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  1. Blown wire on #1 BD Stopper

    does that make brassies better if they are attached into the chockstone part?
  2. New Red Rocks Guide

    lets see some of those inside photos you mentioned...
  3. Shower in Leavenworth area?

    you want cold, try the pacific ocean up by canada or crater lake. now that is cold. icicle is not that cold but..what do i know, I am polish and from Leavenworth.
  4. Shower in Leavenworth area?

    the river ain't that cold though.
  5. Shower in Leavenworth area?

    the laundrymat is pretty ghetto for Ltown standards. the city pool does have showers.
  6. Shower in Leavenworth area?

    the sleeping lady may let you use one of their many showers.... there is also a KOA on the road to the river past Safeway and Marsons.
  7. [TR] Mount Stuart- Ice Cliff Arete 6/24/2005

    gyselinck, where is all the Mt Stuart batholith porn pictures you promised to email me??? I need more mt porn. tia~ skuzzy
  8. Bulo Point

    A little bird told me that some of the bolted routes require some gear to be led now. As AG said a lot of the climbs are reachable from the top...
  9. Terminal Gravity's Beer

    IF anyone knows TG's phone number please shoot me a PM with the digits. I need a couple pony kegs of !!!!!!!! Or if TG is reading this please call me! I need the by next weekend. TIA- GOT the number in record time. 4min20sec
  10. squamish is wet

    sure it is...
  11. Orbit on Father's Day

    nice pax!
  12. Condorphamine for fathers day

    Not trying to restir the shit either... all I meant was Beckey implied there was a LOT of bolts. And as for the posts, many were made back when I hung out with ERIK down in Oly/Tac area...not that it matters so whatever. Btw- years ago I met you at Nevermind with Niki Wells... I do believe all 3 of us were almost hit by a random falling rock.
  13. Orbit on Father's Day

    Sweet. Amazing there was no other parties on the wall. I myself had Breakfast at Lion's Club Park in Leavenworth with dad, mom, brother, grandma, grandpa, and the Cappellini's (danimal's first legit fathers day breakfast!) Then I slaved away planting rocks and other flora around my parents house. Anyone ever want a good workout...load a truck 3-4X with basketball-size rocks and such, then bury them in dirt to leave a nice walkway or gardenedge. Thank god for and and Fortunatley, I salvaged the weekend on Sat when I sneeked in some ISickleButt R and D just befor the thunderstorm cracked over my head. cheers!
  14. Condorphamine for fathers day

    Dude, the spray is for the abundance of bolts within arms reach of cracks...for gods-sake there is an older yoder or briody line that climbs that part of the wall to the climbers left of the boltladders the entire way. line is somewhat cool but nothing to send in to alpinist... I mean, Beckey thought it was an OK route. Yeah, They did a bunch of work, but a medal? Come on lucky.... for the record, I have climbed CA and the one to the left.
  15. You suck

    It is a noxious weed because it isn't native to the area. Also it is the worst plant ever invented. That sheit sucks donkey balls and should be killed upon sight. Pull the root so it doesn't come back. It does tend to crop out where new construction disturbs the ground surface...but it has been a problem for years in places like the icicle. Mowing it will not help! It will make it worse....
  16. Florida?

    According to Toula, there is some quarry-type areas in Gainsville with the old limestone quarries being up to 60'tall. He mentions the newer ones being sand camouflaged as rock with moccasin-infested pools at the bottom. All Private Land but with 60' potential in Florida and outside who can complain. There is also bouldering in Caverns State Park north of Panama City on SRoute 231 and the bouldering on 10' vertical, pocketed oolitic limestone under palm trees in Silver Bluff (Miami; see CBS photo above) and a gym at Disney World. well thats all 4 places that toula found in his research...hard to top that. The qoute for this section in his book is by Shakespeare, "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so."
  17. Stuart North Ridge Beta anyone?

    the rack of course,is dependent on whether or not you want to climb the notsogreat gendarmne. sunny up there today. the image toast tried to post:
  18. Florida?

    i would guess...to look for a gym (?) but otherwise take your bike and boogieboard. the gulf is so nice.... for best beta consult tim toula's rock N road. mine is in seattle and i am not.
  19. Terminal Gravity's Beer

    when U taste the flavor of this fellow cc.comer's brew you will understand...until then...
  20. Space Planet Mars

    funny thought...what if there was oil on mars? maybe we could send all the "HDummer-esque" drivers there and any lover of mr GW.
  21. Iron Horse Full

    huh, are you stalking my bullsheit statements?
  22. Iron Horse Full

    i heard superDave (Morales) used to climb lovin arms before breakfast (solo)...anyone know about that?
  23. SCW Obscurities

    CBS...many times i wonder if you actually read/comprehend. I said "a" major drainage.
  24. Warning: Japaneese Gardens

    rudy time for your meds...
  25. Warning: Japaneese Gardens

    hey stfu and go yer 60meters!!!!!!!!!!