers on the beach in the neat beaches of Cancun... oh yeah I hope I don't forget my (shades as cool is genetic) and btw..that retrowannabe is just a pompouss escaped convict from canada..so don't believe him for anything more than one cents worth...
  8. Canary on Castle Rock

    quote: Originally posted by wrench: sorry, but i have to plead ignorance. I've only been on castle rock once, and the first move of the 2nd pitch you're describing sounds a hell of a lot like Midway. do both these routes have similar 2nd pitches, or were we on the wrong route? different places completely...midway off tower and canary of of ledge to face
  9. Canary on Castle Rock

    quote: Originally posted by Retrosaurus: Flick,Sure. Maybe tomorrow afternoon? E-mail me.Mmmmm. Castle Rock, my favorite boulder. NO MAN ITS MY FAVORITE BOUDER
  10. Canary on Castle Rock

    quote: Originally posted by Charlie: Looks like you guys got lucky last weekend, damn it! it's dumpin snow here in eburg so I'm sure the same is true for lworth- Guess winter's not over-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Good thing I'm going to mexico next week me so sad...I have to suffer and climb here in the cold...until march 21...then its vegas baby and jtree... Cancun in April...
  11. Canary on Castle Rock

    quote: Originally posted by Retrosaurus: Crack of Doom was 5.9 when I first climbed it. The jams are rip-my-arm-off solid. Any one else find the no-hands rest near the top of the crack? Do you mean the big fat lounger that is stocked with freshies...and I don't mean snow...yeah, that is a goooooood rest duuuuuuude.
  12. TR: Lake Julius ice

    quote: Lake Julius Ice - March 2nd, 2002 [/QB] ZEE LOOK ABOVE THESE WORDS and click
  13. Climbing area with the most female climbers.

    southern france, then it was spain...oh wait that was a dream last night
  14. chopin bolts,pufin doobs or sex

    In honor of some random comment of Muir on Sat post, I thought this question really needed addressing... what is the funnest past time out there??? Possible answers>>>see subject line. for me its a tie(but skewed towards the latter) i guess beer is nice too. just not as rewarding as the above three choices.
  15. FF Down Jacket

    did you sell the jacket man I am going to leavenworth this weekend and can drop by seattle on way from bham and buy it..maybe...
  16. chopin bolts,pufin doobs or sex

    quote: Originally posted by joekania: thank god there's no "courtesy bowl" equivalent if someone hooks you up with a date
  17. Weekend Smith Rock trips anyone?

    what the hell is gunk holing???
  18. Leavenworth

    "Craggin season is upon us" Ill 2 that sunset at larabee today 6:30pm so killer can not wait to crank on granite this weekend in Ltown...hopefully no more spin drifts
  19. Canary on Castle Rock

    definetly agree with kevin's response--first pitch a little stiff but that is most likely due to how long the climb has been ascended===greasy boot rubber sliming the granitic crystals; look at Angel crack---how many people send it in their mt boots like the pic in Viktor's guidebook of Stanley (?is that right?) (I believe in the 50's??)---really not many people even boulder all the way today, I guess unless they have all those fancy crashpads they might now...but back to canary the second pitch is classic 5.7-8 air...got to love it, just make sure your belayer aint going anywhere. if scared pound a few South face of jello tower definitely not 10a...5.9a maybe [ 03-04-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  20. Castleton Tower threatened

    quote: Originally posted by max: Careful that's the logic those sport climbing dweebs use to bolt faces!
  21. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    wow I cannot believe I just wasted an hour plus reading all that sheit...funny posts i guess...btw haha I got the first response to the reopening of the classic Muir on Saturday [ 03-04-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  22. we've tried again

    quote: Originally posted by TIMM@Y: http://www.liquidgeneration.com/poptoons/britneys_breasts.asp have fun little boys no workie
  23. we've tried again

    we need more graemlins... oh, and nice pic of britnay...it really does look like her boobs got larger again...BTW which thread had the funny link to the brittney boob conspiracy?? [ 03-03-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ] [ 03-03-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  24. Top Rope Getup

    quote: Originally posted by Lambone: The gym is the only place to learn anything about how to rock climb and mountaineer safely. what are you just a pusher?? GYMS SUCK ASS!!!!! the only way to learn to rock climb is to go out to the crags with people with the gear and knowledge...(see Erik and Dru posts for the reall deal)...nuff said
  25. Climbing Movie

    quote: Originally posted by MATT B: I have heard this is a good one. Any idea where I can find a copy? ILL sell you mine for one mIILLIon dollars