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  1. best of cc.com Snafflehoundus Terriblus

    Oh sorry UT, I meant a trained killing machine....ya know, a cat that hunts like a lion and pounces like a tiger...not one of those fat ass american cats like in the fat cat thread.
  2. If you were on Stuart 7/16-17 Please reply

    I want my mummsy! Hey, I don't know if nolsE was beating his chest or merely being ultra descriptive but I do know I was only repeating what he said and enphasizing the obvious words that indicate self-glory. okay? does it matter anywayS now??...since the ladies are home....?
  3. Chalk - you've got to be kidding me...

    CBS- chalk is magnesium carbonate not asbestos. Asbestos is a crystal recognized by its long, thin fibers. They can be found in rock containing serpentine or amphiboles but not magnesium carbonate. The Suspect material you must be thinking of is CHALKBOARDS not chalk. Sidenote: I am going to the old AAA bldg near Aurora to conduct a Hazardous Building Material Survey; specifically looking for Asbestos Containing Materials... yee-haw. lucky I am. now time for beer.
  4. [TR] Mount Stuart- Northwest Spur 7/18/2005

    poor Fred, he will always be buried in work. hey peeps, quit climbing new routes or reclimbing unclaimed lines...Fred is busy trying to climb all the other classics....Sheeeeesh.
  5. Off-width on Backbone Ridge

    so, how many avatars do you have cuz you only have 500+ posts??
  6. If you were on Stuart 7/16-17 Please reply

    Yeah, what my atty said. EDIT: Your retainer fee is in the mail.
  7. If you were on Stuart 7/16-17 Please reply

    nolsE's first post " Marcus Donaldson and I climbed Stuart on July 18th via a new route on the NW face that finished just right of Long John's Tower and then followed the west ridge to the summit. We didn't bump into anyone on route though we did pass two dudes at Goat pass in bivy bags and saw 2 people on the N ridge. Check your pms Iain for my contact info. " seems to me the lawyer is spot-on but, whatever the gals are apparently safe.
  8. All climbers should read and comment

    i am usually very nice to non-climbers or climbers when soliciting me for info or "did you summit" questions. Sometimes I am like any other human in a bad mood, and then I say off. I do however, think the best and only spokesperson for the climbing world should be Fred Beckey. His resume fits the bill, anyone else is only second rate.
  9. Chalk - you've got to be kidding me...

    Well, that's the difference, I don't think it's trivial - Remember this rebuttal is coming from the Dr Flash Amazing the sporto god from SmithRock. HEY CBS- you should inhale the chalk dust as it blows your way...as a chemist I would think you like that type of stuff.
  10. Cleaning a storage box out I found some much unneeded things: FS: Metolius Ropemaster Ropebag $15 SOLD From metolius website: Designed to protect your rope from abrasive dirt, harmful UV rays, moisture, and foreign substances Saves you time and effort by eliminating coiling and makes your rope handle better by reducing kinks. Size 7 mens (UK 6) Boreal INDO climbing shoes with GRAY rubber...still smell new! A trend that never caught on (non-marking gymshoes) but still a statement at any gym....lots of rubber left on these babies...and think of the color combo when they get resoled! $25 Size 8.5 Mens Oakley MTB Hightop shoes w/free 26x1.5/2.2 Presta Airlock Tube...A wee-bit dirty but when you freeride with these shoes on, you will seek mud too! $30 Two nuts--one DMM #8wallnut and one BD #9stopper (both for $5) SOLD PM me if you want to buy any above items or negotiate trade. Shipping not a problem but not included.
  11. [TR] Wiwaxy Peak- Grassi Ridge 7/15/2005

    Nice work Pax, Colin and Fred. I have always wondered about the mCd's napkins...
  12. best of cc.com Snafflehoundus Terriblus

    hey tricky, what about a cat?
  13. Index Favor

    fuck you feck! why do you antagonize and poke most posters on this site? yar, you are the idiot, cuz the raptor wasn't living on the ledge above city park (i too have been there a few times without incident) I bet the raptor was living near enough to be disturbed by the Ignorant Behavior of the Janitor of INjustice. Go fuking throw yourself in your treegrinder why don't you. to clarify mr fecks drizzle- I live in seattle for money. Leavenworth and its gay fukin charade can burn down for all I care. I do know how to shoot a shotgun, fish and start a fire with flint/steel but, I would rather go rock climbing so In short...whatever. BTW- Enumclaw is hardly the country...now Wyoming...that is some good ole territory.
  14. Index disfavor

    TO the CIDIOT who decided to clean off the dirt supported ecosystem from the park bench ledges and such from around godzilla towards thin fingers. u very much. a few questions.... 1-did you happen to hear the pissed off nesting falcons? 2-did you happen to notice other people climbing nearby? 3-did you happen to realize it was a great summer day with cool temps? 4-did you think at all? please go clean dirt off some other crag and leave the plants, dirt and animals alone. they were fine and did not seriously threaten you nor any climbers while comingling on the lower town wall. better yet go back to the sierras or colorade, but before you go leave forever go remove all dirt from the once clean cracks and base area of the lower town wall. you make me want to puke.
  15. [TR] Snowcreek Wall- Hyperspace 7/13/2005

    yeah no shit, all you wankers take note here. Post some legitimate information or go to ascensionist.com.
  16. Chalk - you've got to be kidding me...

    if you do not believe in using chalk to get up shit try, devils lake in Wisc or Fountainbleau or countless other super-climbed out slippery piles. but I agree, chalk is over-rated and aid and I definitely use it more when nervous. Craig, if you need chalk go to the central weight-lifting room and fill it up.
  17. [TR] Burgundy Spire- Corkscrew Route 7/14/2005

    NolsE- what are the 42 essentials?
  18. Adventure Gaping At Washington Pass: A TR

    merely responding to the lawyer's comment.
  19. This is a really Gneiss Photo! way to get 'er done...
  20. Adventure Gaping At Washington Pass: A TR

    cappellini, (notcrazy) jamie and I did it a bunch of years ago and it was dry as can be. midget sent from the ground complete with lunge for dirt and trees at top of arch. jamie and I followed free, with the same lunge. jamie then went the wrong way to get us nearly stuck on very thin crack/seam below dolphin chimney. after the angry one finished my cluster-fuk'd aid attempt (translation: i hate aiding) of thin crack....we retreated from below boving roofs due to light-factor... still want that beyotch. NICE PHOTOS~!
  21. [TR] Colchuck/Balance Rock- W. Face 7/14/2005

    ya know, I wonder if the 5.8 chimney used to have more blocks in it, but were later cleaned out...making it harder. either way that exposure is fukin tweaking! also, the 5.11 money pitch is (from what I've heard) always wet at the finish. the roof traverse will dry out....give it some more time. Tyree, Question: Is there any signs of new rockfall from the nw face area?
  22. [TR] Colchuck/Balance Rock- W. Face 7/14/2005

    good times! thanks again bobby
  23. Climbers Guide to Fossil Rock

    just give jim and marlene a call.
  24. Chalk - you've got to be kidding me...

    that shit sucks and should stay in the Frenchy Forest
  25. Index Favor

    some of the cracks were cleaned when they blew the shit up to build crap at the capitol and other places. I will whine about the poor timing and the fact that the birds were pissed...apparently still pissed cuz there home is wrecked. fruthermore, obviously, the rain helped clean up the cidiots mess AND no one needs to explain to me how many climbs get cleaned. I used spend countless hours scrubbing dirt in Leavenworth at the NEW SUPER SECRET CRAG when I was younger....due to enlightenment about clean climbing I realized not all dirt needs to be removed nor does it need to happen ala cheating, hanging around like a useless human. But, as all you geeks say, the dot dot has prevailed again in producing nothing more than a bunch of slanderous drivel. have a nice day!