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  1. TR: E. Face Minuteman

  2. [TR] Burgundy Spire- Corkscrew Route 7/14/2005

    yah no shit, then he could have sprayed all over the route.
  3. Index Favor

    inacan (aka imashame), actually the first things out of our mouths was, "look at that trash hanging on the cliff..."(referring to the rope). Then we noticed the so-called cleaned off ledge from above on the trail below. Then we noticed you dangling around like a dolt. Then we bellowed, "What the fuck are you doing?" Then we continued over to thin fingers shaking are heads and noticed the poor sap sitting in dirt covered boulders and his buddy aiding up dirt-riddled thin fingies... then we really got pissed...yelled some more colorful expressions at your stupid ass (also apologizing to the innocent bystanders) and went to the country. OBVIOUSLY, you had sooo much dirt in your fukin ears that you plugged them up hindering your hearing. (Perhaps earmuffs would help.) Or you are such an egotistical selfish climber that you ignored our disgust. I bet it was a combination of both, as your rebuttal proves. I don't care (nor do many other rock climbers) how long you have climbed at index. Get a clue and learn your lesson. As for your attempt to twist the parking lot encounter around, this is another misinterpretation of the truth. This also, proves to me what an egotistical moron you seem to be. If you want to continue this discussion, I am sure, both my friend and myself would be happy to meet you again at index or elsewhere. However, I am not going to fight you, nor is my buddy. But, I will reiterate the fact that YOU are the dumbest egotistical tool to ever attempt at justifying a mistake, especially one that I know you know you made. Just because a bird hasn't been seen living in an area before doesn't mean it can’t move there in the future. Maybe you could consider the possibility that another area, where the bird lived previously, was ruined by some other stupid humans. Finally, one more lesson for you, Mr. inacan, everything you do, big or small affects everyone and everything around you. PS. It was very nice of Mother Nature to attempt to wash away your filth; I look fwd to seeing what is left for you to tidy up.
  4. arturo sandoval

    is he a sax player? or trumpeteer
  5. The caluculating Lance, will most likely win number seven...infukinconceivable... Col du Galibier (2646m) cool page about the big hill this year
  6. Lance back in the Lead with col du Galibier next..

    then they wouldn't have to use all those fancy tools. or talk to the pretty nurses.
  7. girlsclimb

    screw the boulders go to the mountains above town. they are called the sierras.
  8. [TR] Mt. Stuart- West Ridge 7/10/2005

    did you smack her then?
  9. Index disfavor

    I agree completely. there are plenty of days best suited for cleaning. this is prime climb time. it also sounds like the guy got off lightly. and the little icon posty things are 100% ghey. no real hardman would use them. u hole go eat a and a you baby i aint or a "hardman" but I ing love to and and and and and and be so all you peeps too!
  10. bishop boulders

  11. Perkins Pillar Fell Over!!!!!

    what about the other pitches? or maybe I am thinking of the carlo rossi memorial climb.
  12. Rockfall Question

    i think druL was referring to the probability of it all. but, seriously, what kind of shithole gullies do you think are choice?
  13. Tatoosh, the best dirty 5.9 on the lower wall?

    the blue crack is what size?
  14. TR - Karma Crags

    and a helmet. that place is a pile of (ultramafic) dunite or more specifically not granite. coooool climbing though.
  15. birds nest on godzilla.

    doesn't it just blow your mind?
  16. Index disfavor

    Angry Midget I presume. angry==> <==midget BTW- if anyone knows this dork-ass-retrocleaning-cidiot, please pass this message to him. thanks and have a nice day!
  17. Index disfavor

    actually we were going to climb thin fingers to NAD. and we cussed him out cuz he was a moron. politeness does not always learn the idiot, sometimes it encourages his/her behavior. besides later in the pking lot as we were leaving, he showed face and he knew. he did not answer my friends question either. he was upset when talking to you because he realized what a dumb fukin mistake he made...and if he didn't.... perhaps next time the hawk will peck his eyes out.
  18. Index disfavor

    hey kix fuck off! I loathe the sierra choads! anyone who questions why I am pissed truly doesn't understand what fragile boundries climbers have with agencies like say the fish and wildlife. suppose some nazi employee happened to notice the extremely pissed off hawks yesterday. suppose they then got the state park to close the lower town wall because of what this monkey-wanna-be-janitor did to the cliff. And don't think those government officials will not enjoy closing another cliff to climbing. Seriously, not every spec of dirt needs to be removed from the rock to preserve the lovely crack systems we have in index. that is why i stated go back to colorade or sierras, where immaculate clean rock prevails. slaphappy- I was implying to just do it in the winter or on a rainy day. Not when the weather is good to crank.... ...and other people, don't bitch about schedules... no one hired this person to clean up the crag. most people think it was fine as it was. Niether, was this a very good eaglescout project... lastly, the loud mouth the CIDIOT heard was not just mine, I was with my buddy, who complains louder and spews more logic then most humans. and for anyone who cares...a cidiot...is an idiot from the city.
  19. Tatoosh, the best dirty 5.9 on the lower wall?

    always wanted to do this one. i guess i should. thanks for the inspiring reminder.
  20. Lance back in the Lead with col du Galibier next..

    dru, why do you give a fuk if he cheats and wins? which i doubt is proveable anyways... the amount of drug screening they do after every stage is almost harrassment. the chosen ones go into the med van (still with the sweat on their brow from the day's stage) and get tested for a whole list of substances and enhancers.. really do you think any doctor could hide medical assistance from another nosey doctor. get real. the man is a machine and I do belive as someone implied above.. you are jealous. cheers!
  21. Red Tag at Vantage

    dave most likely does not care...last i heard he was psyched about river kayaking and doing a super job of it.
  22. CC.com and DEATH

    Yeah, no shit ever turn the TV on and watch the news?
  23. Rockfall Question

    that is a genuine fact mr nelson.. If you look up on the hill you can see that giant scar in the cliffside.
  24. Red Tag at Vantage

    shit damn, a new sport craft'd route! there isn't many of those at disVantage...
  25. Rockfall Question

    i can't belive you beat me to the punch....i guess I just had more to say.