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  1. Its nice here

    quote: Originally posted by Retrosaurus: Hey Jakoffski,I was not the one in the bay area grabbing somebody's boulders. Did they moan when you pulled on them? hey retrowhimpgo jump in a lake you wannabe Bay area does suck for boulders but not all the prette girlies...and btw...will be calling you to kick your ass next tuesday.leaving cali tomorrow
  2. Its nice here

    quote: Originally posted by Retrosaurus: Were they latex helmets?Were any of the names on the helmets "DICK"? you are so gay jtree was fannnnnnnnntasticnow in the bay area going bouldering at castle rock of all places
  3. Ultra Fun Beacon Rock Routes

    quote: Originally posted by erik: yeah for you!!!! no more skool!!!!!!!!!! so what are you going to do with your jr high completion certificate!!?? careful there muchacho, this thread myight be moved to spray...arsehole...drink lots of beer what do you think and climb till my fingers bleeed man...and work on that job thing...after summervacation
  4. Ultra Fun Beacon Rock Routes

    quote: Originally posted by erik: thats okay allison we will go down and show all those hardcaore what a bunch of malcontent partially understood bunch of yahoos can do!!!!! i thought i was yer budy eriK oye yeah..me done forever with skool
  5. The best 5.10b crack in the universe?

    quote: Originally posted by specialed: How bout most underrated crack: Pumpline on Careno at L-worth. Not only underrated, but one of the best single pitches anywhere. yeah that last little roof is a beyotch!!!!!!!!! t minus 20 hours till i am done with my nightmare
  6. Ultra Fun Beacon Rock Routes

    quote: Originally posted by allison: Beacon Rock? Wherezzat? probably not reccomended for sport climbers.
  7. Best indoor gym

    quote: Originally posted by cappellini: gyms serve as "rocks" when the rest are wet...they all suck if you think its rock climbing...even mine sucks but it's better than pullups....with enough pot and beer it can even be fun for more than 20 minutes...guess what, the rocks are wet and i'm gonna build a fire and pretend i'm climbing..... that's right cappewheenie prentend you climb....hahaha...maybe when you stop being a mr fixit you can climb for real BTW its sunny as heck in bham and im going bouldering cause i can't go real climbing myself...yes..school almost over...think i can make it to wed
  8. When will it be spring?

    quote: Originally posted by W: there looks to be no warm outside rock climbing anywhere within 800 miles of here.sunny in Bellingham today...the sandstone at Larabee always dries out quickly...and with all the rain there should be a nice spattering of new sand to brush off the holds...unfortunately myself is too stuck inside one last weekend...Spring officially begins NEXT week 3-20-02 at 2pm eastern time according to one website!!!!!!!!!! BTW wrench its more like "Snocrumie" [ 03-16-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  9. COOL! New forum

    hey no one maybe you should move the AK ice thread to this forum since its on the climbers board...
  10. belaying a leader

    quote: Originally posted by allison: Uh, if you're not, you're probably already dead. you won't die with static rope just loose your teeth btw sport climbers don't have more fun cause they dont get very high
  11. alpine bouldering-good or bad?

    obviously you all just don't get my point...don't worry about it though...rock on climb on and have fun but don't forget your chalkbag cause that's the real reason most of you all do it...to get your chalk habbit fullfilled ...of course some on you will probably reply "i don't even use chalk dumass..." remember i say 'most of you' anyways blah blah...all climbing kicks ass and so does this website full of sprayers
  12. Pub Club 3/12/02!

    quote: Originally posted by erik: i'll close my mouth now!!! Yeah thanks for shuttin your rambling hole....you talk sooo much...almost as much as ray Five more days in my prison imean education career
  13. Stuart/Colchuck Lake TH Closed

    quote: Originally posted by Peter Puget: I agree there might be a hidden agenda. But even so, Retro’s thoughts strike me as nothing than his usual selfish thoughts. His main motivation seems to reduce “others” ability to easily access an area that he has quick and easy access to. Let’s say you drove from Bremerton, Portland or BC - a few miles can easily change the viability of a weekend trip dramatically. Retro of course agrees with this. Hopefully whatever the NPS’ motivations they will not be nearly as self serving as Retro’s. If each choice is always analyzed by how it impacts me directly and in isolation, we will all wake up someday in some place we’d never imagined. Then when we say “how did we get here” it’ll too late.. hike faster to go extra miles...like Fred did
  14. Joshua tree Favs.

    quote: Originally posted by Crackhead: prefer not to be 40 feet out over my last bolt dancing like Elvisbe prepared to shake like a hound dog..bow..wow All routes at Jtree are basically rad. Just use the guidebook, pick a neat looking area full of monzonite and climb till your tips bleed.... never a bad route at jt
  15. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    nice pic rat...keepum coming
  16. Cold in BC

    quote: Originally posted by Dru: -7 in Chilliwack tonight! -9 in Lillooet. Supposed to start raining down here on Saturday. Lilloet should be cold through to Sunday. Lots of ice in in the Hope-to-Fraser Canyon area, dunno about Lillooet... see you all out there (or maybe not cause there is lots of ....possibly unclimbed stuff... in to do ) it IS snowing as i type in Bellingham...heard today on campus..."snow would be cool if it was warmer..."I reply "it wouldn't be snow now would it?!?Profound statement dude"now thats the shits" oh good the snow stopped now maybe spring will resume melting all that ungodly snow. [ 03-07-2002: Message edited by: Szyjakowski ]
  17. BD Mail Order Sale

    quote: Originally posted by chucK: So what's the phone number? 801-278-5533 8am-6pm(mt time)m-f
  18. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    quote: Originally posted by Charlie: Nice I just set it as my wallpaper! FFFFFFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAALLLLLLLSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!.....HERE'S ONE FOR YA A LITTLE ELLENSBURG HUMOR?charles-isn't your girlfriend gonna be pissedwhen she sees ya in the photo Nice mask your wearing snoop
  19. Climbing area with the most female climbers.

    quote: Originally posted by Retrosaurus: Yeah, I bet you're still cleaning up from that dream. yeah thats right...two days later...still big mess
  20. Ice Screws Work

    yeah yeah...cappellini's first lead on ice ended up in testing ice screw...it heald when his tools pulled trying to mount the bulge...took the flying argghhhhhhhhhh... and we laughed....then he said hahhaha its your turn...it was a great climb..yes we did finish it..
  21. Alpental

    quote: Originally posted by rat: little pussy szyjakowski is afraid of snow!! oh no!! Pfuck you man...not afraid of snow..just prefer krankin stone in the sun
  22. Cold in BC

    quote: Originally posted by pusher11482: hey, im at wwu as well, im a freshmen always looking for partners. new on ice, but done pandome falls and other baker ice. looking to get out climbing more, and knowing more bellingham climbers always is a plus. im pretty much askin to tag along whenever possible. don't look for me as a partner as I am graduating and gettin out of this fukin LOSER town asap
  23. Alpental

    quote: Originally posted by CodyICE: The weather says its cold in alpental. Anyone think the ice will be any one good around that area this weekend? Cody man..give it up...its spring in less than two weeks....no more winter=no more snow....hehehhehhehhehehehe
  24. The Bellingham Climbing Scene Sucks

    quote: Originally posted by Crackhead: BUT.......what's up with the short Korean dude (Matt?) with the Napolean complex at the Leading edge? He should take sewing classes and quit climbing.no shit man...that guy sure likes to spray..
  25. The Bellingham Climbing Scene Sucks

    quote: Originally posted by michael_layton: Bellingham as a place however rules! Do any of you bellingham posters know each other? I'd bet that most of us don't. I've never been to a more disenfranched climbing community. Why? I think it's b/c we have no local crag or climbing hang out. Yes, I know what your gonna say but: TheLeading Edge, YMCA, Larabee, Gov Lister(especially), Bat Caves, Baker crags, AAI, Base Camp, and REI all suck some serious ass compared to most other climbing town shops or crags. Let's do something about this! We need: giant earth movers to excate Squamish and move it here and transport all the hippies to squamish, a nuclear winter to make shit cold, a decent climbing gym (oxymoron?), and a gear shop w/robot employees who don't talk to you. What I don't think we should do is get together in a basement w/punch and pie to hang out, start any stupid clubs, join the mountaineers, or support local search and rescue. The reason for this slanderous post is because I keep meeting climbers around here I've just met or ever seen again, or get asked "oh, do you know so and so, he/she climbs too?" and have no idea who they are talking about. man...its cause everyone would rather SPRAY about climbing than go...