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  1. Perkins Pillar Fell Over!!!!!

    maybe then you could clean up all the loose rock and take away the R(X?) rating...
  2. Rockfall Question

  3. Rockfall Question

    strain is what you see in rocks... like stretched pebbles, dikes/sills or minerals. what quanity is visible depends on the strength of the rock body (composition, previous fractures, etc.) and the amount of force (stress) good ole baby jesus inflicted on it. but, don't listen to me I am only a field geologist with a big mouth for
  4. Rockfall Question

    Is gravity the culprit?!?!?!?!
  5. Rockfall Question

    go with your gut feeling. it usually is correct...when in doubt, go to the bar. rockfall can also be triggered by seismic or volcanic activity not just weather...the first two generally are not predictable...course neither is the weather in the cascades. so, seriously, when in doubt, go to the bar...if you are underage...you are S.o.L
  6. Blown wire on #1 BD Stopper

    you ever seen Cliffhanger...what if BD harness buckles were really made of lead. I would bet it was a freak inperfection in the material + bad timing. glad your okay.
  7. bishop boulders

    try dr. topo
  8. [TR] Boola Boola Buttress- "Thank You Baby Jes

    gawd already did.
  9. New Route at Index?

  10. Climbers Guide to Fossil Rock

    there is a copy of the guide in Smoots WA rock book.
  11. Pub Club?

    google is a wonderful search engine...try it sometime.
  12. Blown wire on #1 BD Stopper

    if they don't give you a new one, what does a stopper cost. 7$...oh no. I think i found a few this year.
  13. [TR] Boola Boola Buttress- "Thank You Baby Jes

    True dat. thats because yoder already did the route. errr, at least if you ask him, he'll tell you so. i like the fact that you two combined gear to make the worst rack ever in the stuart range.. this picture is worth more than a thousand words.... no wonder rolf was so nice.
  14. what would you climb in the enchantments?

    witches tower or dragontail, little annapurna, prusik or temple, and mcClellum...then you have climbed something high in all four directions of the upper enchantments. Course, that is a lot of ground to cover too.
  15. Pub Club?

  16. New Route at Index?

    i do believe that is still a project...some stopper move in a transition area. the owner of the bolts lives in index so watch out on swiping the fa (if not done already) I am pretty sure he has spotting scope mounted on his rifle. BPeru may know the current status...but he told me he only comes to cc.com for pictures now.
  17. 4 - 7 (and beyond) inch...

    carnival crack in ltown. 10d..athletic.
  18. TR: Index - headfirst whipper!

    chucK didn't you onsite that pitch? that climb can be slippery tho....
  19. Wedgewood Rock

    whoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa. wtf you talking about honkey?!? every boulder must have a topo, name, tick marked path and a 3page photo spread. boulderers unite and lets get tribal!!
  20. [TR] Cashmere Mountain- North Ridge 7/3/2005

    does anyone know how to get a hold of Pete Doorish??
  21. Weekend Plans..spill the beans!

    yeah, I heard drJ was sealing the deal. congrats to him and his lady!!
  22. Free Soloing

    yes. that is fukin hot! solo!
  23. New Red Rocks Guide

    oh i remember those...the "i need my mommy" pic?
  24. Cashmere?

    Source please. seriously do you think they would compromise their well-being and peace? I have heard many local folks speak very disgustingly about those cidiots from the UW.
  25. Shower in Leavenworth area?

    if i get technical, i am more german then polish.